Finance Manager seeks work in Ghana or elsewhere


Finance Manager at Dannex Ayrton Starwin (DAS) PLC. I have acquired several unique skills and experiences that enable me implement several strategies, including cost optimization to reduce admin cost by 30% thereby increasing profit by 15%. This has never happen before. In view of this fantastic results, couple with other financial strategies, i am looking for employer who requires my unique skills and experiences to grow and lift the business to an appreciable level.

Serial No: 176869
Skills keywords: budgeting/financial planning, good communication skills, internal audit, leadership skills, treasury

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

MBA -Business university of Costa Rica (Universidad Empresarial De costa Rica, May 2018) -MBA
Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana
Institute of Chartered Accountants, Ghana
International Financial Reporting standard (IFRS) -Training
Excel skill for Business- Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
Managing Business Risk- Institute of chartered Accountants -Training

Previous Employment Details:

1.Dannex, Ayrton, Starwin PLC, Finance manager -July 2021 - Current
- Responsible for the activities in the treasury, Credit Control and Receivable Departments
-Contribute to the formulation of the company's future direction and support tactical initiatives
-Execute core financial processes, including Receivables and payables payments and operational expenses administration.
-Prepare and manage weekly cash flow plans for day-to-day operations
-Develop Finance team- to ensure excellent customer service and career development
-Prepare monthly reconciliation in relation to fixed assets, payables, Receivables, stocks and bank accounts.
-Administer proper payroll processes, including Tax, SSNIT and Provident Fund.

2 Ayrton Drug Manufacturing Limited (Subsidiary of Adcock Ingram SA), Financial Reporting and Accounting Manager - June 2016 - June 2021
-Prepared monthly management account for review by the CFO.
-Assisted in formulating corporate budget
-Led in the design adoption of the accounting polices, procedures and financial controls
-Reviewed monthly reconciliations of fixed assets, payables Bank accounts and intercompany accounts.
- Reviewed daily cash collection report to ensure sales were properly documented.
-Managed key external relations with auditors, tax agencies and all regulatory agencies.

3.Ayrton Drug Manufacturing Limited (Subsidiary of Adcock Ingram S.A) Head of Audit - March 2012 - May 2016
-Initiated audit planning process and developed detailed audit plans and overall audit objectives.
-Conducted internal control evaluation and risk assessment to identify loop wholes and areas requiring management intervention to prevent fraud
-Prepared an Annual Internal Audit Plan based on risk assessment including tasks, assignments and timeline for completion of each task and personnel to be engaged.
-Reviewed compliance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on specific internal controls, policies, laws and regulations.
-Conducted regular and adhoc audits of financial controls and management systems for corporate policy and legal compliance,
- conducted verification of accounts receivables balances and recommend measures for collection.
- Conducted audit of automated inventory with management systems to ensure correct matching of physiscal inventory with database
content and provide recommendations for corrective action.
-Prepared standard audit report on results of audit, opinions, recommendations for improvements or correction of deficiencies.
-Conducted post-audit follow-ups to measure outcome of corrective actions taken.
-Prepared quarterly audit reports to the Board.
-Advised management about issues such as tax strategies and assumptions underlying budget forecasts.

Interests & Hobbies:

1. Reading - It exercises the brain, improves the ability to focus, increase general knowledge can also sharpen your communication skills.
2. Listening to Classical Music - Classical music relieves stress and soothes the brain. It can also improve the memory and focus.
3.Yoga - Create mental clarity, relax the mind and sharpen concentration, especially when performing yoga meditation. Yoga also heals the
bones and create flexibilities of the joints of the bones in the body.
4. Travel - It brings change of environment. It also help to experience new culture and meet new people.
5. Community Work. This is my favorite hobby. Working with other people in the community bring development, initiatives and team work. It also helps to acquire leadership experience.

Current location:  Greater Accra Region, Ghana - View on map
Nationality: Ghanaian
Spoken languages: english, twi