Internationally Experienced Mechanical Engineer

Serial No: 12860
Skills keywords: mechanical design, mechanical pre/commissioning, mechanical project planning, mechanical qa/qc

Short Bio:

I have 19+ years work experience with strong background in mechanical projects. In addition, oversea work experience in Russia, Kazakhstan, Libya, Iraq, Holland and Norway maritime technical management service.The most part of my work experience I carried out as engineer for design, fabrication, installation, maintenance mechanical equipment and planning tasks, super viewing and quality control management.

Current location:  Vojvodina, Serbia - View on map
Nationality: Serb
Preferred Sector of Employment:  accounting and finance, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Croatian, english, Serbian
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Education And Qualifications
M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering ESPB 300
Field: Mechanical Construction
Specialization: Mining equipments
Diploma (5 years), February 1995, Evidence number (6070),
Diploma work: Stress analysis of portal crane steel construction by FEA software
GPA 7.19 / 10
State Mechanical University, Belgrade

Technician in Electronic
Field: Aircraft instruments and devices
Diploma (4 years), Jun 1983, (XIX/772) (02-03/965/1983)
State Collage, Nikola Tesla, Belgrade

Mechanical Static Equipment-Maintenance Planning Engineer
D’ Appolonia S.p.A.
Saipem ENI S.p.A. Iraq Basra, Zubair Oil Field
Degassing and oil & water separation plants for crude oil from production wells. Pressure vessels, valves and piping maintenance tasks. SAP and CMMS maintenance work orders with task lists generation and distribution.

Lecturer for Mechanical Static Equipment, Temporary position ( July 2013- December 2013)
ENI S.p.A. Iraq, Basra, Zubair Oil Field,
Iraq, Basra, Zubair Oil Field
Static Mechanical Equipment Maintenance subjects lecturer, at ENI Corporate University. Teaching and examining to trainee foreman in oil & gas industry at SOC Iraq. Main topics are maintenance of pressured static equipment, critical equipment parameters control, material selection and corrosion control methods for twenty students. Educational material is prepared from ECU.

PDMS Engineer (April 2012-February 2013)
Razor Engineering Ltd. Serbian Office.
Plant design with CAD Worx for bitumen blending and diluent lines in Northeast Alberta area (Canada). Drafting mechanical, electrical and civil project documentation for design, approval and constructions and input data for piping stress analyze by CAESAR software.

Ship Outfitting Engineer ( August 2009-March 2012)
Mercurius Group B.V. and Begej Shipyard J.V.
Outfitting tanker inland river ships with mechanical equipment and systems according to DNV certification authority. Installation of diesel main engine, gensets (CAT, Perkins, Volvo), exhaust selective catalytic reduction system SCR, centrifugal pumps, air compressors, fire fighting systems, thermal oil heaters, demineralization water system, electric powered winches, hydraulic mast, hydraulic boom cranes, bow propeller thrusters, valves, bilge and ballast pipes, manifolds and measuring equipment for temperature, pressure and level. Weekly reports to general manager.

Maintenance Engineer (April 2009- July 2009)
Contractor: Sogepi S.r.l.
Operator: Total
Gas and oil separation plant maintenance in Mabruk oil field, Libyan desert. Maintenance of 1MW gensets CAT, auto crane Marchetti 90t as well as backhoe JCB, front loader, scraper and trucks. Meeting with operators and applying for red / blue work permit.

Piping Production Manager (March 2007- 01.02.2009)
PSI Pijpleidingen B.V. Holland-Serbia
Production all kinds of steel and stainless steel deck cargo pipes, with pipe branches and flanges, for shipyard industry in Holland.

Construction Supervisor ( August 2006-January 2007)
Petro Kazakhstan Ltd. Kazakhstan
Super viewing new water injection construction work in Kumkol oilfield. Installation four multistage centrifugal pumps, (Wood Group, 32 stage, horizontal centrifugal,1500 m3/day,122 barg, 336 kW) with all piping systems, instrumentation and electrical. Erection building and HVAC equipments.

