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Software Developer seeking opportunity in UK, Europe or Australia/NZ

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 6692
(04/10/1978, male)
List top 5 skills:, Java, software development, software testing
Short Bio:

I am an adaptable, proficient software developer with thirteen years experience and a track record of delivering software product features and solutions using variety of programming languages and technologies. I have extensive experience in End to End product delivery which involves investigating and identifying use cases, plan, design, implementation of new features for middleware product, and distributed systems using Java, C#, C, Informix, MQ. As a lead, I have experience in Scoping activity, Planning and Estimation of work items. I have worked with teams which are geographically dispersed. I am also a good practitioner of Agile methodologies. I am seeking a challenging position as a software developer/ lead developer/ test developer.

Current location: 

Karnataka, India - View on map

Spoken languages: 

Basic French, english, Hindi, KANNADA

Locations I am interested in working:

Australia, Belgium, bulgaria, canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, new zealand, Norway, Poland, portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, switzerland, United Kingdom, United States


  • BE in Computer Science, Manipal Institute of Technology,MangaloreUniversity. 2000
  •  “Digital Signal Processor Architecture and Feature” from Indian Institute of Science. 2003.
  • I have been awarded two times from IBM Hursley UK Lab director as “Bravo award” and “Eminence and Excellence” award.
  • I have been awarded with the Orange Cap for the dedication and timely delivery of work items.  I gave confidence as a consultant forOrangetelecom demonstrating parent company’s abilities which marked the business growth.

Skill Set:

I have been picking new technologies and languages on the job. These are skills I am experienced –

Languages                                           :               Core Java, C# .Net, C, Kabira Action Language

Operating Systems                          :               Windows, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Linux

Databases                                           :               Informix

Middleware                                       :               IBM MQSeries, DCE – Encina, Kabira-KIS Provisioning,

Testing tools                                      :               Tcl, Expect

GUI Developments                         :               Java Swings and Eclipse – SWT

Scripting Languages                        :               UNIX Shell scripts, Python, Tcl, JSON

Utilities                                                 :               Performance analysis using rational Quantifier and memory

Analysis using Rational Purifier. Make, ant and nant, gdb

Configuration Management        :               clearcase, wincvs, tkcvs

Other awareness                             :               WebServices, SOA, J2EE concepts, Java Servlets, Spring, Hibernate,

:               JMX, JMS, LDAP, C++, Perl

Employment History and Achievements:

1) IBM Software Labs:  

Senior Staff Software Engineer from 2008 to date

·         Business Intelligence Patterns for In-Memory Acceleration

ROLE                                      :               Application developer using Java, Json, Python, Shell Scripts

PLATFORM                         :               IBM Pure Systems using IBM Workload Deployer

DURATION                          :               March 2013 to current


Business Intelligence Pattern for In-Memory Acceleration developed for rapid provisioning of software on Pure Systems which have high In-Memory. The softwares included were Cognos BI and DB2 Blue (Columnar DB). The softwares would be deployed across multiple VMs and the administrator can control the number of CPUs and memory for each software. The softwares are provisioned using IBM Workload Deployer.

Job Responsibilities:

1         Work with Geographically diverse teams on different time zones and discuss/propose the architecture for In-Database Aggregate Advisor for applying database recommendations in BI software. This was using Java-JDBC and Web Services. The application architectures with multiple layers like Business, Interface and Data layers.

2         Develop a single pattern which does the provisioning of BI and DB2 using Java, Jason, python and shell scripts which will be used by IBM Workload deployer.

3         Work in a highly dynamic and Agile environment with 2 week sprint plans, delivering work items and at the end of the sprint demoing the deliverables to stake holders.


  • Streamlining and proposing the new designs and working in extremely agile environment and delivering the product.

 ·         JMS, WCF, Premier XMS – MQ Clients development

ROLE                                      :               Lead and Product feature developer using Core Java, C# .Net and C

COMPANY                          :               IBM

ROLE                                      :               Technical Lead and Team Lead and Individual Contributor

DURATION                          :               From April 2008 till Feb 2013


WCF is used for the SOA based applications in the .Net world.  The MQ provides the reliable transport. The intention was to develop the custom bindings which supports non-Soap/non-JMS messages i.e. MQMessage protocol availability for WCF which uses the reliable transport capability of MQ. This will make the WCF clients to invoke services when the service is up as well as down.

