Indian Electrical Engineer, International Experience

Serial No: 16030
Skills keywords: construction, engineering, maintenance & operation, pre commissioning

Short Bio:

Senior Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer with progressive & professional work experience in Engineering & Construction / Pre-Operational Verification & Functional testing / Commissioning & Start-up Completions / Maintenance & Operation roles in Oil & Gas Refinery, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG Trains), Petrochemical & Gas processing plant, Offshore Platforms, Alumina Smelter & Refinery, Ethane Cracker/ Ethylene plant with highly qualified EPCM organizations.

Current location:  Maharashtra, India - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, Tamil
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere

Academic Qualification

• Bachelor degree in ‘Electrical and Electronics Engineering ’, Anna University, India on April 2007 passed in First class.

• Certified ‘Australia – Queensland Construction Level-3 White Card’ by successfully completed the course ‘CPCCOHS1001A – Work Safely in the Construction Industry’ on 2012

Professional Experience

1. Organization : WOOD GROUP PSN (Hexagon SA), Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Project : Marathon Equatorial Guinea (Oil & Gas) Production Limited, Malabo.

Client : Marathon Oil Corporation, Malabo.

Worked as Senior Instrumentation & Electrical Engineer (Commissioning, Maintenance & Operations) from Sep, 2013 to July, 2014 for the processing of Gas plant, supporting the onshore facilities & offshore platforms; managing the Fire & Gas System activities (Modifications; Upgrades & Changes) and UPS System activities as Project Lead. Proficient in SAP and coordinate as Maintenance Planner also for corresponding system’s JO, SAP Notification & WO, Materials requisition, allotting man-power and to schedule the activities.

Job Description

• Supervising and participating in preparation of design basis information including scope of work, field data collection, design criteria, design approach, engineering work load forecasts, cost estimates, specifications & drawings, related contract documents and development of Electrical & instrumentation deliverables, budgets & schedule and reviewing the vendor documentation, instrument datasheets and its installation details & lists and drawings after purchase of equipment.

• Reviewing planned maintenance routines and carry out optimization studies within the E & I discipline to minimize the cost of maintenance whilst retaining an acceptable level of plant and equipment reliability.

• Providing technical support for maintenance operations involving the installation of new equipment, modification of existing equipment, analyzing the equipment failure events and preparing reports for causes of failures (RCA), troubleshooting the problems of all Maintenance activities on asset and report on performance.

• Reviewing the types of stock holding levels of Electrical equipment and instruments held as spare parts, and optimizing the inventory, stock management and co-ordination of the ordering of spares in conjunction with Maintenance supervisor & Materials Superintendant.

• Preparing & reviewing the single line diagrams, electrical load list, schematics/block diagrams, Instruments loop diagrams, Hook-up drawings, Calibration check sheets, equipment data sheets, cable sizing calculations, equipment sizing, selection and specifications, Job packs etc.

• Providing technical advice, guidance & support in the field of Electrical & instrumentation systems to offshore teams and continually monitoring all Operational Excellence / Maintenance related business targets and reporting to onshore Maintenance Superintendant.

• Supporting the integrated planning process to minimize the plant downtime and optimize the resources to ensure the completion of critical and breakdown maintenance activities.

• Responsible for specifying, procuring and configuring Digital control systems and field hardware such as transmitters, controllers and electronic transmission systems.

• Proficient in SAP to carry out the E & I system JO, Notification & WO, Materials requisition, allotting man-power and to schedule the work activities.

• Directly involved in the Gas Turbine Generators shutdown activities; Modification of related instruments & functional testing; CAT Diesel Generators operation & its instruments upgrading activities and associated Neutral Ground Resistors (NGR) commissioning.

• Coordinating with onshore facilities superintendent & with offshore platforms coordinator to plan and finalize the modifications, upgrades & changes in both onshore/offshore Fire & Gas system activities as Project Lead.

