Electrical Commissioning Engineer, experienced

Serial No: 15469
Skills keywords: team leader

Short Bio:

I worked as a senior commissioning engineer on various electrical substation projects in Qatar.

Current location:  Tamil Nadu, India - View on map
Nationality: indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english tamil, Hindi
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


 Pursuing MBA(Power Management) in University of Petroleum & Energy Studies, Dehradun (Uttharakhand)from June 2013

 Bachelor of Technology in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from SASTRA University (Thanjavur) in June 2009.

 Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kalasalingam Polytechnic, srivilliputhur, Tamil Nadu, Board of Technical Education, Chennai in 2006.

 Excellence in having:

– Kahramaa Approved Engineer for Phase IX & X Projects.
– Lahmeyer Approved Engineer for Phase X Projects Of Kahramaa.
– Mott MacDonald-Qatar Approved Engineer for Phase X Projects Of Kahramaa.
– Energo Projekt-Entel Approved Engineer for Phase IX Projects Of Kahramaa

 Proficient in handling site operations, quality service and timely completion of the projects along with Testing and Commissioning of various power system products.

 A keen planner, with demonstrated success in end-to-end project management and ensuring effective management of various resources to meet project specifications, technical and installation manuals.

 An effective communicator with excellent relationship management skills and strong analytical, leadership, decision making, problem solving & organisational abilities.

Technical Knowledge 

Testing of the following Protection & Auxiliary Relays:

AREVA make:

 MICOM P141, P111, P123, P120 O/C &E/F Protection Relay.
 MICOM P220. Motor Protection Relay.
 CDG11, CDG21 & CDG31,-Over Current Relay and Earth Fault Protection Relays and Auxiliary Relays.

Testing & commissioning of following Electrical Equipment:

 Testing and commissioning of all Electrical equipment from 415 volts to 400 kV System.
 Indoor and outdoor substation and substation equipment’s with all type of Instrumentation Transformers, Power Transformers, circuit Breakers, etc.
 Testing of:
– Current Transformers, Potential Transformers, Capacitance Voltage Transformers.
– Lightning Arrestors, Surge Counters, Switchyard equipment test.
– Circuit Breakers: Air Circuit Breaker(415V CB’) Vaccum Circuit Breaker, (6.6KV, 11KV, 33KV, CB’S) SF6 CIRCUIT BREAKER (GIS) (33KV,66KV,132KV,220KV CB’S)
– 200MVA, 160MVA, 40MVA – POWER Transformer,
– 2000KVA, 1000KVA, 500 KVA, Earthing Transformer.
 Looking after the:
– Testing and calibration of:
 All meters: Ammeters, Voltmeter, Power meter.
– Testing of:
 MCCB’S, Battery Charger, 40Ah to 700Ah Battery bank.
 Power Control Centre and Motor Control Centre.
 11KV Switchgears Online Partial Discharge testing process.
 Execution of Testing & Troubleshooting of various Electrical schemes:
– AC, DC Control scheme.
– 415V LVAC, 110V DCDB, 110V Battery Charger Schemes.
– 415V ACB, 6.6KV, 11KV, 33KV VCB Local and Remote Interlocking Schemes.
– 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV GIS (SIEMENS & ABB make) Local and Remote Interlocking Schemes.
– 11KV, 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV LOCAL & Remote Synchronising Scheme.
– 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV GIS (DOUBLE BUS) on Load Transfer Scheme Checks.
– 220/132/66/11KV, 220/66/11 KV, 220/132/33KV System Interlocking Scheme.
– OLTC, RTCC, & Parallel Operation Schemes.
– 200MVA, 160MVA, 40MVA Transformers, OLTC, RTCC & Parallel Operations Schemes.
– CT Secondary injection, Primary injection test upto relay end.
– 11KV Partial BUSBAR Stability Test.
– 11KV Partial BUSBAR Blocking Scheme.
– 11KV VT Selection Scheme.
– 11KV Load Shedding Scheme
 Transformer protection, Transformer Differential Protection & REF Protection, Bus Bar protection and synchronizing scheme.
 33KV, 66KV, 132KV, 220KV BUSBAR (Both Single and Double Bus) Stability Test.
 200MVA, 160MVA, 40MVA, Power Transformer, 2000KVA, 1000KVA, 500 KVA Earthing Transformer’s -Differential Sensitivity & Stability Test.
 Protection end to end Test for line feeders, Overall stability test for line feeders, Cable & Transformer feeders and troubleshooting of all Electrical circuits, control & protection circuits.

 SAT (site acceptance test) report for submission to approval.
 Method of statement for the testing activities in live substations.
 Submission of final asbuilt drawing to consultant and client.
 Modification in existing control scheme design.
 Modification in existing power scheme design.
 Preparing of power and control cable schedule for a total substation.
 Modification of protection scheme in place of feeder rating upgradation.
 Modification of scheme in place of bay coupling (addition of new bay in existing stations)
 Comparison of existing bay ABB schematic drawing in place of new bay Siemens drawing and matching both the scheme and changing and modifying new scheme according to the existing scheme, so as to match the new bay scheme as per existing.
 Modification in scheme for line feeders, cable feeders, transformer feeders, incomer feeders in upgrading into numerical relays by removing electro mechanical relays.

 Battery Maintenance
 UPS Maintenance
 LV/HV Motor Maintenance
 TX Online & Offline Maintenance
 Capacitor Bank Maintenance
 Relay Testing Maintenance
 SWGR Maintenance(CB/E/S/ISO)
 Power Cable Inspection

 7SJ61, 7SJ6122 – O/C & E/F Relay.
 7SJ64 – Synchronising Relay.
 6MD66- Bay Control Unit.
 Auxiliary Relays

ABB Make:
 SPAJ140C- O/C&E/F Relay.
 REC561- Bay Control Unit.
 Auxiliary Relays.
 MR Make: TAPCON230, 240, 260–Automatic Voltage Regulator Relay.

Career Experience

Commissioning Engineer Winstar Electromechanical Works, Qatar Jun’11 – Sep’14

Testing & Commissioning Engineer JaiTech Project Services, Chennai Jun’09 – Jun’11

Major Responsibilities:

 Spearheading activities involving working out various requirements & monitoring overall project operations for ensuring Testing, Commissioning, Operation & Maintenance, Control & Power scheme design.
 Coordinating with Clients & Consultants in projects for set standards with accountability for strategic utilisation & deployment of resources to achieve organisational goals.
 Conducting design engineering, drawing and equipment layout and handling design approvals.
 Preparing & handling engineering coordination between various departments for project scheduling, drawing approval, etc.
 Anchoring Testing & commissioning of electrical equipments & system ensuring completion of project in minimum turnaround time with an effective resource utilization to maximize the output.
 Leading, mentoring & monitoring the performance of team members to ensure efficiency in process operations.
 Creating and sustaining a dynamic environment that fosters development opportunities and motivates high performance amongst team members.


 Designing and correcting of control& power circuit drawings as per the clients requirements.
 Successful Commissioning of SUBSTATIONS as mentioned in the annexure.
 Partial discharge testing of 11kv switchgears.
 Preparation of event report.
 Preparation of MOC (management of change for the modification work).
 Preparation of standard operation procedure for electrical equipments.
 Contractor coordination.
 Complete safety trainings like first aid, fire fighting, breathing apparatus.
 Preparation of risk assessment.
 Assign jobs for team member.

Follow up LOTO system- lock out tag out.

 Follow up zone classification (classification of hazardous location).
 Upgrade protection system study for electrical system.
 Studying of protection coordination.