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CV, Recent Phd Canadian Psychologist targeting UK, USA or Canada

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List top 5 skills: public speaking
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As a recent PhD graduate in psychology, I am committed to providing counseling and other services to enable individuals to realize their full potential. Through an intensive education that began with biology, then addressed behaviour and health, and ultimately focused on psychology, I have gained an understanding of mind/body and health issues. I have also developed a full arsenal of techniques to improve performance by increasing factors such as confidence, concentration, and team cohesion.

My dissertation at Roehampton University in London documented the results of a stress management program I developed. Using solution-focused therapy from a cognitive behavioral perspective, this evidence-based program reduced the stress levels of 200+ participants while improving their life satisfaction and cognitive performance, with lasting effects. I believe it has wide implications for training individuals in organizational settings.

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Locations I am interested in working:

canada, United Kingdom, United States



PhD in Psychology, July 2013

• Dissertation focused on efficacy of new stress-management training program.

• Program significantly lowered depression, stress, and anxiety and increased participants’ subjective wellbeing (satisfaction with life and reappraisal) with lasting effects.


MSc, Biology, Behaviour and Health, 2008

• Thesis focused on group dynamics, addressing team cohesion and competitive anxiety.

• Served as Performance Consultant for Surbiton Field Hockey Club, a Division I club with 6 Olympians on its roster, 2008.

• Research Assistant, Roehampton University, 2008


BSc, Biology, 2005

• Counseling Trainee, Vancouver Women’s Shelter, 2005 – 2006

• Research Assistant, University of Victoria, 2005

• Intern, Victoria General Hospital, 2004 – 2005

Diploma in Sports Psychology, Open College, London, England, 2008

• Studied mental training strategies to enhance performance levels.


LECTURER, Canada and United Kingdom

• Psychology, College of New Caledonia, Quesnel, BC, 2013 – Present

• Psychology & Criminology, College of New Caledonia, Sept – Jan 2010

• Applied Intervention Techniques, Roehampton University, London, England, Jan – April 2013; March – April 2010

MENTAL CONDITIONING INTERN, IMG Academy, Bradenton, FL, June – Aug 2009

One of only four interns selected from highly competitive pool of applicants from Canada, UK, and US. Sports institute trains 12,000+ athletes from 80 countries each year.

• Conducted 1-1 sessions, facilitated small groups (5-8 athletes), and led large-scale workshops for up to 200 athletes.

• Employed range of interventions including imagery, game preparation, thought stoppage, relaxation/ intensity training, goal setting, communication, routines, and attention control.

• Earned 262 applied hours for accreditation by American Association of Sports Psychology.

SPORTS REPORTER, Cariboo Observer, Quesnel, BC, 2008 – 2009

Wrote sports articles, photographed and filmed sporting events, and interviewed athletes as well as coaching staff.



• Emotion Regulation and Psychopathology in Adolescents (in progress), edited by Cecilia A. Essau, Sara LeBlanc & Thomas H. Ollendick, Oxford University Press.

Encyclopedia Entry

• “Substance Related Disorders” (2014), Bilge Uzun Ozer, Sara LeBlanc & Cecilia Essau, The Encyclopedia of Clinical Psychology, Wiley Blackwell Publishing House.


• “Effect of An Emotion Regulation Training Program on Mental Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study,” Sara LeBlanc, Bilge Uzun Ozer, Katere Pourseied & Changiz Mohiyeddini (under review).

• “Further Validation of An Emotion Regulation Training Program Centered on Mental Wellbeing,” Sara LeBlanc, Bilge Uzun Ozer, Katere Pourseied & Changiz Mohiyeddini (in progress).

• “Structural Relationship among Mindfulness, Reappraisal and Life Satisfaction: The Mediating Role of Positive Affect,” Sara LeBlanc, Bilge Uzun Ozer & Aysenur Buyukgoze Kavas (under review).

• “The Effects of the Newly Developed ESST-C Program in the Reduction of Social Anxiety in Children,” Katere Pourseied, Bilge Uzun Ozer, Sara LeBlanc, Elias Tsakanikos & Cecilia Esau (in progress).

Book Chapters

• “Group Cohesion – Past, Present and Future Directions” (2009), Sara LeBlanc & Changiz Mohiyeddini, Nova Publishers.

• “Group Cohesion, Sport Participation and Sport Injuries” (2010), Sara LeBlanc, Changiz Mohiyeddini & Stephanie Bauer, Nova Publishers.

• “Individual Differences in Self-talk and Its Relation to Sport Injuries and Rehabilitation” (2010), Stephanie Bauer, Changiz Mohiyeddini & Sara LeBlanc, Nova Publishers.

• “Intention-Behavior Gap in Sport Participation: The Role of Emotions as a Mediator” (2010), Changiz Mohiyeddini, Stephanie Bauer & Sara LeBlanc, Nova Publishers.

• “Mindfulness and Emotions (2013),” Sara LeBlanc & Changiz Mohiyeddini.

Conference Papers

• 34th World STAR Conference, Faro, Portugal, “Effect of An Emotion Regulation Training Program on Mental Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Study” (2013), Sara LeBlanc, Bilge Uzun Ozer, Katere Pourseied & Changiz Mohiyeddini.

• 8th International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, London, England, “Effects of Family Attitudes on Gender Role Identification in a group of Adolescents” (2013), Bilge Uzun Ozer, Sara LeBlanc &

Nigar Dalkilic

• IAC World Conference 2013, Istanbul, Turkey, “Further Validation of An Emotion Regulation Training Program Centered on Mental Wellbeing,” (2013) Sara LeBlanc, Bilge Uzun Ozer, Katere Pourseied & Changiz Mohiyeddini.