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Skills keywords: border management, customs, hr and procurement, import and export, international working experience, logistics, project manager, senior team leader, trade facilitation
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I have over 26 years of business development and high level customs and trade consulting experience, serving in roles supporting various industries. My diversified project management expertise and extensive professional background position me well for the position as a Customs, Logistics and Trade Facilitation manager. My expansive skill set in Border Management, Customs, Trade Facilitation and Strategic Project Planning allows me to achieve superior results in multiple international arenas

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: BRITISH
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Transport and Logistics, Transport and Logistics, Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: english, Frenc
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: Bahamas, The, Congo, Dem. Rep. of the, East Timor (Timor-Leste), Pakistan, Palau, Palestinian Territory, Panama, Papua New Guinea, United Kingdom


Business and Technical Education Council* (BTEC) – EDEXCEL
Advanced Diploma in Excise Assurance ( Level 4) – BTEC


Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 – excellent; 5 – basic)

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English 1 1 1

French 4 5 4

German 5 5 5


Institute of Export (UK).

Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK).

Institute of Leadership and Management (UK)

IT Skills

Expertise with Word and Excel.

Career Summary

Present positions: : Deployable Civilian Expert, Policing and Borders of the United Kingdom

Stabilisation Unit (DFID/FCO) December 2009 – Present.

Years within the firm: Prior to above positions – 24 years United Kingdom

H M Revenue & Customs; Team Leader Customs Modernisation and Single Window Project, Bahamas, ADB Logistics Planner for designing Land Customs Stations, India; GIZ Post Clearance Audit Project, Ghana; Stream Leader for World Bank Customs Reform Project Kazakhstan; HS WCO expert with EC TradeCom (Pacific Islands) and Component Team Leader for USAID project-Cross-border Trade and Customs Reform for the Trade Accession and Facilitation for Afghanistan.

Key qualifications:

Qualifications and skills:

• Customs, border management and trade professional with over 26 years of experience, specialising in technical knowledge of trade facilitation, international trade, and law enforcements with United Kingdom government and overseas development reform projects. Versed in customs reform and modernisation, border management, trade facilitation and with diverse understanding of ASYCUDA ++ and ASYCUDA World, together with the application of risk profiles. Harmonised Classification System, Technical Barriers to Trade, Valuation, Post Clearance Audit, Intellectual Property Rights, Rules of Origin, Authorised Economic Operators, Single Window, Risk Management and trade policy / strategy. Simplify processes; facilitate trade negotiations, while imparting import and export controls. Fully conversant with revised Kyoto Convention and World Customs Organisation SAFE Framework of standards and consulting on customs reform. Experienced in team development and training focusing on attaining organisation-specific objectives. Advanced project architect with excellent team coordination and business development skills. Areas of expertise include:

• Customs and Border Management Consultation • Over 10 years’ experience of working with EU member state customs declaration systems ( UK, Sweden, Germany and Netherlands) • •Process Reform & Modernisation• Valuation • HS Classification • Phytosanitary ( SPS) •Customer Relations • Training • Resolution Management • Project Management • Customer Relations • Training • Project Strategist • Research & Analysis.

• COP / Team Leader for Asian Development Bank project for Border Management, Trade facilitation and Tourism development in Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste. Enhancing infrastructure, communication links, trade and tourism, and improving cross-border trade and sub-regional integration through increased trade and travel. Developing strategic work plans for institutional capacity building, infrastructure, investment and trade enhancement – implementing international standards as per the WTO and WCO. Development of Institutional frameworks for regional transit systems and for strengthening trade related institutions. Supporting Timor-Leste application to join the Association of South East Nations as per the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) blueprint. Working with IT Specialist in upgrading ASYCUDA ++ version to ASYCUDA World (to WCO, WTO, ISO Standards) to develop a National Single Window with capability of electronic data exchange to other systems. Drafted HS Tariff to WCO version 2012 and valuation database. Presentation of key stakeholder workshops.

• Stream Leader for Customs Control and Clearance – World Bank Customs Development Project, Kazakhstan, specialising in Valuation, Rules of Origin, Tariff, Technical Barriers to Trade and transit. Gap analysis and business process re-engineering February – August 2012.

• EC Tradecom funded project- Harmonised System Classification expert – World Customs Organisation (WCO) Harmonised System – Assistance to the Pacific ACP states (Fiji, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Palau, Marshall Islands, Papua New Guinea) to prepare and revise their trade in market access offers for the purpose of Economic Partnership Agreements negotiations with the European Commission; this included the correlation of tariffs to WCO HS 2007 and the development of HS classification training programmes.

