Experienced Cashier with customer service experience


Customer Service Officer working with Lari Exchange in Abu Dhabi. My expertise lies in delivering top-notch customer service and navigating complex financial transactions with ease.

Serial No: 191325
Skills keywords: currency exchange expert, customer relations, erp systems (sap), good problem solving

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Customer Relationship Management
In the world of business, building and maintaining strong relationships with customers is essential for success. As a skilled customer relationship manager, I excel in understanding and anticipating customer needs, resolving issues efficiently, and providing exceptional service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Financial Transactions Processing
Accurate and efficient financial transactions processing is critical for the smooth operation of any business. With expertise in processing various financial transactions such as accounts payable and receivable, payroll, and invoicing, I ensure that all financial transactions are completed in a timely manner and with precision.

Compliance Adherence
Compliance with regulations and company policies is a top priority in any business. I have a strong understanding of regulatory requirements and company policies, ensuring that all transactions and processes adhere to compliance standards. By staying informed of changes in regulations and policies, I mitigate risk and protect the integrity of the organization.

Cash Handling and Management
As an experienced cash handler and manager, I possess the skills necessary to accurately handle and manage cash transactions. From balancing cash drawers to preparing bank deposits, I maintain strict control over cash processes to prevent errors or discrepancies.

Regulatory Compliance
Staying compliant with financial regulations is of utmost importance in the financial industry. With knowledge of regulatory frameworks such as SOX, Dodd-Frank, and AML, I ensure that all financial activities are in compliance with legal requirements, reducing the risk of penalties or fines for the organization.

Account Reconciliation
Account reconciliation is a key component of financial management, ensuring that all transactions are accurately recorded and balanced. With attention to detail and analytical skills, I excel in reconciling accounts, identifying discrepancies, and resolving issues to maintain accurate financial records.

Customer Service
Providing excellent customer service is vital for fostering positive relationships with clients and customers. With strong communication skills and a customer-centric approach, I prioritize customer satisfaction by listening to their needs, addressing concerns, and delivering solutions to exceed expectations.

Policy Adherence
Adherence to company policies is essential for maintaining consistency and integrity within the organization. I consistently uphold company policies and procedures, ensuring that all activities align with the organization\'s guidelines to promote a culture of compliance and accountability.

Cross-functional Coordination
Collaboration across different departments and teams is crucial for achieving organizational goals. Through effective communication and coordination, I work seamlessly with cross-functional teams to drive collaboration, share knowledge, and achieve shared objectives for the organization.

Financial Regulations
Staying informed of financial regulations and industry standards is imperative for ensuring compliance and risk management. With a thorough understanding of financial regulations such as GAAP and IFRS, I apply this knowledge to navigate complex regulatory landscapes and make informed decisions for the organization.

Vendor Management
Managing vendor relationships is essential for maintaining a reliable and cost-effective supply chain. With vendor management skills, I establish strong partnerships, negotiate favorable terms, and monitor vendor performance to ensure quality products and services at competitive prices.

Audit and Reporting Accuracy
Accurate and reliable audit and reporting are essential for assessing financial performance and compliance. With attention to detail and expertise in financial reporting, I ensure that audits are conducted efficiently, and reports are consistent and precise to provide stakeholders with transparent and reliable financial information.

Problem-solving skills are critical for addressing challenges and finding solutions in a fast-paced business environment. With analytical thinking and strategic problem-solving, I approach complex issues methodically, identify root causes, and implement effective solutions to overcome obstacles and drive business results.

Technical Skills
Proficiency in a variety of software and technology tools is essential for enhancing productivity and efficiency in business operations. With technical skills in Microsoft Office, SAP ERP, Quickbooks, Salesforce, Tableau, Oracle Financials, NetSuite, Power BI, Adobe Acrobat, POS systems, and Google Suite, I leverage these tools to streamline processes, analyze data, and make informed decisions for the organization.

In conclusion, my comprehensive core competencies and strong technical skills contribute to my ability to drive business success and deliver exceptional results in finance and customer relationship management. I continually strive to enhance my skills and knowledge to adapt to the evolving demands of the business environment and contribute positively to the growth and success of the organization.

Interests & Hobbies:

In my role as a Customer Service Officer at Lari Exchange, I’ve developed a keen interest in financial markets and currency trends. Analyzing market dynamics is both a hobby and an extension of my professional life. Outside work, I’m an avid reader of historical fiction, finding joy in the rich tapestry of past eras. This passion for history often leads me to explore antique markets, seeking treasures with stories to tell.

I also dedicate time to volunteering, offering financial literacy workshops to community members. It’s rewarding to empower others with the knowledge to navigate their finances confidently. Photography captures my creative side, where I focus on urban landscapes, encapsulating the beauty of everyday scenes.

My hobbies reflect a blend of intellectual curiosity and creative expression. They provide balance, enriching my life with continuous learning and moments of artistic fulfillment. Each interest contributes to my personal growth, shaping a well-rounded perspective both professionally and personally.

Previous Employment Details:

Working in diverse roles across different industries has provided me with a well-rounded skill set that enhances my ability to adapt to changing environments and excel in customer service. As a Customer Service Officer at EXCHANGE UAE, I developed a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining effective communication with clients to meet their needs promptly and efficiently. This experience taught me the value of providing exceptional service and going above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

Transitioning to my role as a Senior Associate Store Operations at Reliance Retail Ltd in India allowed me to further hone my organizational and leadership skills. I was responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the store, managing inventory, and ensuring that all staff were trained and motivated to provide top-notch customer service. This role challenged me to think critically and problem-solve on the spot to handle any issues that arose in a fast-paced retail environment.

Finally, my experience as an Operation In Charge at Chillar Payment Solutions Private Limited in India equipped me with the ability to analyze data, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency. I was tasked with managing a team of operations staff and ensuring that all processes were running smoothly to meet daily quotas and targets. This role required me to be detail-oriented and strategic in my decision-making to drive business results.

Overall, my diverse experience in customer service and operations has shaped me into a versatile professional who is capable of tackling challenges head-on and delivering results. I am always eager to learn and grow in my career, taking on new opportunities that allow me to utilize my skills and contribute to the success of my team and organization.

Current location:  Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - View on map
Nationality: India
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Banking Insurance and Financial Services, Admin and Clerical, customer service
Spoken languages: english, Hindi
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere