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CV, Oil Process Engineer With 12 Years Experience

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 41187
(02/06/1979, male)
List top 5 skills: 
Short Bio:

Good management skills; broad Sour Oilfields operation experience of 12 years, troubleshooting skills, proficiency in simulation using HYSYS; advanced computer skills (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Historians)

Current location: 

Punjab, Pakistan - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy

Spoken languages: 

english, punjabi, Urdu

Locations I am interested in working:

africa, Arabia, Saudi, Australia, Bahrain, china, Dubai, egypt, Hong Kong, (China), Indonesia, Iran, Islamic Republic of, Iraq, jordan, kazakhstan, kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, maldives, Middle East, new zealand, Oman, philippines, qatar, Singapore, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, United Arab Emirates


Chemical Engineer with 12+ years in Oil and Gas industry: Knowledge of Operations at Sour fields (7-8 mol% H2S feed), Process Safety, Asset integrity, Training, Management of Change (MoC) & Technical bids evaluations.



* LPG Recovery Plants (using Turbo Expander & Propane Refrigeration), LPG Bottling plants, Storage

* Sulphur Recovery Plant from sour gas (Claus’ method)

* Sour Gas Treating Units (Amine sweetening unit, Dehydration (using TEG) plants)

* Gas Distribution through pipelines, Joint calibrations & custody transfer equipments use (GC, Moisture analysers, Flowboss, Orifice metering), Compression & letdown stations, NGL handling at Separators etc

* Sour Crude Oil Stabilization & Sweetening / tank farm operations / Quality check through lab tests /Oil Movement to Refinery

* Solvent Oil washing units / Produced Water injection wells / Hot Oil system

* Utilities like Water treatment plants (RO Plant, DI Plant, Softening units), Boiler feed water for steam, IA Compressors, Power generators (Diesel / Gas driven) , Operations of Gas compressors / Gas turbines / Meter Provers / DCS (Delta V & Honeywell) Control Rooms / Evaporators / Gas Chromatograms / Moisture Analyser / Floboss

* LPG / Condensate / Sale Gas metering / Joint calibrations


Job Description

• Trouble shooting, Plant maintenance coordination, lesson learnt data recording, de-bottlenecking

• Liaison with Government Gas distribution company (M/s SNGPL), Custody transfer and Joint calibrations

• HAZOPs, attending PSSMs, Risk assessments, safety audits, practical involvement in developing SOPs at plants

• Chemical consumptions at vendors dictated levels (corrosion inhibitors, anti foams, anti freezing agents, anti scalant, heating oil, solvents, absorbents, adsorbents, silica beds, De-emulsifier, Flocculants, coagulants, Biocide, in well feeder lines, cooling towers, stabilisation towers, LPG plants, contactor towers etc)

• Design, Process Audits, correspond with vendors & commission debottleneck projects, simulations using Aspen Tech HYSYS 8.6 (certified), PIPESIM 2009

• Start up / Shut downs (09 times participation in Annual turn arounds)


* NEBOSH-IGC, IOSH Managing Safely (M/s Shields), ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 advance training & Audit certifications (M/s SGS).

* Emergency Shutdowns systems / Fire Fighting networks / PTW / participation in HAZOP, SIL, HIRA & Risk Assessments, Process support to projects / engineering departments of company to reduce risks to ALARP.



* Erection & commissioning of Hasan Gas field expansion project (to process additional 30 MMSCFD feed sour gas)

* Bela Oilfield development Project: 3 phase separators at well head, well head compression, 22 MMSCFD gas sweetening & dehydration plants shifting from another field and commissioning, utilities commissioning, practical involvement in budget and pheasibility to shift plants and layouts finalisations.

* Technical bid evaluation of “Badar Gas Dehydration plant”

(Cap 25 MMSCFD) * Participation in pre-commissioning/commissioning & start-up of 3 x 223 KVA Natural Gas Fueled, Naturally Aspirated Gen-sets (participated as Operation representative)

* Installation and commissioning of LPG Storage tanks (50 Mtons x 18) and LPG bottling plant at Dhullian oil field POL, Rawalpindi, Pakistan * Participation in pre-commissioning/commissioning & start-up of Well Head Gas Compressors –Cameron – Ajax 2802 Le -2×50% as Field Engineer.