• Team Leader for Cross Border Trade and Customs Reform – Trade Accession and Facilitation for Afghanistan Project from 15/01/10 – 03/07/2010. Responsible for leading teams to reform the Afghan Customs Department and cross border trade: by strengthening capacity, Management training and development, organizational change, legislation ( customs code), revision of the Afghan Customs Strategic five year plan ( to revised Kyoto convention standards) streamlining customs procedures ( implementing simplified procedures), risk management and post clearance audit, developing and implementing regional transit corridors and systems with neighbouring countries, developing the Afghanistan –Pakistan Transit Agreement,

• Specialist adviser and DFID review officer. Facilitate trade and investment of DFID sponsored Public Administration and Economic Management Project – Customs component (2.5 year project). The projects goals- to facilitate trade and investment to generate domestic revenue and make a contribution to the economic and social development of Afghanistan.

• 1.5 years providing Customs reform consultancy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Customs Consultant, Customs & Tax Consultancy llc – DRC Customs Reform and Modernisation Project (2008-2010). Specialising in investigation, intelligence, institutional capacity building, training to WCO standards, compliance, Trade Facilitation including Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT), transit, border management and anti-corruption.

• European Union (EC) funded Customs exchanges to Netherlands, Sweden and Germany . Specialised in EU regional integration. Examined key Customs Declaration Systems, controls and procedures for comparison with the United Kingdom controls – these included entry processing, simplified customs clearance procedures, compliance. trade facilitation, Inward and Outward Processing Relief (IPR/OPR), training, the Community Customs Code, counterfeit goods, post clearance controls, EU Transit systems and procedures, Excise Management Control System, risk analysis, investigation/ Intelligence, and border management.

• DFID Customs consultant, Kabul – 2006. Completion review of the Public Administration and Economic Management Reform Project, Afghanistan (2.5 year project) – Customs component

• Seconded to the Department for International Development as Customs advisor to the Afghanistan Finance Ministry from 2003. Team Leader – Providing expertise, specialist advice and training in all aspects of import and export controls and trade facilitation – this included the introduction of a Single Administrative Customs declaration document, development of regional transit systems, classification, valuation), risk controls, post clearance audit, examinations, control of goods inland and the use of transit corridors, information technology and procurement.

• Specialist knowledge of the Community Customs Code, European Union – EU Integration, fully conversant with WCO diagnostic frameworks, directives, regulations and Mutual Administrative and Legal Assistance – attended Civil Service College course on EU Directives and how to implement them into United Kingdom legislation (1995) and University of Applied Science, Law Faculty Wolfenbuettel, Germany (2002) – study of mutual administrative and criminal co-operation in Police and Customs related matters.

22/04/14 -30/09/14
Bahamas Inter-American Development Bank

Subrenna Higgs, Deputy IT Director, Bahamas Customs. Team Leader Team Leader for Inter-American Development Bank Business Process Re-engineering Bahamas Customs modernisation Project towards a National Single Window.

1. To analyse and document current operational processes and information requirements

Conduct a detailed analysis of the current operational environment. This includes identifying and documenting

• all Customs processes, including the identification of automated and manual processes

• interfaces with other agencies, including the identification of automated and manual processes – Immigration, Police, Agriculture( SPS), Health, Transport.

• information requirements (inputs and outputs) at each stage of the process

• existing information storage requirements (automated and manual, e.g. forms, registers, etc.)

2. Functional design and documentation of a set of streamlined re-engineered processes and information requirements.

Based on the outputs of the “as-is” analysis, in consultation with the Customs project team and other involved agencies, defining the optimum business processes and rationalized information requirements needed to automate the lifecycle needed to clear goods from regulatory control.

07/10/13 30/10/14
Pakistan Asian Development Bank

Team Leader Team Leader for an ADB Border Services Improvement project in Pakistan. Responsible for project management and leading team of experts to develop capacity and modernisation of Border Crossing Points (BCP) with migration towards a single window. This includes: Customs declaration systems, infrastructure, equipment, ICT system design and procurement, BCP design and layout, security arrangements, legal and institutional framework, necessary changes in border crossing processes and capacity development plan to operate BCPs – Phytosanitaty (SPS) measure with EDI Customs.

07/11/13 –  30/06/2014
Ghana Particip / GIZ, Germany

Lead Customs Post Clearance Expert Providing guidance and technical assistance to Ghana Revenue Authority Customs Post Clearance Audit (PCA) project management team and GRA senior board of management in designing a PCA unit, together with a strategic framework for PCA implementation – this included PCA operational structure within the GRA, objective and scope of work of PCA unit, policies, procedures, operational PCA and Risk Management manuals, and PCA training. Customs acting as lead agency in PCA controls for other border controls – Phytosanitary ( SPS); Transport, Trade etc.