Supervising and Taking care of whole Fire & Gas system (both onshore/offshore) system’s upgrades, new installations, F&G Server & program code upgrades, Functional testing of all F&G devices with Vendor representatives (Advantage Fire & Gas Systems, Houston & Tyco Fire Protection Systems, Florida & South Africa).

Providing assistance with IT specialist at the time of F&G server down & failure; analyzing the memory storage capacity of F&G servers and replacing the defective units in F&G system.

Preparing the scope of work for F&G Vendor’s field visits, for new Fire & Gas Contracts, for preventive maintenance activities.

• Coordinating with Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system activities in GTGs; IGCs & Residue compressor, Diesel generators & all switch rooms and monitoring the batteries performance by BMS with harmonic filters to increase the UPS reliability as Project Lead.

• Carried out the instruments calibration which are associated with GTGs; IGCs & Residue compressor, Diesel generators, Communication tower, all propane & butane tanks Level & temperature instruments.

• Worked and carried out the calibrations and functional testing in PLC TRICONEX and ALLEN BRADLEY devices.

• Carried out the commissioning & preventive maintenance activities of related electrical equipment and instruments below…

– 480V/750KW/938KVA Caterpillar Diesel Generators and associated all instruments.

– 13.8KV/22MW/26.2MVA Brush Turbine Generators and associated all instruments.

– 480V High Resistance Grounding (NGR) Systems.

– 13.8KV 3ph 60Hz – 3.75MVA/10.5MVA Liquid Filled Transformers.

– 4.16KV 3ph 60Hz – 500KVA/1000KVA Liquid Filled Transformers.

– 480V MCCs and 480V/34.5KV Breakers.

– 480V 3ph 60Hz 45KVA Dry Type Distribution Transformers.

– CUTLER HAMMER VacClad-W Metal-Clad Switchgears.

– SEL-387L Current Differential Relay and SEL-2407 GPS Synchronized Clock system.

– 600V DC CUTLER HAMMER Industrial Control Relay.

– All Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Level instruments, Control valves, Shutdown valves (EIV,ESV), On/Off valves, Safety relief

valves (PRV,TRV,PCV); and all Fire & Gas equipment & devices.

– Pressure Safety Valves (PSV) & Temperature Safety Valves (TSV).

• Supporting the Client’s Global Performance Safety System (GPSS) process by personal involvement in activities to enhance performance in Health, Environment, Safety & Corporate Social Responsibility.

• Working as a technical resource to properly identify new and existing equipment specifications and proper operating parameters/ranges for Instrumentation equipment. Serving as expert point-of-contact to management, operations, engineering and facilities group and assists in the update or development of the Client’s engineering standards, policies and procedures.

• Coordinating with the OIMs to plan and schedule the major maintenance activities, other technical & operating programs related to Electrical and Instrumentation located in offshore platforms.

• Direct coordination with operation department & material management team to determine resource availability and to level the workforce for all onshore maintenance activities.

• Responsible as document owner for maintaining and developing Instrumentation Maintenance Strategy and ensuring appropriate integrity management of instrument equipment.

• Reviewing the vendor’s maintenance & operation manuals, drawings related to new equipment for completeness/technical correctness and ensuring the information is transferred to PMR & procedures.

• Supporting the implementation of preventative maintenance programs for all E and I equipment such as Electrical Generators and distribution systems, Electrical switchgear and control relays, reciprocating engines, process safety and control systems, HVAC and fire & gas systems, Instruments loop functional activities & upgrades and necessary in the operation of oil and gas producing properties.

• Working and preparing the PM procedure/scope of work for substations, CAT Diesel generators and BRUSH Gas Turbine generators, Switchgears and Transformers, Compressors, Cranes, Instruments, Pipes and Valves, Pumps and motors and all instruments.

• Specifying the procedures and materials/tools for safe & effective execution of offshore and onshore work, such as major equipment overhauls, shutdown/slowdown activities and equipment modifications.

2. Organization : BECHTEL Corporation, OG&C and M&M GBU, Australia.

(I) Project : Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas Project, Gladstone, Queensland – Australia.

Client : ORIGIN (JV) CONOCOPHILIPS & SINOPEC Organizations, Australia.

Worked as Senior Electrical & Instrumentation CSU Engineer (Temporary Power Construction; Pre-Commissioning; Commissioning & Start-Up) from May, 2012 to August 15, 2013 for the Commissioning of the Construction Power includes 8 Substations, 11KV & 400V CAT Diesel Generators, 400V; 690V; 11KV & 33KV Schneider Switchgears, 1.6 MVA & 2MVA Schneider Transformers, 600KW Load Banks, 13 x 15MW Solar Titan 130 Turbine Generator set, E-Crane & Aggregate loading & Unloading conveyor system, Offshore Platforms, Sewage Area, AQIS Area, Fire Water System, MOF facilities & its respective Electrical Equipment & Instruments too & Coordinating with the construction & Operations teams for their activities.

Job Description

• Preparing, Reviewing & implementing the Start-up & Commissioning procedures, STCPs, Test & check sheets for electrical equipment, SWPPs includes procedures for facility energization, initial synchronization and other specific procedures as needed and Suggesting procedures to enhance equipment efficiency.

• Observing and promoting all aspects of Operational Discipline in conjunction with other disciplines, preparing and implementing plans to

complete all electrical testing activities.

• Preparing system pre-operational & commissioning test procedures for assigned systems and managing the time frame of Temporary system activities and permanent targets of the project as required.

• Ensuring compliance with company’s HSE&Q Management System thus allowing for safe, efficient operations and ensuring that the shift operations team reliably executes all day-to-day operations activities in line with ES&H standards; Production targets; ensuring paramount safety.

• Proposing and reviewing the design solutions, preparing and reviewing data sheets, performing and reviewing bid evaluations and advise on the instrumentation/control systems portion of work for new for the field development.

• Conducting & involving in HV Audit, HV Switching, Relay Testing, HI-POT testing of HV cables, Transformer testing & conducting completion & turnover walk-down of systems in conjunction with construction and owner personnel.

• Approving the revised drawings; then providing these to document control dept. to update in Info-works.

• Conducting the Testing & commissioning activities in 400V & 11 KV Diesel Generators, 2 MVA & 1.6 MVA Transformers, 400 V &

11 KV Switchgears, 600KW Load Banks, Ring Main Transformer Units, 15MW Solar Titan 130 Turbine Generator sets, Motors & Instruments, Distribution & Control Panels, HVAC units, Temporary MCC Panels.

• Preparing Pre-planned schedule and operation procedure & operating the temporary systems includes 11KV & 400V generators, Sewage system, AQIS Area, Temp. Fire Water System.

• Preparing the documentation & work packs for system testing and turnover including scoping of drawings and set-route, preparing system preoperational testing procedures and integrated system/unit test procedures and other required documents.

• Supervising the construction & inspection activities of cabling & termination, Grounding, Dressing of electrical Power & Control cables inside MCC; Under Sub-Stations; Underground Buried Cables.

• Reviewing the Field Test sheets for all cables, for electrical equipment & Instruments and directly involved in Cable Size & Load Calculation for LV Breakers & for Diesel generators, Transformer 24 hrs Soaking Test.

• Preparing the spare parts which need at time of Commissioning & start-Up Activities by reviewing supplier documents & FAT reports and monitoring & maintaining the Start-up budget.

• Developing electrical safe work procedures for the systems and monitoring electrical technical & safety performance of operations, crafts & contractors and Giving responses and coordination in abnormal conditions of Equipment.

• Supporting the development of Commissioning (Static & Dynamic) Management Procedures, Systems Acceptance Procedures/Progress Monitoring, Turnover and Completion Packages, and provide input to Start-up and Operating Procedures.

• Explaining the safe work progress in Off-Shore platforms when working in Conveyors, its instruments switches and its Lighting.

• Monitoring the progress and performance of the construction contractor to ensure that they performs to the approved schedule, specification and standards.

• Responsible for assessing effectiveness of working practices and systems with a view to continuously improving systems, personal and team performance.

