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CV, Senior Java, Spring Developer Seeking Work In Melbourne, Australia

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 36619
(08/06/1984, male)
List top 5 skills: ajax, git/gerrit, hibernate, Java, javascript, jenkins, maven, rest, spring
Short Bio:

Skilled and experienced in Core Java, Spring (and frameworks), Hibernate with JPA, Spring mvc, Spring Data, Rest services, JSON, Junit 4.0, mockito framework.
Experienced in Insurance and Banking domain.
In-depth knowledge of patterns and practices, including Object Oriented Programming, MVC, REST architecture, Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous integration.
4.5 years of experience working in UK.
Strong working knowledge on modern build tools and continuous integration framework.

Current location: 

London, United Kingdom - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

IT and Technology

Spoken languages: 


Locations I am interested in working:



Masters of Science in Software Engineering, BITS, Pilani


Skills Overview

 Skilled and experienced in Core Java, Spring (and frameworks), Hibernate with JPA, Spring mvc, Spring Data, Rest services, JSON, Junit 4.0, mockito framework.

 Experienced in Insurance and Banking domain.

 In-depth knowledge of patterns and practices, including Object Oriented Programming, MVC, REST architecture, Agile, Test Driven Development (TDD) and Continuous integration.

 Worked extensively in greenfield application development starting from analysis and design based on requirement to development, testing and implementation.

 Strong working knowledge on modern build tools and continuous integration frameworks including Maven (creating hierarchal POMs and Nexus repositories) and Jenkins job creations and migrating legacy projects to modern tools.

 Proven knowledge of GIT working with Gerrit/Gitorious, branching, merging and integration with Jenkins.

 Understanding in setting up of Linux environments for Jenkins, GIT, and Gerrit.

 Received feather in cap award for understanding an existing Eselect application and delivering design and coding outputs.

 4.5 years of experience working in UK.

 I have worked at various phases of project life cycle (SDLC, Waterfall etc.) and worked in offshore/onshore model from client locations

 Strives for quality and details

 Self-learner who go all-out for new learnings and always open to new challenges and new ways of learning.


Technical Skills

Programming Languages Java (1.5, 1.6, 1.7)

Programming Frameworks Spring MVC, Hibernate with JPA, Spring Data, REST

Services, Ecache, Spring AOP, SOAP services, Custom annotations

Testing Frameworks Junit, mockito, powermock, integration tests

Version Control GIT, Gerrit, SVN, CM Synergy, Clearcase

Tools Jenkins, maven, Quality centre, Nexus, Assyst, JIRA, Rally, Eclipse, IntelliJ Idea, Jmeter, SOAP UI, CA LISA

Web Technologies HTML5, JavaScript, Freemarker, AJAX, XML, JSON

Concepts and Methodologies REST, Agile, TDD, continuous integration

Application Servers WebSphere, Tomcat, ATG, JBoss

Logging framework Log4J, Log4J2, logback


Work Experience

1. Lloyds Banking Group UK / Wipro
Oct 2014 – till date

Project – Group Strategic review Location: London, UK

Description: – Migrated existing mainframe APIs to spring based RESTful web services to search/record/update customer entities. Mainframe APIs migrated to rest resources with various different search features for personal and commercial entities and writing e2e integration test cases for continuous integration environment.

Technologies – Spring, Restful web services, Hibernate with JPA, JSON, mockito, junit, Spring Data

Tools – Eclipse, Maven, Nexus, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins, CA LISA

Responsibilities: – Role – Lead Developer/Tech Lead

• Designed low level solutions for application and implemented spring based REST services using Spring MVC, JSON and designed the micro services architecture using annotations based configurations.

• Implemented Data access logic using Spring Data, Hibernate with JPA using custom hibernate convertors and criteria builders.

• Created maven projects by implementing various hierarchal pom features and adding various maven plugins like pmd, cobertura/jacoco, checkstyle etc.

• Designed an annotation to trim the white spaces in entities during save and retrieve functions.

• Writing unit test using mockito, wiring integration tests and writing custom JSON deserializers

• Creating branches in GIT/Gerrit and merging the changes

• Reviewing code for team members and creating coding guidelines.

• Release management, application deployment and testing support


2. Lloyds Banking UK / Wipro
June 2014 – Sep 2014

Project – Java Simplification Location: London, UK

Description: – Java Simplification project was to introduce new tools and technology stack to existing EJB/Ant build project. Requirement was to add maven support for the existing project. Bring in new open source SCM tools and change existing code to add support to spring framework. Re-write existing soap services into restful web services and CI support

Technologies – Spring dependency injection, Restful web-services, Spring Data, JPA, Mockito, and Agile

Tools – Maven, Nexus, GIT, Gerrit, Jenkins, and CA LISA service virtualisation, integration tests

Responsibilities: – Role – Lead Developer/Tech lead

• To implement new tool stack in the existing application and re-write SOAP services and convert them to REST services and add spring dependency injection mechanism.

• Added unit test cases using mockito, added integration tests and ensured that SOAP tests run as part of maven build.

