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Skills keywords: calibration & service.
Short Bio:

M.Sc. and B.Sc. (Honours) in Applied Physics & Electronics/Engineering.
(Applied Science and Technology).
Pl Profile:► 20+ years professional experience.

Current location: RAJSHAHI - 6100, BANGLADESH. - View on map
Nationality: BANGLADESHI
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , IT and Technology, other
Spoken languages: Arabic, Bagla, english, Hindi, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Arabia, Saudi, Asia, Australia, Bahrain, canada, Dubai, Germany, Middle East, United States


► 20+ years Experienced Professional in Telecommunication, Electrical/Electronic & RF Test and Measurements (T&M) & Measuring Instrument’s, RF/Radio & Microwave communication Equipment’s ►Calibration, Maintenance & Electronic Service, Application & Test,Technical Sales & Support and ► Telecom (Broadband Network Synchronization Equipment’s) & RF Projects.

Profession Title (Last Used): Telecommunication Engineer.(T & M Instrumentation Calibration, Service & Support (UKAS) Lab)

Career Objective and Goals:

Thrives in a high-pressure, deadline-oriented atmosphere; able to resolve issues alone or in cross-functional multinational team environments. Highly developed interpersonal communication skills, able to act effectively in client facing situations. Proactively identifies trends and problem areas, able to diagnose end user issues and stick until resolve. Can do attitude. Ability to accept any challenge. Quick learner to professional trainings. Honest, Sincere and dedication to the work. Self motivation, hard worker. Good organizing ability. Intensions of reaching gradually higher position by showing best performances inside the organization.

Desired Employment: (Full time, Permanent or Temporary / contract.)

Managerial / senior level Positions. Like Technical Manager →Technical Manager (T&M),Calibration Technical Manager, Technical Manager (Telecommunication/RF project), , Technical Sales & Support Manager (Electronic,RF Products & Accessories), Technical Service/Lab Manager Or any other right fit matched job position like Senior Engineer/Team leader in Calibration, Maintenance, Service/Repair, Technical Sales & Support, Application/Test and Compliance, Telecommunication/RF Technical Project etc.

Profile Summery Highlights:

Combine astute, multi-disciplined high technology valuable professional experiences with a 20+ years track record of successful performance in maintenance, calibrating (both automated S/W controlled and manual), servicing, programming, performance testing of various ▪Electronic/Electrical (0to15KV),▪RF & Microwave (up to 26.5Ghz) & Radio communication test Instruments with analogue & digital options-PMR,MPT1327,TETRA,GSM900/1800/1900 etc. and ▪Fiber optics (600 – 1625nm) test and measurement(T&M) and measuring instruments and accessories. Telecom equipments (SDH/PDH with electrical & optical options & SONET Test systems,BERT,2Mb testers and Digital transmission / communication and DATA analyzers etc. ▪Broadband Telecom Network Synchronizations Equipments like SSU, SDU, PRC, GPS,I/O panels etc.) and Telecom & RF hardware devices. ▪Radio/RF communication equipments (like HF, VHF & UHF Mobile & Base Station Radio’s, Transceivers, Repeaters, RF power Amplifiers, Duplexers and Antenna’s, BTS, Feeder & Antenna systems etc) and allied accessories inside UKAS approved test and measurement lab. of international compliances standard ISO9000 / IEC-17025 and equipped with calibrated lab grade standard reference test and measuring instruments and accessories from different manufacturers or vendors certified. Like Fluke, aeroflex/ifr, hp/agilent, Datum, Tektronix, Wavetek & Exfo optical and are also traceable from international metrology standard organizations like NAMAS, NIST, NPL.

Proven ability to troubleshoot and fault findings of complex systems and subsystems down to the component/PCB level by using sophisticated and calibrated test equipments through diagnostic and utility/maintenance software’s .as recommended by the respective manufacturer’s calibration and service guides. Also having enough experiences and knowledge on Electronic/RF Spare Parts, PCBs and modules and hardware’s test and verification and complex systems adjustment/alignments.

