Instrument and Control Engineer

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Serial No: 102385
(01/24/1987, male)
Skills keywords: commissioing and startup, maintenance, troubleshooting
List Of Qualifications:

MS Control Systems and Instrumentation Engineering-2013
From: University of Huddersfield – West Yorkshire, Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Passed with Merit (member of IET)
BSc: Electrical Engineering -2009

From: RIU (IIEC) – Islamabad, Punjab, Pakistan

(1st Division-3.25CGPA)
Pakistan Engineering Council Registration # ELECT/ 28617

Previous Employment Details:

I have about 7 years of hands on working experience in I&C at different power plants. Details are given as under:

Foundation Power Company Ltd - 185 MW CCPP (FPCDL)
Position: Electrical and Instrument Engineer
Duration: 1 May 2018 – Present

Currently, working at 185MW (IPP) Combine Cycle Power plant as Electrical and Instrument Engineer, Plant comprised of a 120MW Frame 9E Gas Turbine integrated with MarkVI-E speedtronic control system, The Gas turbine is further configured with a 60MW Steam Turbine to produce overall net energy up to 180MW. While the DCS Control System is of Ovation 3.0.4. However, in Dec 2018 I have successfully initialized and executed the migration project of speedtronic control system from MarkVI to Mark VI-E with the coordination and support of GE technical support team.

However, up till now I have attended one CI and five quarterly planned offline water wash outages. My core responsibilities are:

Job Description at 185 MW Combine Cycle Power Plant:
• To assist Maintenance and Plant Manager in all administrative and technical matters regarding the plant routine maintenance jobs.
• To ensure O&M operator M/S KEPCO KPS is maintaining the KPI benchmark as per contractual compliance in order to increase the availability and reliability of plant and to reduce down time and startup failures.
• To assist Maintenance Manager in making improvements on work methods, participating in evaluation of plant modification and up-gradation proposals, failure analysis and unscheduled outages.
• To ensure maintenance management tool & techniques are professionally being adopted by the O&M Contractor without compromising the quality of service.
• To make sure the execution of the planned jobs during CI, HGPI and MI for the E&I Maintenance department as per defined timeline and job scope.
• Review of weekly and monthly reports, evaluation of spares and jobs performed by the each department.
• Assist GM plant in the evaluation of plant performance and metering parameters by generating reports.
• To ensure, GE technical and safety TILs are being implemented to optimize the integrity and reliability of plant.
• To assist Maintenance Manager in procurement of Gas Turbine parts for each year Operation and maintenance of the Gas Turbine, keeping in view the inventory levels of Warehouse.
• Assisting Maintenance Manager in finalization of spares list and BOQ, technical evaluation & commercial analysis of received quotations from different vendors to assist the Maintenance Manager for seeking the final approvals from Authorities for placing PO’s. Moreover, to ensure the inspection of received material before handing over to O&M.
• Evaluating the need and to assess the effectively utilization of all company assets and resources in order to reduce unnecessary purchase.
• To initialize and setup the routine departmental practices. Tasking of Jobs, manage the subordinates to ensure the maintenance jobs are being executed properly.
• To set up the short term/ long term preventive maintenance plans and to develop the all general maintenance procedures and work instructions for the systems under FPCDL scope.
• To Lead and Support the E&I team and third party contractors for the execution of all maintenance/inspection jobs at plant site.
• To provide assistance in resolving site technical issues, diagnostics and troubleshooting of faults that may occur during operation of systems undercharged of FPCDL.
• Responsible for the commissioning and execution of all maintenance jobs for the system to be commissioned before handing over to O&M.
• Coordinate with operation and technical departments for IMS audits.
• To conduct Toolbox meetings with subordinates to discuss safety and working procedure for the completion of any job before the commencement of work at site.
• Prepare, devise, formulate, update, seek approval and ensure implementation of all SOPs and Policies from time to time, related to E&I Department at Plant Site.