01/05/11 –  01/09/13
Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste and Indonesia Asian Development Bank

Team Leader Chief of Party / Team Leader for Asian Development Bank Project for Border Management, Trade and Tourism in the Pacific. Project management and leading teams of professional experts in Papua New Guinea and Timor-Leste:

• The development of integrated border crossing posts and single window (one stop shop). Working with ASYCUDA Technical expert in upgrading ASYCUDA++ to ASYCUDA World to facilitate a step by step process for the development of a Single Window

• Developing an institutional framework and capacity building plan for coordinated border development, border management, and border services;

• Enhancing the capacity of government border agencies and services by developing and implementing international best practise for border control, services and transit facilities;

• Developing and establishing a internal communication and coordination network for the border provinces ministries and administrations to enable the necessary support to the Joint Ministerial Commission;

• Developing Customs technical systems, procedures, including the implementation of a Post Clearance Audit Unit, HS Tariff compliant to WCO / ASEAN .

• Evaluation and diagnostic assessment of border agencies clearance systems and procedures. Gap and training needs analysis. ( SPS controls etc)

• Assessing the potential for cross-border trade in goods and services between Timor-Leste and Indonesia and the benefits of forward and backward cross-border trade;

• Supporting Timor-Leste’s application to join ASEAN as per the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint.

• Strengthening the trade-related institutions;

• Development of a blueprint the harmonizing transport, trade, tourism and tariff policies – that enhances increased trade and tourism through private sector growth;

• Development of institutional framework for regional transit systems.

• Assisting with the implementation border markets and border point agreements with Indonesia; The preparation of a cross-border transport and trade infrastructure and facilities investment plan.

20/01/13 – 01/11/13
India, Bhutan, Nepal Asian Development Bank

Senior Logistics Planner Responsible for planning,layout of all infrastructure requirements and logistical planning for two new Land Custom Stations (LCS) on India/Nepal border; India/Bhutan border.Leading review the LCS’s proposed location, undertake land surveys, design layout, buildings and warehouses.

Examine safety and security requirements of LCS as per international best practice; including the design and technical specification for Customs Laboratory ( including SPS testing).

12/02/12 – 01/09/2012
Kazakhstan PricewaterHouse Coopers / World Bank

Stream Leader Stream Leader for World Bank Customs Development Project, Kazakhstan. Responsible for leading team for Customs control, Risk Management and Customs Clearance, Training and Capacity Building. Specific areas – valuation – Rules of Origin, HS Classification, Technical Barriers To Trade ( SPS etc) Post Clearance Audit, Authorised Economic Operators. Gap and training needs analysis. Diagnostic and review of systems and procedures.

01/09/11 – 15/01/12
Holman Fenwick LLP International Law Firm

Customs Technical Legal Expert Advising clients on customs related issues / procedures / duty and tax implications.

30/07/10 to 06/10/10
Fiji, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Palau, Kiribati, Rep of Marshall Islands EC TradeCom
Landell Mills Ltd, Trowbridge, BA14

HS Tariff / Statistical Expert EC Tradecom funded project – Harmonised system (HS) and gathering 2007-2009 Trade Data for Economic Partnership Agreements for Pacific ACP States with EU. Pacific Island Forum Secretariat ( PIFS).

Position – HS and Statistical Expert

Correlated the Pacific Island States of Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Palau and Marshall Islands tariff codes and descriptions into the full World Customs Organisation 2007 version of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. Collated trade data and transposed it into HS 2007 nomenclature to formulate market access offers with the European Union.

15/01/10 – 03/07/10
Afghanistan USAID

Component Team Leader

For Customs and Cross-Border Trade Trade Accession and Facilitation for Afghanistan ( TAFA) Project

Cross-border Trade and Customs Component Reform Team Leader.

Goal: Growth in Global Investment in Afghanistan and Trade and ultimately accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Customs Component Team Leader- responsible for TAFA Customs reforms and to lead teams of Customs and Trade consultants, both expatriate and Afghan by:

• Strengthening the capacity within the Afghan Customs Department by streamlining Customs Clearance procedures (Trade Facilitation), import and export transit, increasing revenue and the prevention of revenue leakage, risk management and training – to World Customs Organization (WCO) SAFE framework of standards.

• Working in close cooperation with UNCTAD ASYCUDA technical specialists in the enhancement of the customs clearance system and the application of risk management techniques.

• Development of Post Clearance Audit Units, Exemption procedures, Mobile Verification Teams, Inland Clearance Depots (ICDs) to the revised WCO Kyoto Convention standards, at the same time ensuring cross-cutting issues with the World Bank Governance & Accountability Action Plan (GAAP) are addressed.