Apart from the above, Involved in companies Technical Sales & support, Technical correspondences, product demonstrations and attain technical trainings/workshops, seminars / web seminars. Arrange and conduct technical hands on practical trainings with live PC presentations about equipments operational use and applications, Utility and measurement S/W’s,complex testing, measurements procedure and performance check for optimization from BTS to Antennas and cable systems in 2/3/4G, CDMA, GSM etc. mobile and Radio communication systems (HF,VHF,UHF and Microwave).RF/Radio communication equipments preventive maintenance, repairing and trouble shootings and programmings,Performance Testing etc. like HF/VHF/UHF Radios, Transceivers,Walkie -Talkie’s and Microwave/Satellite systems, Duplexers, Repeaters, Amplifiers and accessories. Given technical consultations about right choice of test instruments, accessories and professional test procedures should be used during testing and measurements to the customers of different organizations. Successfully implemented and worked on Telecommunication and RF/Radio communication Projects from equipments supply and distribution, overall supervisions and Technical management, Site survey, commissioning/PAT, Technical / warranty support and maintenance. Resolved several complicated problems, difficulties and technical issues throughout 20+ years professional career.

Education & Achievements

►Medium of Instruction: English.

Qualification awarded: Masters (M.Sc.) Degree in Applied Physics & Electronics/Engineering. Rajshahi University. ( . Major subjects: Telecommunication, Electronic communication and RADAR, Digital & integrated Electronics & pulse circuits, Antenna’s, TV and Radio engineering and Computer Science as an special paper. Electronic project work, Practical, Viva-Voce etc.). Year of Passing: 1983

Category: Applied Science and Technology / engineering. Departmental website:

Qualification awarded: Bachelors (B.Sc.) with Honours Degree in Applied Physics & Electronics/Engineering. Rajshahi University. ( . Major subjects: : Electronics, Electromagnetic Field Waves (EMT), Antenna and Lines, Applied optics and electricity, Networks, Electro technology and AC power Transmission, and Computer Science as special paper. Mathematics & Statistics as subsidiary subjects, Practical, Viva-Voce etc.) Year of Passing: 1982.

Category: Applied Science and Technology / engineering. Departmental website:

Professional Training Abroad & Online Web Seminars

• Trained at STEVENAGE SERVICE DIVISION IN UK and certification on Radio and microwave communication test and measuring instruments calibration and service conducted by IFR (Marconi) / Aeroflex instruments UK LTD. Year: Nov’1999.

• Certification of course training from SYMMETRICOM, USA INC. for Telecommunication network equipment synchronization (SSU-2000,SDU’s,I/O panels,GPS,Primary reference clocks PRS- 45,PAT’s etc.). Year:: June, 2003

• Attained a Technical sales training in ANRITSU Instruments Inc.USA at DUBAI. Website: Year: June, 2007.

• Attained Web Seminars (Webinar) conducted by National Instruments (NI) on ”Mix Signal measurements”, ”Introduction to RF & Wireless Communication Systems” “Understanding RF Measurements & Specifications” etc. Nov’2013 – March’2014 Fluke Corporation USA webinars on calibration “Identify & Avoid Common errors in RF calibration, Measurement Uncertainty ”,”RF match basics & active source VSWR measurement” & “Calibration of Temperature Sensor and Electronics using three common methods” RF & Microwave calibration fundamentals” etc. Nov’2013-Mar’2014.

Career Summary

Business. – Self Employed. (Temporary)
01/11/2011 – At present.

Activities: Look after as an Owner (MD) of private businesses “” an IT firm & Medicine business” in Bangladesh. Temporarily operating an IT firm with activities like (IT/Technical service & support, Cyber café, Internet/E-mail, Online and Offline works, Computer hardware’s, software’s etc.) and Medicine, biological products retail business based at Rajshahi-6000, Bangladesh..

►20+ Years (Professional work experiences in home & abroad).

1.Telecommunication Engineer.(Worked in the department of Test & Measurement (T&M/Lab) including Telecommunication Broadband Network synchronization Project – Total 12 years.)
1998 – 2010. Employer: Electronic Equipment & Marketing Company (EEMCO).P.O. Box: 3750, Riyadh – 11481, Saudi Arabia.

