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Skills keywords: analysis, working with msc
Short Bio:

My previous work has been with Rats. Researching the effects of Age, Radiation and Micro gravity on Regeneration by MSC Cells. I am very enthusiastic and very capable. Never giving up. My responsibilities included: Isolation and culture of bone marrow stem cells; evaluation of cell proliferative activity and morphological characteristics;microscpy;• Complex data analysis.

Current location: Russia - View on map
Nationality: Russia
Preferred Sector of Employment:  other, Medical and Nursing
Spoken languages: english, russian
Location I am interested in working: United Kingdom


• An experienced research scientist with proven expertise in research design, technical problem solving and delivery of high quality results in complex fields

• Recognised published subject matter expert in the functional properties of cultured multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells found in the bone marrow of rats and used for regenerative medicine (rats model)

• Particular expertise in microscopy and image analysis

Career Summary

2014 – Present
НПЦ АГРОСИСТЕМА» Head of Laboratory in manufacture of feed additives

• Working alone in laboratory

• Accountable for new product development

• Direct quality control policies and procedures to ensure consistency of product between batches, making regular checks to ensure ph stays within safe limits and to ensure granule size and product mixing meets our required standards.

• Develop and recommend product enhancements

• My company is producing approximately 40 tonnes of product per week. I have sole responsibility for checking and ensuring standards of all product

2007 – 2014
Researcher, Institute of Bio-Medicine, Russian Academy of Sciences

Responsibilities included:

• Isolation and culture of bone marrow stem cells

• Evaluation of cell proliferative activity and morphological characteristics

• Practical application of a range of microscopy techniques

• Image analysis (SigmaScanPro)

• Complex data analysis

• Presentation and communication of results

• Writing complex reports

• Provision of training and technical support for others

Achievements included:

• Development of method to improve the quality of progenitor cells

• Won Diploma for “Best applied scientific work” at All-Russian Conference with “Autologous stem cells: experimental and clinical studies” (2009)

• Won Diploma in competition at “Russian Conference of Young Scientists: Problems in Biomedical Science in the Third Millennium” (2012)


Institute of Bio-Medicine, Russian Academy of Sciences

Postgraduate studies: Physiology, cytology, histology, cell biology

NQF level 8

Dissertation: The influence of age and reduced oxygen content on the functional properties of cultured multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells in the bone marrow of rats (Note: Valushkina is my Maiden name)

PhD in Biology

I presented my Phd work on the 13th February 2013 and was awarded my Phd on the 15th July 2013

1) I studied multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells isolated from the bone marrow (BMSC) of young and old rats. The cell cultures derived from old rats were characterized by lower cell yield in the primary culture, lower number of doubling, and reduced colony-forming capacity of precursor cells.

2) Comparative histological and morphometric methods were used to study the bone callus (BC) in rats 14 and 30 days after the experimental fibula fracture. Animals were infused with cell preparations of multipotent bone marrow stromal cells–BMSC in the site of injury immediately after the fracture. The results of this study demonstrated that the infusion of allogeneic BMSC, expanded in vitro at different oxygen concentrations, into the site of fracture improved osteocartilaginous fragment and BC formation and bone size restoration in rats with fibula fracture.

Student in Chelyabinsk State University

NQF level 6


1) Modern assessment of the frequency of Down’s syndrome in the industrial centres in the Chelyabinsoy area

2) The process involved in determining the sex of a baby. (Process being hormones, how the cells combine, time )

3) The skin as an organ of the senses

Thesis Title: The effect of age on the characteristics of the selected rat bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in culture


• Diploma of 3 degrees in the competition two All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists “Problems of Biomedical Science of the Third Millennium” (2012)

• Diploma “ Salon International Des Inventions” Geneve “Gold medal” (2013)

• Laureate Lebedinskovo (2014)

Conferences Attended


• Been involved at VI, IIX, IX, XIII Conference of Young Scientists, professionals and students dedicated to the Day of Cosmonautics (2007, 2009, 2010, 2014),

• IV International Conference “Molecular Genetics of somatic cells” ( 2009)

• All-Russian scientific school conference for young people “Autologous stem cells: experimental and clinical studies” (2009)

• XXI Congress of the physiological Society. NP Pavlova (2010)

• IX All-Russian Scientific School-Conference: “Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine” (2011)

• II All-Russian Scientific young Scientists Conference “Problems of Biomedical sciences of the Third Millennium” (2012)

• 1st National Congress of Regenerative Medicine (2013)

• XXII Congress of Physiological Society I.P. Pavlova (2013)

• 40th scientific assembly cospar Moscow (2014)



• Diploma winner works in the “Best applied scientific work” at All-Russian Conference “autologous stem cells: experimental and clinical studies” (2009)