• Attending client meetings to confirm completion of construction & inspection, Pre-commissioning, commissioning & Start-up strategy.

• Providing technical direction for specific tasks and assigns work to subordinate co-engineers, designers or Project sub-groups and managing discipline & cohesive environment in the office with Mates and Colleagues.

• Ensuring that the maintenance of electrical equipment is conducted in a safe and effective manner and managing audits of electrical equipment performance and status.

• Responsible for maintaining, controlling and monitoring the Electrical Quality Assurance System based on company quality procedures.

(II) Project : Worsley Alumina Refinery – Efficient & Growth Project, Collie, WA, Australia.

Client : Worsley Alumina (WAPL) & BHP Billiton, Australia.

Worked as Senior Instrumentation & Electrical Engineer (Pre-Operational Testing & Commissioning) from June, 2011 to May 18, 2012 for Electrical Distribution Centers (Sub-Stations), Shuttle Conveyors & Coal Conveyors, Stacker & Reclaimer Units, Installations & Pump Up gradation with VSD, Ball & Rod Mills Which are supported the Raw Materials (Bauxite) from the Mines for the Production of Alumina.

Job Description

• Preparing detailed Pre-Commissioning Plans for each system includes Scoping, Testing sequence activities, Specific test procedures, Staffing and Preparation of handover packages.

• Conducting the Pre-op activities & testing with detailed technical knowledge of LV, MV & HV Switchgears, Transformers, Distribution Boards, Motors & its specifications, electrical protection systems, etc.

• Conducting the Pre-op activities & testing with detailed technical knowledge of Temperature, Pressure and Level instruments, Control valves, Shutdown valves (EIV,ESV), On/Off valves, Safety relief valves, Vibrator & Actuator switches, etc.

• Inspection of electrical equipment, Various Instruments; Witnessing and commissioning the electrical installations such as MCC, HV and LV motor, Control stations, JBs, VSD.

• Witnessing the pre-op activities involving calibration, installation and testing of hydraulic & pneumatic flow, temperature, pressure and level instruments, control valves, PSV, MOV, XCV, SOV, Under-speed Switches, Weightometer, etc.

• Supervising the contractors and construction crafts as applicable to ensure they are performing required pre-commissioning tests to avoid unnecessary delay and providing support to troubleshoot the issues in operation activities in-time.

• Coordinating the pre-commissioning activities between project engineering, construction, specialty staff groups, clients, and vendors & supporting teams.

• Providing technical direction for specific tasks and assigns work to subordinate engineers, designers, drafters or Project sub-groups.

• Encompassing the design and specification of electrical systems and equipment including…

HV, MV and LV switchgear,

Shuttle Conveyors & Coal Conveyors,

Stacker & Reclaimer Units,

Installations & Pump Up gradation with VSD,

Ball & Rod Mills,

Transformers, Power Generators, Motors, Variable Speed Drives,

UPSs, Cabling & Power Systems Analysis,

Electrical Network Control and monitoring systems.

• Preparing & reviewing job cards, work pack, testing and commissioning procedures on any works related to electrical & instrumentation.

• Managing the Pre-Op activities with pre-planned schedule & with Project Technical documents as required.

• Reviewing DCS programs & assists the Pre-commissioning activities with system testing.

• Dealing with Electrical emergencies, Tight Deadlines & schedules; Sourcing and managing the electrical Contractors & Keeping visibility always in work spots both in Green/Brown Fields.

• Awareness of site environmental action plan & ensuring compliance during area pre-op testing and ensuring adherence to company and statutory regulations relating to health and safety.

• Conducting Pre-op testing activities of electrical equipment in assigned areas under the direction of the Pre-op Area Lead.

• Nightshift pre-op activities carried out with strong site safety requirements in place; with proper & strict isolation/lock out procedures followed at all times.

• Fully proficient with Bechtel Standards/procedures and able to work within Site safety procedures to achieve the Goals and Accountable for safe planning, resourcing & effective implementation of pre-op testing activities.

