Experienced in Transmission line, erection and stinging


Apart from transmission lines, l am also good in construction areas, building as a bricklayer. This was my practical subject since at school and l pass it.

Moreover in same area l am also interested in designing plans.

Also l am good at business selling and delivery goods from local and nearby area

Serial No: 178873
Skills keywords: tower companies

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Education qualification only ordinary level including maths, English and science.
About working skills and experience l have got 9 years experience with certificates. Experience 33kv, 110kv, 220kv and 420kv, both areas poles plantation, Tower erection and stringing.

Previous Employment Details:

Eltel networks
Position held:linesman, foremen and winch machine operator
Period :2014 - 2020
Job done :33kv, 110kv and 220kv(poles plantation, Tower erection and stringing)

JV Rousant and Elemech
Position held :Supervisor
Period :2020-2021
Job done:33kv medium and low voltage (pole plantation and house connections)

Current Company
L&T construction
Position :Supervisor
Period :2021 upto present day
Active job:420kv tower erection and stringing

Interests & Hobbies:

I like to watch football
I like to play snooker
I like to play draft
I like fishing
Interested in learning computers
I like swimming
Watching films

Current location:  Zambezia Province, Mozambique - View on map
Nationality: Mozambican
Spoken languages: English and Portuguese