* Conducted the refurbishment of redundant Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant, Softener unit & De-Ionized (DI) plant for treated water use at plants.

* Member of Pakistan Engineering Council


Professional Experience

Lead Process Engineer
Pakistan Oilfields Limited (POL)
Aug ’11 to Date

Key Responsibilities

• Supervising Operations & troubleshooting of:

 LPG plant using turbo expander for C3+ (LPG, Solvent oil & Gasoline) recovery, LPG Bottling plant

 Sulphur Recovery Plants from Sour Gas (Acid Gas),

 Natural Gas Sweetening plants,

 Natural Gas Dehydration plants,

 Crude oil and natural gas gathering,

 Crude storage and movement system

 Crude Stabilisation Unit (CSU)

 Well head operations (Control panel operated opening / shutting, well testing, Flow assurance avoiding freezing etc)

 Gas Injection Plants and Utilities (Custody transfer units)

• Monitor plants performance (Feed gas GC analysis, product yields, plant efficiency, attaining optimised plant parameters, unit’s performance etc)

• Using HYSYS, PIPESIM, P&ID interpretation, M/s Rockwell’s FactoryTalk Historian, Lesson learnt (LL) data and targeting KPIs (like Propane slippage, Sales specifications, Heat exchangers’ efficiencies etc) to maintain equipments in safe operating envelopes.

• Initiates and ensures that overrides / bypassing the system and work permits are issued. Disables overrides up on completion of maintenance jobs.

• Liaison with Government Gas distribution company (M/s SNGPL), Custody transfer and Joint calibrations

• Gas Distribution through pipelines, Joint calibrations & custody transfer equipments use (M/s Emerson GC, Moisture analysers, Flow boss, Orifice metering), Compression stations, NGL handling at 2 / 3 phase Separators etc

• Analyze and conduct the Management of Change with approval of Manager (Process).

• Supervise the Crude storage, Quality check through laboratory sampling of specs, Movement to Attock Oil Refinery

• Prepare daily and monthly performance, production and operation reports by studying laboratory test reports, log sheets and highlight / troubleshoot abnormalities and bottlenecks in process [Reporting to: Manager (Process)].

• Conduct training, tool-box talks & Comply with company health, safety and environment policy, safe work permit and SOPs in department.

• Participate in HAZOP, HAZID and risk assessment (as per NEBOSH & IOSH) studies for effluents or emissions, participated in IOSH, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 lead auditor courses. Documenting the record of amount of turbine exhaust flue gases, effluents and solid waste disposal.

• Provide inputs for Annual budget and plan the 5 years spares listing and indenting.

• Assist and correspond with vendors, agencies and other internal departments (Instrumentation, Maintenance, Administration, HSE) by providing technical assistance / process related matters.



• Optimization Project: Rerouted the Gas pipeline network for oilfields own-consumption, fuel line from upstream of turbine coupled compressor. The aim was to prevent fuel wastages well as load reduction in compression.

• HCDP Control: During tripping of Rich Gas Expander at LPG Plant, running the gas through by pass saving company from clients penalty in lieu of higher HCDP (established the SOP)

• Selection in 3 member team under supervision of AGM (Process & HSE) for planning/execution of developing Bela Oilfield (Pipeline 6” & 8” laying, Well testing after work over job, line laying, 3/2 phase separations, compression and injection in client’s (SNGPL) pipeline network)

• Participated in taking the client increased as well as richer gas in LPG plant which involved the design and optimization of expansion.


Senior Process Engineer & Plant Incharge
Petroleum Exploration (Pvt) Limited (PEL), Pakistan
Oct ‘03-to July ‘11

Key Responsibilities

• Operation of Sour Gas Treating Units (MDEA Gas Sweetening, TEG Gas Dehydration plants and Wellhead Compression System)

• Operation of NGL storage, stabilization, movement to National Oil Refinery, Karachi (NRL).

• Simulate the concept engineering of extension project of Gas sweetening plant in Hasan Oilfield, Gas dehydration plant in Badar oilfield using HYSYS & PIPESIM.

• Well head Gas compression system project installation, commissioning and smooth operation using M/s Cameron & Ajex Compressor set.

• Joint Calibration of custody transfer equipments (online Gas Chromatography & Moisture Analysis, Orifice Chart Recording) with client (M/s SNGPL) and ensured contractual limitations of Sale Gas Quality

• Technical Bid Evaluations of New Gas Facilities, Utilities and Spares

• Manage Projects of expansion and debottlenecking, Correspond with contractors & vendors for ongoing projects as Project Manager (e.g Wellhead Compression System commissioning, Expansion of Facility etc)

• Correspond with vendors / Shiping agents / Loading contractors / Transporters for 2 years-Spares-Inventory-Management, agencies and other internal departments

• Participated in Annual Turn Around’ as Site Manager (7 times responsibly executed Annual Shutdowns)

• Interpreting Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), Isometric Piping Drawings & Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

• Design, Equipment Sizing and trouble Shooting using AspenTech HYSYS

• Change Management and execution of debottlenecking within HSE standards. Participate in HAZOP and JSA.

• Performed Excel Calculations, Sizing of Orifices, Pipes & Equipments.

• Planning / executing / technical assistance of the development projects of process / units modifications, annual shut down and debottlenecking in process.

• Adheres to SOP’s, routine operations and the monitoring of production equipment using DCS and PLC based systems.



• Selected as Plant Incharge

• Selected for HSE Engineer in addition to Process Engineer Responsibilities (April 2007 – Aug 2009)

• Selected for Lead Process Engineer

• Trouble Shooting of Gas Sweetening Stripper section (offering better regeneration of MDEA)

• Project execution of commissioning and successful trial run of Natural Gas Compression System (M/s AJEX)

• Project Member of Plant Expansion (Up gradation) team

• Project execution of Gas Gensets (by M/s CAT) commissioning


Pakistan Oil Fields Limited (POL)
June ‘02-Jul ‘02


• Working in 3 cycle Shifts

• Exposure to Crude and Natural Gas Gathering, storage, pumping Systems, 3 phase /2 Phase and laboratory analysis.

• Training on PLC operated units:

1. Natural Gas Sweetening (using MEA), Natural Gas Dehydration units

2. LNG & LPG recovery units

3. Sulphur recovery units (SRU) (based on Clauss’ Process)




• IOSH – Managing Safely

• Design of Process Plant using HYSYS (certified from M/s Aspentech)

• Advance Training on ISO 14001:2004 (certified from Quality Management System 9000)

• ISO-14001:2004 and OHSAS-18001:2007 Lead Auditor Courses (certified from IRCA, England through M/s SGS)

• Fire Fighting Training (certified from National Institute of Fire Technology, Islamabad)

• Safe Work Permit System, Emergency Response Plan & Safety Plan development and PPEs

• SGS-QMS-9000 OHSAS Certification 18001 & ISO 14001 Sept 22, 2011/POL

• SGS-QMS-9000 Internal Audit Certification (18001-14001) Oct 20, 2011/POL

• SGS-QMS-9000 Advance level course on OSHAS-18001:2007 Nov 20,2012/POL

• SGS-QMS-9000 Internal Audit Based on OSHAS-18001 Jan 09,2013/POL

• Shields Limited IOSH Managing Safely Course (Distinction) July 03,2013/POL


Education & Qualifications

University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Sep ‘99- Sep ‘03
BE Chemical Engineering

Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan
Mar ’98-Mar ‘99
BSc (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry)

P.A.F Inter College, Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Mar ‘95- Mar ‘96
FSC Pre-Engineering

P.A.F Inter College, Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Mar ‘93- Mar ‘94
Secondary School Certificate



Microsoft office, MON (Daniel), Roclink (Floboss software), AspenTech HYSYS 8.6, MS DOS, Auto Cad, VLE Flash, M/s Rockwell FactoryTalk Historian



English (Fluent)

Urdu (Native)