Energy Sector Technician & Overhead Line Specialist


Introducing a highly skilled and experienced technician in the energy sector with over 10 years of work experience. Certified in work at height, this candidate has excelled in installing, servicing, and maintaining transmission lines ranging from 132kv to 500kv. With a proven track record of quality service delivery to clients, this candidate possesses personal attributes of hard work, integrity, transparency, and accountability. A proactive and responsive leader, this individual demonstrates efficiency and effectiveness in resource management. As a team player, they excel in handling stressful situations calmly and professionally. Fluent in English and Kiswahili, this candidate's excellent communication skills have been honed through their passion for traveling and socializing. They also enjoy engaging in outdoor adventures and listening to music. Referees have praised their competence and ability to deliver in the field. Contact this accomplished technician to maximize the utilization of their skills, knowledge, and talent, and achieve outstanding results.

Serial No: 177466
Skills keywords: overhead transmission linesman, overhead transmission linesworker

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1. Emergency Restoration Systems (ERS) erection
2. First Aid at work
3. Safety supervisory at work
4. Work at height certified
5. Computer literate
6. Licensed driver
7. Quality and professional service delivery to clients
8. Hardworking, integrity, transparency, and accountability
9. Proactive and responsive leadership
10. Efficiency and effectiveness in resource management
11. Teamwork among staff and stakeholders
12. Handling stressful situations calmly and professionally
13. Excellent communication skills
14. Socializing and outdoor adventure
15. Ability to work under high voltage conditions (132kv to 500kv)

Previous Employment Details:

1st Aug 2017 - Present: Kenya Electricity Transmission Company (KETRACO)
Designation: Overhead line Technician (Linesman)
Carrying out:
 Tower erection works. These towers carry high voltage transmission lines with voltages 132kv, 220kv, 400kv and 500kv.
 Stringing works in high-voltage transmission lines. This includes stringing conductors, optical ground wire (OPGW), and fiber optic cable from structure to structure.
 Inspection of transmission lines from vehicles, on foot or from aircraft. Inspecting for broken or flashed insulators, missing or damaged spacer dampers, broken earth wires, missing or damaged vibration dampers, damaged conductors, missing or bent steel members, tower foundations, overgrown flora, wash-aways, bird nesting and any other danger to the transmission lines.
 Thermo-vision infrared inspections of high voltage transmission lines and substations that helps in planning for corrective maintenance.
 Maintaining records of defects either on patrol sheets or electronically.
 Transmission line maintenance by replacing compromised hardware, repair of frayed conductors, erection of collapsed towers, erosion interventions, clearing of flora along the wayleave and any other defect noted on the patrol sheet.
 Climbing transmission towers of heights ranging from 30metres to 50metres.
 Attending to transmission line and substation breakdowns
 Temporary erection of Emergency Restoration Systems (ERS) when towers collapse.
 Switching operations and isolations.
 Repair and maintenance of isolators.
 Installation and maintenance of substation lighting.

1st Nov 2014 - 30th July 2017: Kenya Power and Lighting company Limited
Designation: Overhead high voltage Line Technician (Linesman)
 Carrying out the same responsibilities as in my current job in KETRACO but only limited to 132kv and 220kv high voltage transmission lines.

18TH Aug – 10th Oct 2014: Kenya Power Training School
 Undergone training in Transmission line construction, operation and maintenance.
Covered the following:
 Transmission and distribution tools and equipment, mechanical fitting and welding, transmission line materials, transmission line towers and supports, construction of towers, tower climbing, construction of temporary structures, Transmission line inspection, substation and switch yard equipment, communication systems, transmission lines maintenance, safety in transmission lines and live line work.

7th Sept – 26th Nov 2010: Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited
Designation: Electrical Plant Technician (Electrical Plant Department)
 Battery charger and battery sets installation and maintenance
 Maintenance and inspection of distribution transformers
 Maintenance of OCBs, SF6 CBs, and vacuum circuit breakers
 Maintenance of power transformers and on-load-tap changers
 Installation and commissioning power transformers
 Oil filtration
 Fault diagnosis in power electronic circuits
 Fabrication and wiring of low voltage distribution boards
 Installation, Maintenance and inspection of Electrical equipment in the substation.

Jan 2012 – July 2014: Mind V. Africa Limited
Designation: Electrician
Carrying out:
 Electrical installation work in residential and commercial buildings.

Interests & Hobbies:

Travelling to different places and meeting new people.
Engaging in outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, or rock climbing.
Exploring and discovering new places and cultures.
Developing communication skills through socializing and networking.
Listening to music for relaxation and enjoyment.
Keeping up with the latest advancements in technology and computer literacy.
Participating in first aid training or volunteering for safety supervisory activities.
Reading books or articles about transmission line maintenance and related topics.
Engaging in physical activities to maintain fitness and endurance for climbing transmission towers.
Taking photography or videography to capture moments during travels or outdoor adventures.

Current location:  Tharaka-Nithi County, Kenya - View on map
Nationality: Kenyan
Spoken languages: english