Electrical overhead lines technician seeking work in UK


in the dynamic world of Electrical transmission, precision and reliability are paramount, as an experienced overhead transmission linesman i bring a blend of technical experience and dedication to safety to every project. with a background in electrical engineering and intensive on the job training i have acquired skills in the installation maintenance and repair of overhead transmission lines from stringing conductors to inspecting towers am well versed with the high voltage transmission systems.

Serial No: 189333
Skills keywords: electrical distribution systems, electrical install-ation, electrical maintenance, mechanical/electrical craftsperson, overhead transmission linesman

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

certified to work at height
had training on isolator washer machine
tower erection
fabrication of damaged tower members
inspection and maintenance on transmission lines
therma inspection to identify hotspots
spacer installation
installtion of the emergency restoration lines
environmental and social inpact assesment on transmission lines
Electrical power line installation
written and verbal communicarion
tower to inspection
ttransmisson cable inspection

Interests & Hobbies:

Outdoor activities- engaging in activities like hiking camping or wildlife photography which offer a refreshing escape from the demands of rhe job and an opportunity to appreciate the natural evironments where transmission lines are often located
Electronics tinkering- exploring and experimenting with electronic circuits and components reflecting a passion for the underlying technology of electrical systems
community involvement with the social and environmental social impact assesment during inception of tranmisson lines have understood the need for transparency especilly making aware to the community of incomming projects and the impact they will have on the especially the project affected persons
technical workshops and seminars
DIY projects
fitness activities

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Current location:  Nairobi County, Kenya - View on map
Nationality: Kenyan
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Engineering
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere