CV, Structural, Mechanical Engineer Targeting Europe

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Serial No: 32122
(10/26/1972, male)
Skills keywords: ansys, computer aided engineering, finite element analysis, mechanical engineering, structural analysis, thermostructural analysis
Short Bio:

After graduating from Moscow Aviation Institute and finishing post graduate course I undertook a 2 month computing course at Imperial College, UK.
Major part of my 19 years working experience is comprised of using ANSYS being employed in European engineering companies. I provided technical support to ANSYS clients and solved a series of demo and commercial problems when working in CADFEM GmbH. As a part of Haldor Topsoe AS finite element group I have solved a series of thermostructural problems.

Current location: Moscow, Russia - View on map
Nationality: Russian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, russian
Location I am interested in working: Russia (Russian Fed.)


AGE: 42 years old



1998 Post-graduate course, Moscow State AeroCosmic Insitute – Technical University (previously – MAI)

1996 – 2-month computing practice at Imperial College (IC), London, Aerospace Dept., “Energy release numerical research for composite fracture mechanics”, supervisor Dr. Dennis Hitchings

1995 graduated from Moscow State AeroCosmic Insitute – Technical University (previously – MAI), Aerocosmic faculty, Structural Mechanics and “Strength of aircrafts” department (№ 603), with «engineer-mechanist» degree

Theme of Diploma work (made in English): “Optimization of stacking angle for anisotropic carbon-carbon composite swept-forward wing”, based on finite element analysis

“Excellent” mark received

1993 – Interpreter Diploma, Aerocosmic faculty, Moscow State AeroCosmic Insitute – Technical University (previously – MAI)

1978 – 1989 – graduated from Specialized School №34 at I. Kurchatov Scientific Research Institute

1988 – graduated from primary School of Arts No.4

Professional Skills


Software: ANSYS 5.2-16.2; CADfix 2.1-5.0, ADAMS 8.2-10.1, MSC/NASTRAN for Windows v.4.0,

CorelDraw 6-12; Adobe PhotoShop 5.0-6.1, MS Office …

Hardware: Wintel 32/64, brandname Unix workstations

OS: MS DOS; Windows 3.11, 95, NT, 2000, 7, 10; linux/unix

Programming: FORTRAN 4, 77 programming

Work Experience

June 2008 – Aug 2015: Expert at FEM technologies, LLC Haldor Topsoe (HT AS)

Oct. 1997 – May 2008: Sales & support engineer, CADFEM GmbH Representation, Moscow

Feb. 1995 – Aug. 1997: Structural engineer, Design Bureau “MIR”, Moscow


Haldor Topsoe AS:

Basic thermostructural analysis of Waste Heat Boilers for USA, Chinese, Iranian, Indian, Russia, etc. Wet Sulfuric Acid plants

Basic thermostructural analysis of methanol synthesis reactors (MEOH)

Thermostructural analysis of SO2 converters

Development of Corporate standard for Post Weld Heat Treatment of WHBs

Thermostructural analysis of Burners and thermal protection of Auto Thermal Reactors


All corporate software booklets & datasheets, design & contest

Demonstration & test cases made for potential customers:

Centrifugal valve analysis, Superelement use for bearing analysis, Analysis of a bolted flange unit, Metal-ceramic denture, etc.

1999 – … – Idea, all textual & graphical materials and design of CADFEM Representation web site in Russian (

1997 – Structural computations of 60-80 meter towers for “Beeline” mobile systems

1997 – Structural computations of 72-meter Panoramic Wheel “Moscow – 850” erected at All Russian Exhibition Center – VVC, Design Bureau “MIR”,

1997 – Structural analysis of Roller Coaster with Loop (now erected at All-Russian Exhibition Center, Moscow – VVC), Design Bureau “MIR”,


 “Impact analysis of high voltage cable plastic clamp”, ANSYS World Cup, 2006, Barcelona, Spain

“Aquaplaning simulation in LS-DYNA”, CADFEM Users Meeting 2003, Potsdam, Germany

“ADAMS software applications at GAZ”, CAD & Graphics, iss. №10, 2000

“Modern software packages in educational process” CAD & Graphics, iss. №8, 2000

“CAE Systems in XXI Century”, CAD & Graphics, iss. №1, 2000,

1999 – 2000 Step-by-step worked through training examples for ANSYS in Russian, included into “CADFEM Training Materials” workbook:

1. Rolling processing of a slab

2. Bolt analysis with pretension elements

3. Initial penetration technique for shaft in a hole problem

4. Analysis of a gear wheel with modal cyclic solution technique

5. Submodeling analysis of a beam

6. Table input of film coefficients for transient thermal analysis

7. Dynamic contact of two hollow spheres

8. Constraint equation technique for non-matching meshes

9. Contact of two superelements

10. MPC contact technique for torque application to solid cylinder

“Practical Technology for pipelines complex assessment”, CAD & Graphics, iss. №7, 1999,

“Modern Systems for Computer Aided Engineering” Automatisation of Design, iss. №1, 1999

“Automatization of Engineering”, CAD & Graphics, Iss. №11, 1998

“Modern Analytical Capabilities of ANSYS”, CAD & Graphics, Iss. №9, 10, 1998

Personal Information

LANGUAGES: Fluent English


INTERESTS & HOBBY: Fine arts/painting, philosophy, theory and practice of strength training