Site Construction Engineer (December 2005- May 2006)
Client: Transneft Samara, Russia
Contractor: Amerco International Ltd.
Work performed by: Tankmont doo
Erection new steel tank 50000 m3 for crude oil according to GOST and SNIP standards. Diameter 60m, high 18m, with floating steel roof. Using inner shield welding method and Lincoln electric welding tools.

Project Engineer (August 2005-October 2005)
Engineering Dobersek GmbH
Designing, installation and commissioning of new plant equipments for extraction, separation and flotation of coal crude ore, with PLC Conticlass system in underground mine, south Serbia.

Maintenance Engineer (Jun 2005- Jul 2005)
Contractor: MM Industrie Service GmbH
Operator: Veba Oil Operation–Ras Lanuf-Libya
Overhaul of plunger mud pumps, centrifugal fire fighting pumps, oil tank mixers, gate and check valves reparation in pipe lines and general plant maintenance in mechanical workshop.

Technical Supervisor (October 2004-December 2004)
TH. Jacobsen Technical Management AS,
Seamonte Ltd. Kotor, Montenegro
Super viewing and inspection on seagoing ship 8183 GT mechanical equipment in engine room, as diesel MAN B&W 4840 KW and deck equipment as winches and 25 t cranes with boom and hydraulic system for Mac Gregory hatch covers.

Site Construction Engineer (January 2004- September 2004)
Termoelektro A.D.
Power plant, petrochemical and oil refinery construction, revamping and maintenance. Reconstruction oil tanks, fabrication and installing piping for rotating equipment, electric power facilities in oil refinery and revamping processing units in oil refinery. Erection of new belt transportation units for carbamide (urea), in national chemical company.

Mechanical Design Engineer (2003)
Lola Fluidomatik A.D.
Design, production, installation and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic components for food process plants, public transport vehicles factory. Design of piston suction pumps and mechanical seal units for oil & gas national industry NIS.

Maintenance Engineer (2002)
Kijevo D.O.O.
Maintenance of quarry processing plant with heavy duty equipments. For drilling Ingersoll Land, blasting, excavation Liebherr , loading CAT , transport Kraz , jaw crushing, and hammer milling. Belt transporters with mechanical vibration screen nets, for limestone aggregate granulation.

Maintenance Engineer (2001)
J&P Company Ltd. (Overseas), Libya.
Maintenance of civil construction equipment for service in oil field Faregh desert site, as a new production facilities, separation gas plant, separation water plant, heating systems and power station.

Ship Outfitting Engineer (1998-2000)
Shipyard Belgrade A.D.
Creating fabrication technology lists, for design office drawings, to shipyard workshop. Logistic in bidding for fitting up, working hours calculation, for planning. Cooperation with LR representatives. Purchasing of equipments from suppliers for production. Maintaining certification and standard workshop operating procedures. Installation all mechanical equipment and systems in aft, fore engine room and midship section, living room and deck equipments in sea cargo ship (m.v. Stella Caribic, length 104.4 m, ME 3000 kW, 5650 TDW/367 TEU, DNV) for Skarhamn (Sweden) and Damen ship owner.

Mechanical Design Engineer ( 1997)
Feroplast D.O.O.
CAD workshop drawings and technology, in production and installation of butterfly valves, with manually, gearbox, hydraulic and pneumatic operated actuators. Fabrication of flange fittings for piping in water and petrochemical industry according to DIN standards.

Mechanical Design Engineer (1996)
CAD designing in 3D model features and 2D technical workshop drawings for production tools damaged parts, machines, factory internal transport equipments and peripheral technical systems. Heavy industry for production of Perkins licensed diesel engines.

Mechanical Design Engineer ( 1995)
Daka A.D.
CAD 3D&2D design, production and installation of lifts, elevators and its genius spare parts. Tonnage of lifts, between 50 kg and 5 t capacity. Production of three drive type with snail gearbox for nominal speed from 0.4-2.0 m/s. Door opening and closing by hand, opening by hand self-closing, semiautomatic and automatic door, central or telescope. Installation of Kone (Sweden) and Schindler (Swish) emergency lift, emergency electric power units and fire fighting system in new underground railway station, city Belgrade.