• Giving excellent co-ordination to Client and Contractors & getting success in Shutdown of major equipment’s upgrade in Brown fields.

• Involved in the preparation of pre-commissioning final documentation including compilation of operating and maintenance manuals as required by client & project.

• Discovering new and easy techniques to fix the issues without any shortcuts under Bechtel pre-operational procedures and Standards.

• Coordinating with colleagues to get better & great methods and advices to improve the plans & schedule for Project management.

3. Organization : SNC Lavalin Pty. Ltd. (JV with WorleyParsons Pty. Ltd.), from SPIE Oil & Gas, Abudhabi.

Project : Emirates Aluminium Smelter Complex Project, Abudhabi.

Client : Emirates Aluminium (EMAL), Abudhabi.

Worked as Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer (Pre-Operational Verification (POV) & Testing) in Carbon Area, Paste Plant, Roding Shop, Cast House Area from Nov 02, 2009 to April 17, 2011 for FTAs, ASCs, FTC, AHS, Coke Recuperation Packages, Dust Collectors, Conveyors, CCTVs Installations & Substations which supporting the Anode Baking Furnaces. Main Purpose beyond this; Baking the normal anodes & pass to Anode Rodding Area through Roller Conveyors. Carried out the pre-commissioning functional tests in whole coke fine recuperation system and power distribution system to overhead cranes down shop conductors.

Job Description

• Supervising, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities as per approved construction drawings, testing related to POV & Project Standards.

• Conducting Pre-Operational Verification tests in Furnace Tending Assembly (FTA) & Anode Stacking Cranes (ASC).

• Conducting Pre-Operational Verification & Commissioning tests in Fume Treatment Center (FTC), Coke Fine Recuperation System & Dust Collectors.

• Pre-Operational Verification & Commissioning the Energized & De-Energized checks for the satisfactory operation in

– 230V / 63A Lighting Distribution Panel Board.

– 400V 3ph 50Hz 4w Lighting & Mechanical Servicing Panels.

– 400/230V Distribution Board – Anode Baking Furnaces.

– FTA & ASC Crane Rails.

– 400V AC, 250V Emergency Lighting Main Distribution Panel Board.

– 230V AC, 160A UPS Distribution Panel.

– 30 KVA UPS Unit (Rectifier Input).

– 400V/100Amps Distribution Panel & Coke Fines Recuperation Main Panel.

– 400/230 V – 1600/800 A Power distribution system to Crane Down shop conductors.

– 1000A Main Isolator/Changeover – Emergency Stop – For FTAs in Anode Baking Furnaces & for ASC in Anode Storage Building.

– 400V Switchgear, 6.6KV HV Switch Room, 230V/16A DDC, 60KVA Lighting Emergency Units.

– Testing, commissioning of Switzerland ABB HV Panels, AIR Circuit backers & Control relays.

– Transformer up to 63 MVA testing and commissioning, Bus-bars, Feeders, Protection relays.

– 60 KVA – 250A Main Power Distribution System to all Electrical Equipment.

– 30 KVA – 160 A UPS Distribution System.

– 230VAC Power Panel for Secondary Gas Skid & 5.5 KV to 11 KV Capacitors.

– 5.5KV to 11KV Switchgears prior to Power distribution.

– Battery Charger System & Control Circuit of Electrical Motors.

– Electrical Inter-Tripping Systems, Lighting Boards, Generator Units.

– Power Transformers – Step down the Incoming 11KV to 3.3KV & 3.3KV to 415V.

– U.P.S Systems, CBs, Switchboard Panels for Power distribution.

– MCC Panels, CPC Panels, ECS, Level & Limit Switches, Position Switches.

– Energization of 415V equipment through Transformer.

– Instruments such as actuator switch, Min/Max Level Switch, DP – High/Low Pressure Switch, Level maximize control valve/switch, Temperature instruments, Pressure instruments, Flow transmitters & level transmitters.

