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Skills keywords: engineering, management
Short Bio:

I am writing to outline the skills, knowledge and experience I have gained as a Senior Technical Electrical System Engineer with a successful background in generator, generator auxiliaries and grid code systems. I believe I possess the required capabilities and vital expertise necessary to make a very significant and beneficial contribution to your organisation.

I am a multi skilled, extremely hard working and highly self motivated individual. As you will note from my enclosed CV, I have been working for Eskom Generation since 2000 initially as a Technician in Training before moving into positions, including as Senior Technician and Acting Electrical Engineering Manager. Since 2009, I have been working as a Senior Technician Electrical System Engineer on Generators at Camden Power Station, responsible for managing systems, compiling engineering procedures, carrying out technical plan modifications and upgrading / compiling other project specifications.

In addition to this, I determine the SOW for outages and compile / submit technical reports and operating technical specifications and plant life-cycle. I investigate and implement audit and major incident actions as well as resolving integrated engineering system problems and approve Quality Control Plans, Inspection and Test Plans and scope for works for activities to be undertaken by subcontractors. When submitting reports for the grid code, I ensure that all associate requirements are adhered to and provide a high quality plant and system advice to maintenance and operating personnel.

This role also involves the compilation and review of operating / maintenance specifications, procedures and strategies as well as alarm responses. Other responsibilities include the implementation of modifications, design of change requests and performing incident investigations through the utilisation of root cause analysis. I am a highly qualified individual with a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering, B-Tech in Electrical Engineering and Computerised in Project Management plus Software.

Throughout my professional work experience and academic study, I have developed a wealth of transferable skills, including excellent time management, planning, organisation, decision making, problem solving and interpersonal skills, utilising communicative abilities to build, develop and maintain beneficial relationships at all levels. I am also a strong leader, capable of motivating and empowering individuals to achieve their own potential and to make a significant contribution to the full delivery of common goals.
I am now looking for a challenging and rewarding new role, where I am able to put my capabilities and expertise to best use with the opportunity to expand on these even further; please do not hesitate to contact me on +277 3933 1041 to discuss further.

Current location: Mpumalanga, South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , General Management
Spoken languages: Akan, english
Location I am interested in working: Australia, canada, United Kingdom, United States

Education And Qualifications
Computerised Project Management plus Software (2013)

B-Tech Electrical Engineering (Heavy Current) (2009)

National Diploma Electrical Engineering (1998)

Eskom Generation (Camden Power Station)
• Undertaking the management of systems, compiling engineering procedures, carrying out technical plan modifications and upgrading / compiling other project specifications
• Determining SOW for outages, compiling / submitting technical reports and compiling operating technical specifications and plant life-cycle
• Fully accountable for investigating and implementing audit and major incident actions applicable to the Operating Department
• Resolving integrated engineering system problems, primarily relating to generator condition monitoring, H2 plant, grid code and its auxiliaries
• Approving Quality Control Plans, Inspection and Test Plans and scope of works for activities to be carried out by subcontractors, including generator internal works and static excitation plant
• Submitting reports for the grid code in line with associated requirements every six months and one on an annual basis
• Personally responsible for the provision of high quality plant and system advice to maintenance and operating personnel
• Compiling and reviewing operating and maintenance specifications, procedures and strategies as well as alarm responses
• Implementing modifications, designing change requests and performing incident investigations through root cause analysis
• Evaluating procedures against standards and reviewing procedures for allocates systems in ensuring all systems are adequate
• Playing an instrumental role within the classification of plants and systems, engineering investigations and evaluations
• Ensuring consistent adherence and compliance of all governing health and safety and environment requirements

Eskom Generation (Camden Power Station)
• Personally responsible for the effective management of Human Resources, including the performance management system, interviewing candidates and approving all administrative-related requests
• Managing the priorities of the Engineering Services, including consolidating / prioritising the same taking into account production requirements, implication and associated risk to plant and people
• Providing valuable assistance to teams with complex technical issues and investigating / analysing problem causes
• Developing and implementing long and short term objectives including managing the implementation of engineering service plans and programs as well as investigating, implementing and providing recommendations of allocated incidents
• Ensuring all members of staff have attended relevant safety courses and monthly meetings, identifying requirements and providing information to staff relating to SHE grading system when conducting sectional inspections
• Undertaking the negotiation and management of contracts, approving scope of work with tender specifications and identifying any possible areas of concern
• Additionally responsible for compiling section budget and inputs to financial plan, approving expenditure within delegation of authority
• Investigating and explaining budget variances and compiling both short / long term financial projects as well as implementing control mechanisms

ACTING ELECTRICAL MANAGER (Maintenance & Engineering) (Apr – Jul 2007)
Eskom Generation (Camden Power Station)
• Developing new procedures and upgrading existing normal maintenance procedures in addition to managing established maintenance contracts and negotiates in line with NEC rules and guidelines
• Updating the budget on a monthly basis and undertaking responsibilities in a variety of different areas, including risk management, business presentations, facilitating meetings and health and safety

SENIOR TECHNICIAN (CONTRACT SUPERVISOR) (Apr 2003 – Mar 2007 & Jul – Oct 2007)
Eskom Generation (Camden Power Station)
• Working closely and collaboratively with clients to ensure the consistent delivery against all needs and requirements on different maintenance contracts such as Drehmo Africa (Actuators), Air Conditions and Schindler Lifts, among others
• Supervising other System Engineers and ensuring the appropriate training is provided on generators
• Other main duties as above

Eskom Transmission (Simmerpan & Natal – Newcastle)