XMS is a generic client interface for Websphere MQ or Broker or Websphere platform messaging which provides JMS Spec 1.1 facilities for C and C# application programmers.   The product has features like – Point to Point, Publish-Subscribe,  Asynchronous Receive,  Request-Response. The product needs to be good performance, since it is used in Customer’s server side applications.

Responsible for the delivery of MQ 7.1 Multiversion capabilities on .Net area which involved feasibility study, prototyping the solutions and delivering the best solution considering service, future releases.

In the MQ product JMS feature was added in version 7. Involved in the JMS features development and defect fixing for later version of the product.

Job Responsibilities:

1         Investigate and understand the feasibilities to productize the requirements like SSL, NonSoap/NonJMS message over MQ transport for WCF, Multiversion capabilities.

2         Lead developer responsible for driving End to End Product delivery following Agile Methodology – Early Access Program – Use Case,  Design, Development using Java/C#/and C, Test case development.

3         Played a Lead Engineer’s role to bring in Performance improvements for the C# XMS to take it to JMS level and a tool XMS Performance Harness Tool to measure the customer set up performance. Developing DCR/ECR for XMS for new use cases.

4         Played a role of Lab advisory for customers in User Group Events, training customers/partners on the product.

5         Played a Product Owner’s Role and ensured prioritization of backlog items/use cases  and early adaption by stakeholders.

6         Driving process changes like SCM (Source code management) changes from cmvc to RTC, Agile process changes from waterfall model.


  • Played a lea role in getting the Project end to end delivery of different versions of product by adapting to new processes and technologies.

·         Postcard and Default Configuration Applications for WMQ V7 product

ROLE                                      :               Java GUI Developer

ENVIRONMENT                                :               Eclipse – SWT for Windows and Linux on Intel

SWINGS – on all(Unix and Windows) platforms

COMPANY                          :               IBM

DURATION                          :               From May 2006 to April 2008


Postcard and Default Configuration applications are GUI based applications which is shipped along with the WMQ product. These provide the first time WMQ users an initial understanding about the product. These applications provide the user GUI interfaces using which users can create queue managers and default queue manager clusters distributed over many boxes.

Job Responsibilities:

1         Designing Postcard and Default Configuration applications with customized presentation layers but a single business layer and objects layer.

2         Development of presentation layers using SWING and SWT and rest with core Java.


2) Torry Harris Business Solutions for Orange Telecommunications UK (From 2000 to 2006): Software Engineer

 ·         Prepay Bundle/Balance Enquiry Service

PLATFORM                         :               Solaris

ROLE                                      :               Application developer using Kabira Action Language

CLIENT                                  :               OrangePCS,UK

DURATION                          :               From 2003 to 2006


For prepaid balance queries,Orangedecided to replace the existing legacy applications in the provisioning area with a new mediation product Kabira.  The BEFI application has logic to provide airtime balance and multibundle information for PAYG (Prepay) customers through IVRs or through Customer Representatives. The calls were made through IVR (as SOAP Requests) or through CSR (as HTTP requests). The Application parses the SOAP and HTTP requests and sends it to Network Mediation Systems in the form of Data Value set.  The information returned by the NMS is passed back to the clients in the required format.

Job Responsibilities:

1         Leading a team of seven members and guiding them to meet the expectations.

2         Planned for migration of support activities to offshore on an onsite/offshore model.

3         Level2 support for live application having high riskSLAof 99.999% availability of system, plans for deployments, taking customer calls, problem identification and resolution at Onsite.

4         Modeled and developed NMSClient component using entity model and State Model. This component is used to interact with NMS to get the account information.

5         Development using Kabira Action Language and testing of the application.


·         Projects for Orange Customers using Middleware-TPMonitors

PLATFORM                         :               HP-UX

ROLE                                  : Multitier distributed application developer involving Java and C, Informix,          IBM MQ Series and Encina

CLIENT                                  :               OrangePCS,UK

DURATION                          :               From 2000 to 2003


Orange mobile communications used to outsource the middleware projects when new plans are launched for mobile customers.  The projects are mainly using Encina TP monitors as transaction coordinator and Informix Database and WebSphere MQ as transaction participants.   Each project varying from 4 to 6 months.

Job Responsibilities:

1         Elaborating the customer requirement into high level and low level designs.

2         Development of distributed applications using Java, C, MQ, Encina, Informix.

3         Testing using TCL and Expect tools.

4         Problem analyst resolving customer live system problems.