• Witnessing the HV cables testing, Insulation testing of Power, Control and Instrument cables, Function testing of HVAC, Medium Voltage and HEAT tracing units.

• Testing of Major Electrical Equipment, Generators rated from 300KVA to 2MVA, AC & DC Electric Motors rated from fractional HP to 2000 HP including their Controllers and Dry type & Oil immersed type, Power Transformer up to 20 MVA, Air Circuit Breakers.

• Site duties, Tools Box talks, Safety Meetings and Update of daily report, Hot & Cold work permit system and update knowledge of Electrical System.

• Supervising the Monorail activities in safe way of execution near FTAs and ASCs.

• Conducting and witnessing the test as per check list for Pre-commissioning by Vender and Team like IR test & HI-POT, Ductor test, Secondary injection for electrical Equipment like Cable , motor, MCCs, Switchgear, Transformers & Relays.

• Witnessing the Instrumentation works such as Process control instrumentation, Loop Checking, Logic checking, Trouble Shooting, Calibration of different instruments, Interpret drawings, P&ID, ILD and Instrument Hook–up drawings and Installation of Instruments, Preventive and Corrective.

• Conducting Seminars and Providing Technical Knowledge to Testers and Adjusters.

• Coordinating with Quality Control Department prior to hand-over of the equipment to POV Department.

• Preparing documents needed for Final hand-over and performing other duties assigned by Superior & Providing weekly progress reports to my Superiors.

4. Organization : PETROJET (Petroleum Construction Ltd.), Doha-Qatar.

Project : Ras Laffan OLEFIN Project (Ethane Cracker/ Ethylene Project), Qatar.

Client : TECHNIP FRANCE, Doha-Qatar.

Worked as Electrical Engineer (Pre-Commissioning & Testing) from Feb 28, 2009 to Oct 15, 2009 for Power Transformers, Generator Units, Battery Chargers, Bus-bars, Motors & Pumps, Circuit Breakers, Local & Street Lightings, Cables and all other electrical equipment.

Job Description

• Providing the technical support in the resolution of technical issues during pre-commissioning & initial start­up phase of the project.

• Supporting the implementation of the Flawless Project Delivery in the execution of pre-commissioning and commissioning activities.

• Carried out the commissioning and pre-commissioning tests on motors, local panels, control stations, cables and its termination, and Earthing satisfactory for all equipment.

• Responsible for overall supervision of Energization/De-Energization of all electrical equipment at the time of initial operation by client.

• Testing & Commissioning of Power Transformer, Bus-bars, Protection Relays, 6MW temporary power generators.

• Responsible for pre-commissioning and commissioning of


 33KV / 11KV, 10MVA Transformer. (France Transfo).

 11KV/33KV, 16MVA Step Up Trasnformer.

 170KV/80MVA Transformer. (Minera MP – Oil immersed medium power trasnformer).


 SF6 Circuit Breakers (Alstom).

 Vacuum Circuit Breakers (Siemens).

 HV Panels (Switzerland ABB), AIR Circuit backers & Control relays.

• Commissioning & Quarterly Pre-Commissioning of Electrical tools and Bi-annual Inspection of Electrical Equipment on site.

• Responsible for pre-commissioning of LV & MV Switchgears, Emergency Generators, Offsite perimeter lighting, street lighting, Lighting Board and Small Power Circuits.

• Carried out the Torque check, Bus bar conductivity, IR test, CT & VT Primary injection, Feeder test and Protection Relay functional test and Final Box up activities of Transformers.

• Executing technical duties in a competent and professional manner and in accordance with Company procedures.

• Ensuring the pre-commissioning & commissioning activities are properly organized, scheduled and conducted in a structured & safe manner and testing & certifying the installed equipment comply with the agreed performance parameters indicated in the design documents and specifications.

• Checking the Vendor test records and manuals for all general electrical equipment, DCS, UPS & Battery charging test, Motor functional test and Lighting distribution boards.

5. Organization : TECHNIP FRANCE, from PETROJET, Doha-Qatar.

Project : Ras Laffan OLEFIN Project (Ethane Cracker/ Ethylene Project), Qatar.