 104 MW Captive Power Plant-IGC
Position: SeniorInstrument and Control Engineer
Duration: March2016– April 2018

I have been working at 104MW Ibrahim captive Power plant as Senior Instrument and Control Engineer in maintenance department, Plant was comprised of 60MW Coal fired power plant, 5 Niigata Engines (each one capacity was 5.3MW) and one Turbomech Gas turbine of 22MW.

At coal fired power plant I have been worked with German expats during execution phase of plant. The plant was comprises of one Steam Turbine (TGM Kenis-Germany) and 160 ton of CFB fluidizing bed Boiler.

Job Description at 30MW Coal Fired Power Plant:
• To assist Area Manager in all administrative and technical matters regarding plant maintenance and to coordinate in resolving site technical queries in best possible way such as in Scheduling Preventive, predictive and Corrective Maintenance jobs and carrying out installation, termination, troubleshooting, Calibration, testing of field instruments and logic run test activities.
• Implementation of safety standards and to ensure high level of safety standards are being applied during work at site
• Root cause analysis of unit trips and equipment’s failure further managing and providing my technical support in field related activities, having hands-on working experience and highly competent in troubleshooting through Electrical Drawings, Electrical Loop circuit diagrams, as build interconnections, CFC, hookups, P&ID’s and other control & schematic Drawings
• To establish and setup routine departmental practices. Manage personnel under my charge, evaluate their training needs and ensure that training plans are properly being carried out.
• After taking-over charge from EPC (Christof GmbH), organized routine, minor and major maintenance (Short term and Long term) and repair works.
• Through Enterprise Asset and Resource management by using Oracle based CMMS Maintenance software. Preparations of specifications for purchase materials, population of spare parts and tools and their inspection.
• Identification of effective maintenance strategy to improve plant availability and reliability in order to comply with KPI benchmarks.
• Full accountability for planning and execution of work being undertaken within I&C Maintenance department.
• To manage all shutdown activities and overall responsibility for I&C Maintenance operations, capital budget preparation, business plan preparation, Man-hour estimation and also to prepare Engineering change request.
• Proactively participated in commissioning activities of Delta-V DCS and TGM Kenis Turbine Control System.
• Leading, provided my support and supervision in installation of EMERSON DCS Delta-V, interconnections and Communication protocols. To establish communication with inverters, semocode or remote PLC Controllers (BPS, BMS) on field bus through communication modules installed at DCS control cabinet. Remote Controllers networking through patch field devices by using optical fiber and data sharing through primary and secondary network switches to establish Ethernet communication between Operating, Engineering and Application Servers and PID Controllers. Further, to commission PLC's for the BOP and plant auxiliary systems.
• Carried out all Commissioning, Power-up of control system, Functional test, Logic verification, Logic Modification and I/O testing and calibration of field Instruments.
• Preparing of weekly and monthly progress report.
• To develop all General maintenance Procedures and work instructions.
• Responsible for I&C section internal/external IMS audits.
• Implement a functional backup program for all control systems (PLC & DCS).
• To identify plant operational issues in different control areas of plant and implement logic based modification in control system which consequently improves plant availability and reliability; KPI’s.
• Also to claim and raise Memos against highlighted issues during commissioning of plant
• To update progress reports and control documents of project and tracking down working hours against scheduled timeline.

 Specialties/Core Competencies: SIEMENS S7 300, 400 PLC’s, Delta-V EMERSON DCS HMI Designing and Configuration, Control Valves, Positioners (ABB, SIPART PS2 SIEMENS), Analyzers, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature and Level Instruments, SOVs

Sapphire 234MW Combine Cycle Power Plant (GE Contingent Worker)
Position: Instrumentation and Control Engineer
Duration: February2014– March2016

I have been working in I&C Section of 234MW (IPP) CCPP Sapphire Electric Company with GEII Subcontractor. The O&M of this power plant was with GEII for 14 years. The plant comprises of 2x 6FA Gas Turbines configured with MarkVI control system and one steam turbine of SCODA integrated with SIMATIC PCS S7 distributive control system. However, I attended 2 CI’s and 5 quarterly planned outages during this tenure. Key responsibilities were:

• To Lead and Support the I&C Team of technicians and third party contractors for the execution of all corrective, preventive, and predictive maintenance jobs.