Type of employer’s business : Distributors of Electronic, Telecommunication and RF/Radio communication instruments,Suppliers,Technical Sales & Support, Calibration & Service/Instrumentation Lab. and Projects.

Duties: Telecommunication, Electronic/Electrical & RF ■ Calibration & Maintenance (Both Automated & Manual). ■ Electronic/RF Application & Testing, Acceptance & Performance Verification. ■Telecommunication & RF Project Implementations.■ Electronic Service, Repair & Trouble shootings. ■Technical sales, support and Training (Mainly RF & Microwave Products and accessories etc.

▪ Project activities :( Conducted by the EEMCO’s T&M division/Lab) as a “Project Engineer” during that period from 2002-2007.

Duties: Alongside the above duties and Instrumentation lab activities in Test & Measurement, take part in “Telecommunication Broadband Network Synchronization Equipments Project ” at Saudi Telecom Company (STC) under direct supervision and training from the Vendor “Datum/Symmetricom USA Inc. (Asia region)” like implementations, Site survey Installation & supervision, Testing & commissioning (PAT) and Technical/Warranty support for about 5 years etc. on behalf of local contractors (EEMCO – T&M/Lab. Division) representative.▪ Perform as a key player role in Telecom Project team.

2. Electronics Engineer/ Radio Engineer. . (Worked in Radio/RF communication & Electronic Project – Total 8 yrs.)
1989 – 1997.
Employer’s: IEC (International Electronics Centre, P.O.BOX:7518, Riyadh – 11472, Saudi Arabia and EECC (Electronic & Electrical Contracting Company, P.O BOX: 4202, Jeddah – 21412, Saudi Arabia.

Type of Employer’s Business: Maintenance, Contractor and Supplier of Radio (RF) communication & Electronics Equipments.

Duties: Radio/RF Communication and Electronic Equipments Technical Maintenance and Operation (O&M), Services and Support Projects in Saudi Frontier Forces/Border Guard or Coast Guard. ■Maintenance, Programming, Testing & commissioning (PAT) and Electronics Service (Trouble shootings & Repair) of Radio’s and RF communication systems (i.e. HF.VHF AND UHF and Satellite/Microwave communication MES equipments etc.) and allied accessories→ Radios, Walkie-Talkies, Transceivers, Duplexers/Combiners, repeaters for mobile and Base stations and antenna & Cable/Feeder systems. _Electronic antenna couplers/tuners _ TIU (Telephone Interface Unit) and Telex/Printers terminal over RF link, HPA’S, electronic and regulated/SMPS AC/DC power supplies & accessories etc. Initially challenged with resolving several simultaneous equipment failures; applied time Management skills to allow presence on site until problems were resolved.

3. Instrument Engineer. (Electronic and Sciencetific Instrumentation Lab.), University Of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.
1986 – 1989.
Department of Applied Physics and Electronics / Electronic Engineering (APEE) Web :

Duties: Maintenance & Service, Troubleshooting and repair (component & PCB level) of the educational systems and Scientific / Electronic lab used instruments. Conduct Trainings classes, Supervision/guidance of practical and departmental electronic projects etc.

Skills & Technical Achievements

• Calibration (automated/manual), Performance/Functional verifications, Service (S/W adjustment & alignments) and Repair down to component / PCB level up to 26.5Ghz in RF/Microwave & Radio communication test instruments with various test options ,15KV in DC/AC and 600-1650nm in fiber Optical and Telecommunication etc. Test and Measuring Instruments and Equipments with various accessories. Like Network/Vector Network analyzer(VNA),Spectrum Analyzers,RF & Microwave communication Test Sets (Built-in Analogue & Digital Test options), Communication Service Monitors,RF & AF Generators / Analyzers, Modulation / Demodulation and Audio Analyzers, RF Synthesizers, Repeaters, TIMS & Level meters, MTDR, DTF /Antenna & Cable and BTS Testers, SINAD/Distortion Analyzers, SDH/PDH and SONET Test Sets, BERT, 2MB Testers, Digital/Data Communication Analyzer, Optical Power/Source meters and Loss Test Sets, OTDR’s, RF Counters & Power meters and Sensors, DMM’s, Oscilloscopes (analogue & Digital), Meggers/Insulation Testers, Earth/ continuity Testers, Portable Appliances Tester, Different types of Electrical testers/meters,RF Watt meters and different RF accessories like Auto Testers, Directional Couplers/Power heads, Power Dividers/ splitters, Attenuators, Power Amplifiers, Electronic & RF loads, Detectors/Elements, Transceivers, Duplexers/Filters, Combiners and Waveguides. AC/DC and SMPS power supplies, Thermocouples and Process calibrators/simulators etc.