• Border Management – Developed business model for border management using the ‘single window’ concept. Close liaison and cooperation with key stake holders – Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Commerce, World Bank, UNOPS, IMF, US Department of Homeland Security, Border Management Task Force and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). Representing USAID/ Afghan Customs Department on border management working groups and the Informal Customs Network (ICN). Developed and successfully implemented a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Interior for border control.

• Developing and implementing regional transit systems and trading corridors.

• Developing and implementing training programmes

• Providing technical advice and support to the Director General (DG) of Afghan Customs and senior management.

• Delegate at the WCO Directors Conference, and Risk Management Forum, Brussels June 2010

04/08/08 –  15/01/10
Democratic Republic of Congo Customs & Tax Consultancy llc

Customs and Trade Facilitation Specialist

Customs Reform and modernisation Project – Democratic Republic of Congo.

Specialising in investigation, intelligence, compliance, Trade Facilitation, border management and anti-corruption. Responsible for the intelligence and investigation of Customs offences – Established Intelligence and Investigation Management Information System. Identified false valuation of import declarations and forged documentation. Investigated undervaluation of declarations of lost revenue involving 30 million US $ with cooperation of Judicial Police and High Magistrate for prosecution.

Mentoring, motivating and leading D R of Congo Customs Officers – Import/Export processing – Development of the customs clearance system ASYCUDA with the application of risk profiling. Law Enforcement.

Development of Single window one stop shop, Drafted investigation and intelligence hand book.

Simplifying customs procedures to facilitate trade – exemptions. Reviewed customs valuation and classification strategies, policies and procedures in line with GATT / Revised Kyoto convention. phytosanitary ( SPS.)

August 2006
Afghanistan H M Revenue & Customs

Senior Officer Specialist adviser and review officer – Department for International Development (DFID).

Project evaluation and review of DFID sponsored Public Administration and Economic Management Project – Customs component (2.5 year project).

The projects goal was to facilitate trade and investment to generate domestic revenue and make a contribution to the economic and social development of Afghanistan. Reviewed key results in relation to: Strategic policy, organisation and management, ethics and conduct, human resource and training. Produced a report of recommendations for improvements and long term sustainability of the project.

01/09/03 – 22/12/03
Afghanistan H M Revenue & Customs


HMRC International Capacity Rebuilding Team

Customs Advisor – Team Leader

Governance Project –Customs Reform ( sponsored by HMRC & DFID)

Providing expertise, specialist advice and training in all aspects of import and export controls –classification, valuation , risk analysis, post clearance audit, examinations, control of goods inland, development of transit systems and trading corridors, trade facilitation, information technology and procurement.

02/05/05 – 03/08/08
United Kingdom H M Revenue & Customs

Senior Officer Compliance / Assurance Officer

Assurance of the collection and protection of revenue and regulatory compliance. Helping businesses to meet their statutory obligations / provide technical advice. Enhancing and promoting compliance. Regimes – Hydrocarbon oils, Alcohol, International Trade, EU Transit systems, Excise Management Control System (EMS), Customs Declaration system (CHIEF) warehousing, betting & gaming, environmental taxes ( Landfill Tax, Aggregates Levy), debt management and asset recovery.

12/12/98 – 01/05/05
United Kingdom H M Revenue & Customs

Investigation / Intelligence Officer

Case management – Investigation of people / and or criminal organisations in line with HMRC Enforcement Directorate policies. To gather evidence and prosecute offenders – preparation of case papers for Crown Court. Undertake overseas investigations. Risk analysis. Analysis of intelligence and dissemination.

01/06/98- 11/12/98
United Kingdom H M Revenue & Customs HMRC ( Queen’s ) Warehouse Officer –Team Leader

Management and control of seized and detained goods. Arranging disposal of seized goods by sale, destruction and restoration.

11/09/95 – 10/09/98

United Kingdom H M Revenue & Customs Fiscal Control Officer and Manager of Inland Clearance Depot.

Management of Inland Clearance Depot. Management of Customs Declaration System, Compliance of import and export procedures, Phtosanitary ( SPS), Safety controls ( electrical, toys etc), trade facilitation, classification, valuation, risk analysis, post clearance audit, EU transit, TIR transit, examination of import and export cargo. Specialist Transit and EU integration adviser.

06/08/84 -10/09/95

United Kingdom H M Revenue & Customs Officer – Freight examination / Customs Import and export entry processing / anti-smuggling officer. Classification, community transit, valuation, examination of freight /Management assurance unit / boarding and rummage of vessels / Vehicle examinations / Specialist Officer – Common Agricultural Policy Team. Phytosanitary( SPS), compliance with product safety regulations, Line Manager. Revised procedures for EU integration and the single market.

United Kingdom British Overseas Trade Board Administrative Officer

Export Intelligence Service – editing and coding information received from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office concerning British export opportunities