• Assistance and providing my support in resolving site technical queries, diagnostic and troubleshooting of faults that occur during plant operation, field instruments installation, termination, testing & calibration. Responsible of following safe working procedures during work at site
• To participate in the planning, scheduling and execution of shutdown and major overhaul maintenance activities.
• And to carry out plant routine & shutdown maintenance activities inline OEM recommendation and GE Maintenance Guidelines
• To assist the section head in establishing priorities, making improvements on work methods and to participate in evaluating modification proposals, failure analysis and unscheduled shutdowns.
• To deal with all networking related issues, core loading and application software’s installation

• I have to make sure that the plant is reliable, efficient and smooth in operation. To provide reliable and economic solutions in best possible way. Assistance in FIP’s and monthly reports writing for I&C department after collecting data from the field jobs
• Acquiring knowledge of process plant to perform RCA for the Plant Events (Trips, failures etc.) and preparation of Corrective plans accordingly.

• To maintain instruments precision and calibration records. Moreover, tracking of records for next due date as per their assigned frequency
• To maintain technical drawings, data sheets and all necessary credentials in controlled location, also ensures the integrity and confidentiality of all controlled documentation
• To generate work orders against Service Requests, Method Statement and Risk assessment preparation for all jobs going to be executed. Further, Material Requisitions preparation for material issuance
• Also have been working as an authorized Competent Person for the preparation of safety documents and obtaining permits to undertake and supervise work activities independently during outages
• To conduct Toolbox meetings with subordinates for discussing safety and methods of completing job tasks.
• To evaluate equipment performance problems and to suggest modification / available new technology to reduce overall maintenance cost.
• To interface and coordinate with other sections in sorting out equipment problems and maintenance activities.
• Developed short term / long term maintenance strategy, budget planning and populate spare parts inventory based on FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) by identifying Single Point Failures.
• For spares procurement and reliable emergency corrective maintenance I am providing my support in Inventory inspection, Purchase Requisition levitation, Technical evaluation and approval of quotations through bid comparison and to deal with all other ordering related issues.
• Effective utilization of resources, assistance in execution of maintenance jobs within agreed deadlines to keep customer satisfaction in mind
• Providing assistance to carry out third-party service contracts. Attending GE Energy online and in-house training programs
• Working on Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Maximo to effectively manage all type of maintenance activities, maintaining of their records, frequency and work scopes such as preventive, predictive, corrective, reliability and condition based maintenance.
• Preparation of maintenance daily plan and work orders ageing report, assistance in reducing WO back log on Maximo. Also the preparation of CMMS report at the end of each month/ annually
• Generation of reports for maintenance standby hours against all issued PTW and LWA records
• In depth understanding of BENTLY NAVADA 3500 and EMERSON VPRO 3910 Vibration monitoring and analyzing hardware, Installation/ termination, Control and Protection
• In depth understanding of speed Control system hardware, installation, control and protection scheme
• In depth understanding of DLN2.6 system hardware, Control and protectionscheme
• In depth understanding of Exhaust Temperature Control-OTCmonitoring, hardware, control and protection scheme
• Single element, Three element boiler Control system understanding, design and control, also set point calculation of FW valve andstudy of all CFC diagrams
• Similarly Steam Turbine Operation, Control and protections (Alarms, Shutdown and trip set points). Further, generator and AVR Protections and Control

Halmore 225MW Combine Cycle Power Plant (DESCON)
Position: Instrumentation and Control Engineer – EPC
Duration: January 2010 – July 2012