• Added maven support to the existing projects and setup new SCM GIT/GERRIT on LINUX server and migrated code to GIT/Gerrit

• Setting up of Jenkins and ensure Jenkins jobs are running and configured with Gerrit to run on every check-in to ensure continuous integration

• Added code quality matrices as part to maven build and ensured that the checks are executed on Jenkins after every check-in.

• Implemented Hibernate query caching for the queries execution and created a utility class to create enums from the reference data by reading DB.

• Added log4J2 framework


3. Lloyds Banking UK / Wipro
June 2013 – May 2014

Project – NGA – App for IOS and Android Location: London, UK

Description: – This project is an initiative to bring desktop application to a smart phone app (IOS and Android). RESTful services are built on the exiting desktop application to expose them as rest web services to be used by smart phone application.

Technologies – Spring 3.0, Rest services, JDK 1.6, Spring Validations, Custom Annotations, Ajax, Agile, HTML5

Tools – maven, junit 4.0, mockito framework, Gitorious, Quality Center, jmeter, Jenkins for continuous integration

Responsibilities: – Role – senior developer/Designer

• To understand the existing application and building Restful services for various customer journeys like payments, customer details etc. and write junit test cases using mockito

• Modularised the existing code and refactored the complex classes into much simpler ones.

• Creating local branches in GIT and once coding was complete then merge them back to main git repository.

• Fixing issues in various test phases including the ones in UI.

• Supporting production implementation of the app

• Interact with the business analyst and understand the requirements and implementing in code.

• Maintaining different Jenkins jobs and maven hierarchies.

• Created virtual services using CA LISA tool and deployed them in LISA environment.


4. Friends Life UK / Wipro
April 2012 – May 2013

Project – Annuities (Retirement Income) Location: Dorking, UK

Description: – Friends Life started a new business unit – Retirement Income Business Unit and they needed a new platform to support this business unit. Friends Life Architecture team with Wipro designed the technical architecture for the project involving Annuities Platform as a core, with integration to CRM-on-demand (hosted in cloud), Lifestyle and Medical Underwriting engines and existing SOA services within their IT estate.

Technologies – Spring 3.0, Hibernate, Spring Mvc, Rest services, JDK 1.6, Spring Validations, Custom Annotations, Ehcache, FreeMarker, Ajax, Agile

Tools – Maven, Junit 4.0, Mockito framework, SVN subversion, CM Synergy, Quality Center, Jenkins, JBoss

Responsibilities: – Role – Tech Lead

• Developed the REST services using RESTeasy and data access via Spring Data and Hibernate criteria’s.

• Developed Spring MVC controller to communicate with UI created in freemarker and Ajax

• Designed and built Caching framework using Ehcache, spring scheduler and supported components having spring batch and AOP.

• Integration with third party system called CRM, FICO quote engine and RWD underwriting engine.

• Wrote platform across custom annotations to support different validations.

• Providing estimates in agile methodology using rally

• Support application migration to various environments

• Managed different branches in SVN for development of different releases and production bug fixes.

• Test Driven development and setting up of jobs for continuous integration and maven

• Received CSAT rating 7/7 from client


5. Friends Life / Wipro
April 2010 – March 2012

Project – Eselect (Insurance and Protection platform) Location: Pune India / UK

Description: – The project includes development of insurance website for TESCO (partner for Friends Life for selling insurance products). This project was under iterative development and includes various developments on ATG platform

Technologies – ATG, Jhtmls, HTML, CSS, Javascript, FormHandler, ATG Repositories, Droplets

Tools – Eclipse, Junit 3.8 framework, CM Synergy, Quality Center and ATG Dynamo Application server, Magnum

Responsibilities: – Role – Senior Developer

• Requirement gathering from client and creating design specifications.

• Built robust application using ATG dynamo servers and ATG tag libraries and creating custom ATG droplets.

• Designed and developed to upgrade the version of Magnum underwriting engine in such a way that new customer get directed to new engine and still keeping support to earlier versions

• Created new UI pages using JHTMLs, CSS and java script.

• Leading the offshore team in the development strands and resolving the technical queries.

• Wipro representative at onsite and involved in tracking the progress of the project and providing reports and updates.


6. Friends Provident / Wipro
June 2006 –March 2010

Project: – Various Location: Pune

Description: – Worked on various different projects ranging from IFA insurance, generating online statements for customer having products with Friends Life and creating new application like Funds and investment portfolios for prospective clients using ecommerce framework called ATG

Technologies: – ATG Dynamo Application Server for front-end development and Bluestone development for business logic, JAVA, JSP Servlets, XML, Java Script.

Tools: – Eclipse, Junit framework, CM Synergy, Quality Center

Responsibilities: – Role: – Various

• Interact with business and stakeholder to gather requirement and creating low level design documents.

• Development of Tier-1/Tier-2 applications using ATG Dynamo application framework ranging from end to end development starting from UI screens using ATG tag libraries, HTML CSS etc. to the services development

• Writing junit test for the components

• Responsible for application deployments and supported UAT phases and production implementation.

• Analysis existing components and design for the new changes required in the existing components.

• Doing code reviews and refactoring the existing applications to make them more modular.

• Mentoring and grooming team members.



Available on request