• Complex RF on air/off air and other complicated Test and Technical measurements and analysis like S-parameters, Return loss/VSWR measurements for device Characterizations and evaluation (like Cables, Connectors, Feeder System, Antennas, Filters amplifiers and RF accessories). Programming, Fault findings and trouble shootings. Transmission/receiving Performance analysis e.g. Field Strength’s (RSSI),Channel power/ACPR, Harmonics analysis Analogue & Digital RF power measurements, Transmitter Power & distortion, Receiver’s sensitivity & selectivity, SNR/SINAD, Interference’s/CINR analysis over the time. Technical performances verification of Radios, Repeaters, Duplexers/Combiners, TMA’s, BTS power profile, RF power amplifiers and Feeders / Antenna’s etc.. Analysis and testing of Distance & Loss measurements by OTDR, Light sources/Power meter or Loss Test sets for optical and using Metallic TDR (MTDR) for cables. Measurement of RF/Microwave transmitter power and RF Cable/Connectors loss, Antenna & Feeders overall return loss & VSWR measurements and analysis and test for optimizations using DTF (Distance to Fault) measurement. Apart from the above, perform Test and Measuring instruments/Products including accessories performance and functional checking’s according to the manufacturers test and verification procedures against the published specifications within the capabilities of the Lab, Broadband Telecommunication Network Synchronization Equipments including allied accessories performance and acceptance testing (PAT),MTIE/TDEV, Jitter & Wander, BERT etc. analysis over 24/72 hrs. and overall commissioning.

• Arrange and conduct technical hands on Trainings, Different Practical field applications and testing, Product demonstrations and PC presentations for customers of different organizations as a part of technical pre and post sales and support.

• Preparation of technical reports/certificates of conformance with test data, calculation of measurement uncertainties according to ISO 9000 AND IEC 17025 (UKAS) international quality policy and guidance, Professional Technical correspondences to the vendors concern experts for any technical issues, difficulties, Spare Parts and resolve accordingly. After the training Project Technical implementation & management, Site survey, Distribution of Equipments and final commissioning including warranty cycle coverage, technical support and maintenance etc.

• Strong knowledge and Familiarizations on Electronic and RF spare parts, accessories, modules, PCB’s, utility & application S/W’s.

• Networking/IT and PC skills: Windows98/XP/7 or 8 & WinCE, Visual Basic operating system environment – MS office application (MS word, Excel, Power Point etc.),_On demand Making power point PC technical presentation_ Adobe Photoshop’s._PC hardwire/software troubleshootings_Communication protocol like TCP/IP_ HyperTerminal_ PC sharing_ LAN/WAN_ Ethernet_ Broadband Modems_ Hub/routers_ switches & accessories _ Interfacing_ Programming, Application and Utility S/W’s_Server/PC Network management software’s _ Instrument local & remote status monitoring _ Serial RS-232,RS-485, USB,V35,X25 etc. data protocols & PC parallel Communication_ GPIB/HPIB (IEEE 488) instrument controller & equipments/PC _ Upload/Download_ Instruments Hardwire, Software and Firmware local & remote up gradations_ Live data capturing over time using GPS,PC and Test Instruments _PC configuration’s_ E-mails, Internet, Web browsing etc.

Languages & Presentation Skills

Communicate fluently in English (using English language throughout the 20+ year’s professional career in abroad with in multinational environment & in higher studies).Bengali as native. Understand & speak in Arabic, Hindi & Urdu.).Strong presentation & communication skill.