Client : TECHNIP FRANCE & RLOC, Doha-Qatar.

Worked as Electrical & Instrumentation QA/QC Engineer/Inspector in Electrical Installation & QA/QC Dept. from Mar 16, 2008 to Feb 26, 2009 for all electrical equipment’s installation, Testing & Quality checking.

As a QA/QC Inspector, the objectives to ensure that approved methods and Electrical QA/QC procedures are in place and utilized, as they apply for the Project.

Conducting Factory Acceptance Tests of all type of Electrical Panels, DB’S in factory workshop & Preparation of FAT reports.

Inspection of all Electrical construction activities since beginning of the project during installation according to approved Project Specification and Standards, Drawings and Documents.

Coordinating the inspection with Client (RLOC) and Sub contractors and witnessing ITP’S. Raising Field Inspection Reports (FIR) to S/C’s to take corrective action with recommendation and closeout reports.

Preparation of checklist and input in Deficiency & Punch List.

Reviewing and Commenting the Method statements, Inspection and Test Plans and Electrical Material Submittals of all subcontractors and final approval and issue them as IFC status.

To ensure the Quality & safety at all the time during construction and Pre-Commissioning phase.

Job Description

• Checking the installation of cables as per project’s cable schedule and checking all the electrical equipment installation with latest drawings before raising the inspection.

• Checking and verifying the cable pulling (without any damages), cable termination and glanding; Data sheets of motors; whole skid and area Earthing with necessary standards & drawings.

• Conducting safe work procedures & responsible for the quality control inspections of all electrical equipment.

• Developing QA/QC acceptance criteria (Quality and Test and Inspection Plans) and in accordance with applicable code/standard, engineering guides, specification and Project regulation.

• Using Equipment layout, checking the installation of Substations with Transformers, Bus-ducts, Switchboards, MCC panels, PMS, RTU ANN/LSC, BC, UPS and batteries.

• Responsible for Red Line as-built in single line diagram, Fault / Short circuit analysis, earthing, Electrical load list, Electrical equipment sizing, Cable sizing and schedule, Illumination calculation, Equipment general arrangement layout, cable routing, Motor schematic, wiring diagram of MCC, Lighting and small power layout.

• Conducting inspection of France ALSTOM HV Panels SF6 circuit breakers and MICOM Control relays, ABB drives & MCC Panels.

• Verified and conducted inspections in

– HV 33KV/6KV and LV 400V/230V Power distribution system.

– LV & MV Motors; LV & HV Cables (Hi-Pot); Cable Tray and Lighting Underground Boxes; Illumination Check of Street Lighting; Scheme check in MCC, FAT.

– 33KV / 6.6KV Power distribution system.

– ABB 15 MVA transformers & 6.6 KV ABB UNIGEAR VCB.

– 138 KV control and metering protection.

– Level Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, Temperature Transmitter, On/Off valves, Safety switches.

• Providing the information to construction division for proper implementation of work stating from interpretation of plans.

• Preparing of Method Statements, Risk Assessments, Quality Plans, Inspection and Test Plans, Commissioning Records, Taking over Certificates and other project documentation.

• Routine weekly coordination meeting with department heads & Managers.

• Coordinating with GTG, Substations, DC System, Battery charging & UPS system, Hot & Cold work permit system.

• Well conversant with drawing & circuits and assisting to resolve engineering problems as it affects material suitability & design modifications.

6. Organization : Universal Circuits & Electrical products Ptd Ltd, South India.

Worked as Junior Electrical & Instrumentation QA/QC Engineer in QA/QC dept. from Sep 10, 2007 to Feb 28, 2008 to carry out the inspections & quality functional testing of electrical motors & starters.

7. Organization : Iskraemeco Seahorse Limited, South India.

Worked as Trainee Electrical QA/QC Engineer for the Energy Meters installation, Testing & Quality checking. from June 04, 2007 to Aug 31, 2007.