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Skills keywords: brand management, ecommerce, marketing, photoshop, trade management
Short Bio:

As an Ecommerce professionl,I am highly driven and believe successful operation starts and ends with the customer. I understand the importance of customer insight and can apply that understanding in a results-driven way. While I am professional and focused, I also have a very open and bubbly personality.

Current location: England, United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: American
Preferred Sector of Employment:  media and design, Retail Wholesale and Purchasing, Manufacturing and Operations
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: United States
List the countires you have a visa to work in: United Kingdom, United States

Career Summary

Ecommerce Executive—Manchester, UK

September 2014-Present

Currently I manage the day to day promotional activity and long term UX projects across North America and the Southern Hemisphere. The core of my responsibilities are as follows:

⋅ Implement the execution of the promotional plans across the American, Canadian, Australian and New Zealand websites

⋅ Monitor the web analytics to measure performance of website activity

⋅ Identify areas of improvement to localise website content

⋅ Work closely with IT and Marketing to deliver effective content changes and promotions across the websites

⋅ Manage the team of ecommerce trading assistants to execute and implement the trading activities across each website

⋅ Demonstrate an awareness of the different markets and adapt trading activity to maximize sales for the different customers in each market

⋅ Regularly report on site performance

⋅ Implement A/B testing

⋅ Plan and execute the successful launch of new landing page

⋅ Implement cross-site projects to improve user experience and conversion

Highlighted Accomplishment

⋅ Increased week on week conversion across American Markets

⋅ Successfully planned and implemented Black Friday promotional plans; resulting in record breaking sales

Ecommerce and Digital Management
2011-September 2014

I operated as a freelance digital and Ecommerce manager; taking on several rolls, chief of which are listed below:

Content Management

⋅ Creation of B2B, B2C and C2C content for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, tumblr and Google+

⋅ Custom design of template, backgrounds and other visual content

⋅ Writing proposals and developing bespoke strategy for specific clients

⋅ Creation and management of social media campaigns and competitions

⋅ Building social profiles from the ground up as well as enhancing existing profiles

⋅ Complete management of cross-profile social media accounts within multiple industries

⋅ Strategic evaluation of social performance

Ecommerce Management/Assistance

⋅ Uploading products to eBay, Amazon, independent web-stores and

⋅ Updating and monitoring of the stores

⋅ Answering customer questions

⋅ Monitoring sales and performance

⋅ Using Photoshop to edit images for listings

⋅ Creating branded content and artwork through Photoshop

⋅ Social Media management

⋅ Researching fashion trends and developments

⋅ Maintaining a multichannel online presence

⋅ Management of sales, creative, marketing and SEO processes and teams

⋅ Implementation of new strategies and ideas to increase business development

⋅ Develop operational procedures that increase ROI and customer retention

⋅ Management of designer network

⋅ Creation and implementation of advertisement and marketing campaigns

⋅ Management of the online web store creative direction

⋅ Staying up to date with customer trends and statistics and applying this information in a usable way

⋅ Managing customer activity and anticipating issues before they arise in order to prevent them

⋅ Report creation and analysing

⋅ Brand optimisation

⋅ Brand development and growth

Data Services Management

⋅ Maintain, manage and improve a database of over 150,000 high seniority contacts within multiple industries

⋅ Create complex and interactive reports and analytical charts aimed at business development and data usability

⋅ Locate and profile data trends across locations—including Europe and America

⋅ Identify opportunity for new customer acquisition through data analytics

⋅ Research to determine which record fields are redundant and if additional fields should be introduced

⋅ Understand which product will benefit which customer and marketing accordingly

⋅ Create and present reports and information that translate to non-industry-experts

⋅ Relationship management with clients, potential clients and colleagues

⋅ Keeping up to date on Data Protection regulations

⋅ Create reports and statistical presentation unique to each potential client in an effort to stimulate business development

⋅ Implement new procedures surrounding the data and train employees accordingly

⋅ Identify areas of appeal to customer groups

⋅ Research toward expansion of this database and provide appropriate senior level executives for lead generating marketing

⋅ Utilise my strong background in Excel, CRM applications, data systems, analytic tools and business development

Highlighted Accomplishment

⋅ Increased usable data from 65,000 contacts to over 150,000

⋅ Evaluated current operational systems and successfully altered these systems to increase productivity by 35%. Trained Manchester and London offices with the new system—taking only 1 week to become fully operational after training.

⋅ Generated leads within the first quarter for multiple social media accounts with new social profiles

⋅ Took over failing Twitter competition and increased entries twelvefold

⋅ Increased the listings per day average across multiple web-stores and kept sites current

⋅ Introduced a record system that would adapt and grow in line with business development

Administrative Secretary
Claiming4u—Manchester, UK
December 2011-April 2012

Claims processing company

⋅ Clerical and administrative support

⋅ Transcription

⋅ Maintenance of filing systems

⋅ Customer support and document creation

⋅ Creation and management of live documents and spreadsheets

⋅ Creation of operational procedures suitable for individuals with limited computer knowledge

⋅ Report designing and maintenance

⋅ Determined trends in data and translated these into usable information for business growth

Highlighted Accomplishments

⋅ Transformed the office’s paper filing and operational procedures into an updated CRM and Excel based system

⋅ Created cross-role user handbooks detailing day to day operational procedures

Customer Service Representative
Regus—Manchester, UK
August 2011-December 2011

Serviced and virtual office provider

⋅ Clerical and administrative support for over 300 companies

⋅ Switchboard operation

⋅ Postal management

⋅ Setting up of meeting and conference rooms

⋅ Health and safety monitoring

⋅ Troubleshooting minor IT issues

⋅ IT and phone line setup

Highlighted Accomplishments

⋅ Because of my customer service commitment, I was charged with organising and preparing a welcome suite purposed toward business growth

⋅ Extracurricular organisation of a communication room with over 2,500 Ethernet and telephone connections

Digital Manager
HR Dance Company—San Antonio, Texas, USA
August 2005-December 2011

International dance company with a focus on community inclusion

⋅ Managed business development, budget and marketing

⋅ Develop and maintained all online activity, which included two company websites

⋅ CRM application management

⋅ eBay and Amazon listings

⋅ SMS marketing campaigns

⋅ Social Media and SEO management

⋅ Maintaining newsletters in print and online

⋅ PPC management

⋅ Forum and blog posts

⋅ Advertisements and class literature

⋅ Operationally, I supervised the work of training instructors, managed performances, auditions and student advancement

Highlighted Accomplishments

⋅ Increased profits by 12% within the first year through operational and marketing expertise

⋅ Expanded global revenue-generating reach to include Mexico, Croatia and the UK

Qualifications & Education

University of Texas at San Antonio—- Cultural Anthropology (2006-2010)

Judson High School—- Computer Science and Fashion Merchandising (2002-2006)

Course in: Statistical Reasoning (2010)

Course in: Fashion Marketing (2006)

Course in: Store Management (2005-2006)

Course in: Customer Service and Satisfaction (2011)

Course in: Marketing in a Technical World (2011)

Course in: Fashion Analytics-Buying with Stats (2006)

Course in: Marketing and Social Media (2010)

Course in: Merchandising and Wholesale (2008)