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CV, Senior High Voltage, Power Engineer Targeting M East Or S E Asia

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 25773

List top 5 skills: engineering, hv substations, power engineering, procurement, project management
Short Bio:

 Managing budget (man-days) coordination with client/sub-suppliers/sub-contractors and between departments, procurement , erection and testing & commissioning,  Review RFP for electrical engineering drawings, contracts technical specifications, scope of work, RFI reports, review and make comments to concept design and phases for electrical and mechanical instrumentation technical specification. Bilingual - English and Arabic

Current location: 

Mississauga, ON, L5R1P3, CANADA - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

, Oil, Gas and Energy, General Management

Spoken languages: 

Arab, english

Locations I am interested in working:


List of countries I have a visa to work in:

canada, Iraq


More than 25 years of industrial experience in EPC projects, power utilities, T&D, power plants, and EHV/ HV substations. Review contract documents and design drawings, QC, T&C Testing and Commissioning management, and MEP engineering. In addition, 15 years experience within power engineering contract/project management, commercial contract BOQ, BOM business development, electrical utilities, building services, and infrastructure engineering projects management.

Key Qualifications

 Highly experience in projects, contract management of electrical activities for the 400/132/33/11 Kv GIS , AIS substation construction, T&D , power plant, site construction management with full constrain on civil, electrical, work progress, and commissioning works.

 Well develop, and keep maintain, and update to implement an effective Quality Management System, QC quality plans, procedures, and standards.

 Provide and Review Method Statement (MS), Quality Control Procedure (QCP) and Inspection & Test and Commissioning Plan which is submitted by Contractor/ Subcontractor and make sure its conformity with contract and technical spec requirements.

 Diversified technical knowledge on EPC projects, T&D and EHV Substations within a consulting engineering & International multi-projects work experience

 Directed, coordinate and control all project stages of construction, and manage the day-to-day on-site activities of the construction management team and contractors.

 Managed in home and overseas Turnkey Projects with capital of multimillion of dollars and Euros within a multi-national environment.

 Involve an end to end to the concept of engineering design, construction work and commissioning of the facilities within the project cycle all the electrical equipments AC/ DC Substations, including HVac, and HVac (Invertors, Converters, Switching, rectifiers , Control, and filters)

 Strong leadership, communication skills, easy person to cooperate effectively with a variety of personnel establishment skills

 Professional in creating updates / upgrades design concepts, solutions, and innovative solutions for achieving the Project’s strategic objectives, relying on basic theory, first principles, and original ideas.

 Execute number of projects as operation Manager/ Site project Site Manager all duties with a specializing talent in the areas of HVac/ HVdc substation, HVdc distribution systems.

 Leading and accomplish several projects related with civil, mechanical, electrical and commissioning

 Work very closely with other team members having multi-discipline projects and environment.

 Involve in end-to-end work progress, procurement, review engineering design, project coordination; site monitoring, and cost analysis, FEED developing, implementing,

 Carefully follow QA/ QC procedures plan, and Site Environment Health and Safety (EHS) Policy.

 Developing MS, NCR, quality site supervision, as built drawings

 Good knowledge of international standards and codes including industry standards BS, CSA, IEEE, IEC, FIDIC and NFPA

 Immediately start the opportunity for change of location, with bilingual English and Arabic.


 132/ 33/ 11 Kv Overhead and Underground Electrical Systems

 Civil, Electrical Work Contract Management, and Site Management

 Review engineering design power substations layout

 Charter Engineer C. Eng, Creative problem solving

 EPC project, Procurement , QA/QC Policy

 Knowledgeable in construction safety (EHS)

 Strong sales marketing strategy and contract proposal

 Knowledgeable BS, CSA, IEEE, IEC, FIDIC and NFPA

Career Summary

Employer : ALSTOM- GRID
Jan 2013-Nov 2014
Project Manager , Senior Engineering Manager , Director Operations


 728 MW AMA Power Plant and 400/132/33/11 Kv Substation

 Mansuriyia Project 400/132/33/11 Kv Substation

 1250 MW Al Qayaia Power Plant with Substation 400/132/33/11 Kv,

 Al Khairat 1250 Power Plant- with 400/132/33/11 Substation

 Barttella Project 400/132/33/11 Kv Substation and 45 Km T&D

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Manage in engineering & contract management, project management site supervision carrying out work solutions for civil, and electrical for the projects involved.

 Directly involved with ALSTOM- Grid sale and marketing division on projects contract proposals, estimation, and commercial stuff in preparing tenders specifications, risk management, QC plan, EHS plan and BOQ, and BOM.

 The projects were involved on, HV overhead lines, HV underground cables, HV power substations and power plants (GT).

 Support erection, and commissioning team all procurement delivery to site in due time. Manage and attend the approval KOM (kick off meeting) with customers, ALSTOM partners, and contractors.

 Checked Quality Plan QA/ QC documents/drawings done by the subcontractors with clients under the authority of ALSTOM.

 Arrange meetings with local contractors site activities, testing and commissioning and invoices according to tender and work progress.

 Producing Operation/maintenance tools manuals finalizing design validation.

 Arrange with customers to select team for FAT, project finish & comply with project QC, and EHS.

 Provide all site erection manager and testing team all testing equipment required including HV switchyard equipment’s, HV cables, switchgears, relay management, transformers, CB, CT’s, CVT’s for 400/ 132/33/11 Kv AIS, GIS substations, facility control and protection buildings, UPS, battery room, and standby generators, and DCs equipments.

Employer: ABB Inc. Burlington, Ontario
Jan 2011- Dec 2012

Project Technical Contract Engineering Manager, Proposal Sr. Electrical Engineer Contracts


 Alberta- Canada Hydro Power Plant, 138/ 13.8 KV High Voltage Power Substations and Switch Yard,

 Projects: 40 MW Canadian Solar 13.8 Kv Substation, Ontario Budget $55M,

 Box Canyon Project, BC Hydro Power 13.8 Substation Budget $25M,

 Green light Project, Sask Hydro Power Plant, 13.8 Kv

 Harmac Power Switchgears Substation (Budget $60M)

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Manage with company owner on RFQ proposals , contrcat management for the Hydro power plant civil engineering work, high voltage substation, and project from concept design to execution.

 Involve and coordinate with ABB company all meetings with customers, and contractors. Develop all business development, marketing; build positive relationships with clients, consultants, suppliers, and subcontractors.

 Review construction design document electrical concept design drawings submitted by client for commercial and industrial building.

 Create the bill of quantity on Excel files, create estimating data sheet for the cost of materials, labor, contact venders to get quotation for materials required based on engineering design drawings and SOW scope of work.

 Review all high voltage electrical substations, SLD drawings, contracts technical specifications, as built drawings.

 Supervise and site visit as per project and contractors request by customers. Attend meeting with contractors for project power measurement, AIS substation, HV/ MV cables distribution, power transformers, switchgears, electrical building services switchboards.

 Review RFP for electrical engineering drawings, contracts management, technical specifications, scope of work, RFI reports, review and make comments to concept design and phases for civil and electrical technical specification.

 Ensure all correctness are comply with scope of works, design drawings and signed contract agreement.

 Prepare QA/QC and EHS report for civil, electrical submittals submitted by contractors in a timely approach. Report all technical components/ during stages (current and previous comments) to the senior project manager.

 Chair meetings with design team, design manager, erection team, contractor’s consultant and customer team to ensure all work are comply with tender documents, and standards.

 Prepare log schedule plan document for civil and electrical installation cables, overhead wires and layout drawings, tray routing, installation high voltage and medium voltage switchgears, transformers, and capacitor banks.

 Approve sub-suppliers proposal complies with customer specification and requirement. Insure the proposal is compliant with the customer RFQs.

 Issue final proposal with team according to their specialization and tasks.

 Reports and review all alternative solutions in concept design/ design stages changes by writing technical recommendation to senior Managers.

 Review the materials proposed by the Design Consultant(s) and propose alternatives to improve the quality, future maintenance, safety and cost effectiveness.

 Review and make reports all the change requests / variations orders submitted by the contractors and consultants

 Review contract and tender ender documents to ensure it is comply prior with issuing to bidders. Participate in the pre-qualification of the construction work.

Relevant Other  Experience:

Jan 1993- Dec 2010


 Breqe Oil & Gas, Libya,

 Brunei Liquefied Natural Gas (BLNG),

 Hill International Inc, USA, Libya

Job Titles:

HV/MV/LV Engineering Expert/ Senior Project Manager Electrical Engineer, Projects:

 ANA Diesel power Plant, RTU 33/ 11 Kv substation ,

 US Army Camp Facilities $8-10M, 132 KV Substations and 132 Kv Underground Feeder Construction, Budget $8.7M Basra, Zubair Iraq, Contract,

 Basra- Al-Shaiba Location Command 132/ 33/11 Kv substation $43M, Basra-Iraq 132/ 33/ 11 Kv ASI substation,

 National Police Sustainment Brigade compound substation 132/ 33/ 11Kv construction; $54M Iraq, Baghdad

Duties & Responsibilities:

 Maintained close contact with the contractors appointed and the client in order to coordinate the implentation of contrcat managemnt, all civil and electrical work.

 Managed with clients requirements follow up all the time schedules and deadlines, and make sure all work are reflected all the requirements of the client and SOW.

 Pepare internal reports and work progrss to the Project Manager.

 Acted as the consultant for energy and power distribution management.

 Coordinated and manage the preparation of the detail design of the high-to-medium, medium-to-low and low-to-building distribution network.

 Made sure that all the approved amendments and changes on the drawings and specifications are fully comply with tender docuemnts.

 Coordinated the preparation of all the necessary time schedules and budgets and integrate them to the master schedule plan.

 Prepared all reports as per clients requests and attend all the related weekly meetings.

 Prepared all the documentation needed for tendering on the related projects; consulted the suppliers and the client during the tender’s evaluation process.

 Involved in all the meeting needed during the tender’s evaluation period. Established good cooperation with the contractors and follow up the works.

Qualifications & Training

B.Sc., Engineering,M.Sc., Manchester University, Manchester, U.K., 1984

Power and HVAC power utilities and HV substation Engineering

C. Eng. Chartered Engineer, U.K.

MIEEE, # 40290016, 1997 – Present

MIEE, UK, # 83099997, 1998-Present

Project and Contrcat Management, MS Project, Humber College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2008

Computer Applications: Microsoft, MS Project