Being one of the EPC member of HALMORE GTPP DESCON team, during course of execution of contract of main plant i.e. Erection of two GE 6FA Gas turbines each of 75 MW capacity and afterward their conversion to CCGT with addition of one steam turbine of Nuovo Pignone (of same capacity) from 2010 to 2012, I remained fully involved from DESCON side with GE TA’s, in resolving I&C related technical issues and afterward in operational activities of power island and BOP’s during RRT and COD of Plant. My core responsibilities were:
• Responsible for the supervision of erection and commissioning activities of field instruments
• I was actively involved with G.E TA’s for the installation, calibration, commissioning of steam turbine & BOP equipment’s since Jan 2010
• Review of Vendor Packages (NMRs), Drawings, Operation and Installation details, Compatibility & BOQ Calculations, Technical Evaluation of Vendor Bid packages.
• Responsible for the commissioning and operational activates of HRSG, bypass and other BOP’s from DCS (HMI), field and switch gear sides such as Gas Conditioning unit, Instrument Air and Service Air Systems, Waste Waster/ RW/ CW/ CWF and FF systems, DG set, HVAC system, Vacuum pumps assembly, side stream filtering system, L.O and hydraulic systems etc.
• Supervision of field instruments Installation (Siemens, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Bentley Nevada and Rosemount etc), hook ups and their terminations such as control valves, sensors, transmitters (all kind), gauges and switches.
• Implementation of instrument wiring terminations according to as-built and interconnecting drawings.
• Supervision of the terminations of Analogue and Digital I/O modules interfaces from DCS (Emerson-Ovation 2.3) side.
• Responsible to resolve site technical queries, troubleshooting and commissioning.
• To check the calibration of instruments like Gauges, Transmitters (all kind) and control valves etc.
• Skills of calibrating instruments by using Process calibrator and Hart communicator.
• Loop Checking of field instruments from DCS to HRSG, Gas Conditioning, Steam turbine and related auxiliaries.
• Responsible to take field instruments in service and out of service.
• To check the Installation of cable trays, cable lying, JB’s, marshaling cabinets, flexible pipes and conduits for instrument cables from field to the control room.
• To diagnose and rectify the problems through Alarm management & trends on daily bases in order to make sure that plant is reliable and smooth in operation
• Concepts of System awareness, Knowledge and deep study of SIMATIC PCSdistributed (DCS) controlsystem and working experience of OVATION 2.3 (Emerson) DCS Control System, line tracing and basicpermissive operations related to Electrical and Instrumentation. Also having concepts of SCADA
• Awareness of Speedtronic Mark VI E Control System and logics understanding. Charge of instruments installation and terminations from terminal board, marshaling cabinets and auxiliaries sides.
• Detail Review of Data Sheets, Instrument Block Diagram, Interconnection Drawings, Hook up Drawings and electrical hook up’s.
• Awareness of operational cycle of 6FA Gas Turbines, ST and all other related BOPs.
• Acquired considerable knowledge of the process and the relevant mechanical, instrument & control and electrical system throughout the plant.
• Maintaining of instrumentation calibration, as build drawings and compose correspondence relative to work
• Full Migration from MarkVI to MarkVIe Speedtronic Control System at Foundation Power Company Daharki Limited for Frame 9E Gas turbine unit
• Installation and Commissioning of EMERSON OVATION 2.3 & Delta-V DCS, interconnections and Communication protocols.
• Revamping of CAS system PLC from S7-200 to S7-400 at Ibrahim Coal fired power plant
• CCTV Networking project proposal, installation and configuration of video surveillance and security system (Hikvision Explosion proof PTZ and fixed Digital IP Dome Cameras) inside FPCDL plant vicinity
• Propose, install and configure the LAN Network for FPCDL plant site
• Weighing Scales (Over SIWAREX-U/CS modules) revamping and PLC module up-gradation at Ibrahim coal fired power plant
• Up-gradation of lightening circuit across plant boundary wall and housing colony form high pressure sodium flood lights to LED at Foundation Power Company Daharki Ltd
• Lead in Installation, testing and Calibration of KOD tank & HCDP 5200 Analyzer for the required modification of Condensate filtration of Gas intake for Gas turbine before gas conditioning system

Current location: Daharki, Ghotki, Sindh, Pakistan - View on map
Nationality: Pakistani
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere