Executive Assistant, General Manager, Manager

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Serial No: 3923
(02/08/1970, male)
Skills keywords: calendar management, project management, travel management
Current location: Saudi Arabia - View on map

  • Providing a range of expert and valuable Personal Assistant (PA) services including word processing, data entry, transcription, calendar management, researching and project management for main clients; Burgos Group, LLC and Exceler8.com
  • Additionally offering personal services in media relations, SEO and web tool applications, Standard Operating Procedures Development, Training Program Development and Technical Recruiting for various Fortune 500 companies
  • Successfully devising Training and Evaluation Outline Manual for water purification system on behalf of Burgos Group, LLC
  • Producing updated WordPress, SEO and AdWords products for Exceler8.com; an internet marketing and web design corporation

1992 – 2011 - UNITED STATES ARMY
2007 – 2011 - Multi-National Trainer and Information Operations Officer, Hohenfels, Germany
  • Co-ordinating and synchronizing the information and marketing goals of various organizations within Europe, the United States and Afghanistan
  • Creating a close working relationship between various departments and staff to focus efforts on reconstruction projects, voting, new media and health information for people of Afghanistan; utilizing excellent relationship building skills
Key Achievements:
  • Successfully completing over 35 training events and training over 9,000 personnel in the course of 3 years with no safety incidents
  • Conducting superior training of 45 personnel during a crucial training event; leading to formal recognition by the Senior Training Officer
  • Chosen from over 180 personnel to represent and attend a seminar at the Institute for Politics and Economics in Hamburg, Germany
  • Communicating effectively by conducting regular status reports after training events
  • Devising a detailed Information and Marketing Strategy Standard Operating Procedure, increasing operational efficiency by 100% over the same period the previous year
  • Managing and training personnel during joint meetings with various agencies to plan and synchronize projects
  • Analyzing/compiling detailed 3 year assessments of media events to facilitate marketing/public affairs strategy
  • Coordinating the establishment of a portable radio station worth $575,000, used for broadcasting marketing, news and reports to increase information capacity

2003 – 2007 - Effects Non-Commissioned Officer/Supervisor, Fort Drum, NY, United States
  • Effectively training and supervising over 30 personnel in job related skills, as well as offering instruction in new technical skills needed for subsequent assignments; increasing training efficiency by over 50% during 1 year
Key Achievements:
  • Responsible for the daily management and synchronization of 81 personnel across 18 various organizations
  • Ably assisting with the creation of 6 company-wide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP); improving efficiency by synchronizing efforts and resources
  • Instrumental in establishing a joint fusion cell, providing direct inter-agency coordination on all matters within the company to increase capacity and accuracy
  • Meticulously managing and accounting for over $750,000 in humanitarian project contracts, enhancing positive public perception
  • Developing Task Force web page, aiding data management flow and increasing productivity by 100%
  • Overseeing the completion of over 1,000 separate projects/missions without error
  • Training multi-national personnel, equipping them with the skills and education to achieve success
  • Enforcing the Composite Risk Management program, leading to zero safety incidents during the execution of over 150 projects
  • Supervising all improvements to company-wide security policies

2002 – 2003 - Small Group Leader and Instructor, Watertown, NY United States
  • Effectively serving as a leadership mentor, role model and teacher in a training academy focused on the education of personnel assuming leadership and management positions
  • Competently conducting leadership assessments and counselling, whilst helping students identify strengths and weaknesses in addition to actions that improve performance
  • Training students in common job related tasks, whilst undertaking responsibility for equipment and facilities
Key Achievements:
  • Conducting leadership assessments of 160 personnel and training over 400 personnel in the course of a year
  • Selected and recognized for excellence over 18 other instructors during the course of one year
  • Acting as a Project Manager for student graduation ceremonies and functions
Additional Roles:

2001 – 2002 - Manager – Assistant Information Management Officer, Uijongbu, South Korea
1998 – 2001 - Manager/Supervisor, Killeen, TX, United States
1992 – 1998 - Fire Support Specialist – Schweinfurt & Vilseck, Germany

Spoken languages: english, german
Location I am interested in working: United Arab Emirates