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CV, Oil and Gas Engineer seeking a career change

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Short Bio:

Having 22 years of extensive experience in various Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery Processing units & Utilities in areas of Process Operations, Commissioning and Production. Familiar with Shell DEP, Aramco & ADCO Standards and Specifications. Experienced in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas, Refinery plants. Exposure to both Green field and Brown field projects.

Current location: 

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - View on map



Preferred Sector of Employment: 

Oil, Gas and Energy, Manufacturing and Operations

Spoken languages: 

english, Hindi, Tamil

Locations I am interested in working:


Work Experience

11/2015 – Till Date   Abudhabi Onshore Oil Company (ADCO) Project in Abudhabi, UAE.


POSITION: Deputy Manager- Commissioning


  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of Oil Pipe line of length 130 KM.
  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of 70 wells in 15 clusters, manifolds and oil trunk lines.
  • Monitoring the Project from construction stage till finish.
  • Wells are Oil producing, WAG and WI types.
  • System-Subsystem classification.
  • Pre-commissioning and Commissioning documents preparation and review.
  • Check list and Test sheet preparation.
  • Managing a team of commissioning engineers of different disciplines.
  • Co-ordination between other departments of project.
  • Co-ordination between EPC, PMC and client.
  • Reporting to Project Manager.
  • Familiar with ICSS and HIPPS systems operation.


11/2014 – 08/2015 Technip France for TAKREER Abudhabi Refinery Project (ADNOC)




  • I am solely in-charge for giving project PMC Pre-Com & CSU consultation service to Client/EPC. It is a small but vital project consisting of Rotary Gas Compressor and other utilities like FG, IA, PA and Steam etc.
  • Project contains areas of work in both green field and brown field inside the refinery site.
  • Project scope contains installing new DCS, F&G and ESD systems and Fire water deluge systems.
  • Co-ordination with E&I, Piping, HSE and other discipline engineers.
  • Responsible for reviewing technical documents like P&ID, Blind list, Operating Manual, Cause & Effect etc. to the Commissioning and Start-up point of view.
  • Responsible for Function tests and Commissioning of DCS,ESD & F&G system


10/2013 – 08/2014 Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refinery Co Project (YASREF), Yanbu, Saudi Arabia




  • In-charge for commissioning and start-up of Package Boilers 175 t/h, 4 Nos. and Fire water Steam system & FG system of the refinery.
  • Prepared doing Commissioning Procedures and Functional Tests and Checks, C&E of Instrument and Control systems for Boilers and other Utility systems.
  • In-charge for Commissioning and Start-up of Utilities like Steam Generation System, Water treatment plant, Fire water system, Air/Nitrogen units and Refinery Waste Water Treatment plant etc.
  • Working as PMT/PMC Role in the Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refinery- YASREF.
  • Leading the Boiler alkali boil-out and dry-out operations as part of Boilers Commissioning and Strat-up
  • Prepared Fuel Gas commissioning procedure for the refinery.
  • Prepared commissioning procedures for Utilities like Refiner Fuel Gas, Instrument Air, Nitrogen etc.


09/2012 – 09/2013 Petrofac International Ltd, Gas Sweetening Facilities, Dukhan, Qatar 



  • Gas Treating Facility consists of Sour Gas Absorber, Amine Recovery Unit(ARU) and Fired Heater for Hot oil system, Acid gas compressor, Glycol Contactor, Glycol Regenerator, Sour water stripper( SWS), Fuel Gas system and Utilities like Compressed Air system, N2 Plant, DMW plant, Flare etc.
  • Well experienced in Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities like Pipe flushing,  Disc         Bursting, steam blowing, target blowing, Catalyst Loading, logic and functional checks, Static and Dynamic test of Rotary Equipments like Pumps and Centrifugal Compressors, Punch list management, Refractory dry out etc.


System & Sub system walk down-mechanical completion & followed by Punch list activities.
• Coordinates mechanical completion certification for issuance of RFC, PSSR & RFSU (Ready for start-up).
• Punch list activities & Validate from main contractors (on all disciplines) and coordinates to ICAPS.
• Liaise with construction group (PMC) on work progress, completion and report to Commissioning Manager.
• Coordinating instruments functional tests of plant’s equipments and machineries with Operations.
• Review and validate commissioning and Start Up procedure of Gas process units and Amine regeneration unit.
• Oversees the work in progress, Ensures that contractor personnel are thoroughly briefed regarding all safety rules and regulations pertaining to their work, carry out tool box talk for Company & contractor technicians inclusive of attending the safety orientation briefing
• Ensures the smooth start-up of project construction/Precommissioning/commissioning & start up work by coordinating with EPC Contractor and PMC/Operation team, which the job includes start up and commissioning of static & rotating equipments like vessels, columns, Reactors, pumps & compressors,turbines,etc

In-charge of commissioning and Start up of Amine Recovery unit with extra responsibilities of PTW Coordination. Participate in PSSR (pre start-up safety review) and ORR (operations readiness review).

  • Well-versed in QP Standards


01/2012 – 07/ 2012     Saudi Aramco Total Refinery, Jubail, Saudi Arabia




  • Responsible for Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of Refinery Fire water system, and Refinery Oily Waste Water Treatment Plant.
  • Well experienced in Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities like Pipe flushing,  Disc         Bursting, steam blowing, target blowing, logic and functional checks, Static and Dynamic test of Rotary Equipments like Pumps and Centrifugal Compressors, Punch list management, Refractory dry out etc


01/2010 – 09/2010Petrofac International Ltd, Atyrau onshore Oil & Gas, Kazakhstan



  • Active member of Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Team which is Responsible    for Commissioning of 450000 BOPD Oil Plant along with lighter flash gas.
  • Responsible for Commissioning of Flash Gas Compressor, GE Thermodynmake.
  • Well experienced in Pre-commissioning & Commissioning activities like Pipe flushing,  Disc         Bursting, steam blowing, target blowing, logic and functional checks, Static and Dynamic test of Rotary Equipments like Pumps and Centrifugal Compressors, Punch list management, Refractory dry out etc.
  • Well experienced in Commissioning and Operation of onshore oil treatment equipments like LP separator, Desalter, Crude Stabilizer, Naphtha splitter, IGF vessel, Merox unit, Flash gas compressor operation.
  • Hands on experience in DCS Operation (Yokogawa Centum CS 3000, ABB systems).





  • Handledprojectactivitiesinvolvingworkingout variousrequirementswith
  • respecttoUtilities,machines,manpower,&monitoringoverall projectoperations forensuringtimelycompletion.
  • Ensuringthatsiteinstructionsandtechnical querywere carried outsmoothlyin
  • projectonvariousstagesofConstruction,pre-commissioning&commissioning.
  • Resource Managementforperforming projectactivitiesin costeffectivemanner.
  • LiaisewiththeE&Iconstructionmanagertoestablishanintegratedapproachto project completion &precommissioning.
  • Monitor&co-ordinatewithcontractor’sactivitiesforpromptcompletionon target, review&comment onweeklyconstruction reports.




  • Providing technical inputs &developing master specificationswhichneed assessment.
  • Handling erection,commissioning ofnumerousunits&equipmentsto ensurethe completion ofprojects withstipulatedtime/cost parameters.
  • Proficientwith piping/equipmentinstallations&testingmethodsaswellasE&I
  • equipments
  • Carryingoutinspectiontests fordeterminingthe effectiveness of theequipments


  • Identifymodificationsinfacilityitselfwhileconstructionisinprogress
  • Givinginputsduring estimationphaseof projectin regardwithsizeof workscope
  • &tryto identifyspecial requirements&for seedifficultiesaswell .
  • Preparation ofprecommissioningprocedures&commissioningmanualsfor commissioning teams


03/2009 – 12/2009 L&T Engineering & Construction Co, Panipat, India



  • Responsible for Commissioning of Gas Cracker and Naphtha Cracker up to cracked gases production
  • This Naphtha cracker produces 800000 TPA of Ethylene & 500000 TPA of Propylene
  • Crackers are designed by ABB Lummus Global
  • Well experienced in Precommissioning activities like Pipe flushing, Card board blasting, steam blowing, target blowing, Chemical Cleaning, No-load trial of motors, load trial of motors, Punch points listing, Refractory dry out etc
  • Well experienced in Commissioning of Plants
  • Hands on experience in DCS Operation (Yokogawa Centum , ABB systems )
  • Well experienced in supervising above activities
  • Precommissioning & Commissioning Naphtha Cracker Unit Flare


03/2006 – 02/2009Essar Oil Limited –Refinery Division, Jamnagar, India



  • ESSAR Oil Limited is a 12 MMTPA grass root refinery with Engineering done by ABB Lummus Crest.
  • I worked as Manager -Operations in FCC Plant (Fluid catalytic Cracking) technology supplied by Stone & Webster Engineering.
  • FCCU Plant produces Fuel Gas, LPG, Gasoline, LCOand Slurry oil
  • I have extensive experience in Gas Treatment Units
  • Well Experienced in DCS Operation (YOKOGAWA’S CS 3000m & ABB)
  • Ø Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning of the Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit & Gas Separation Unit in Refinery
  • Ø   Well experienced in Gas Processing and Gas Compression ( Man Turbo make )
  • Well experienced in Amine Treatment
  • Ø  Hands on experience in DM plant (both manual and automated ) & Cooling Water tower Operations
  • Responsible for preparation of Precommmissioning,Commissioning,Operating manuals
  • ParticipatedHAZOP study meetings
  • Ø Well experienced in planning turnaround/shutdowns and startup of plant
  • Ø   Commissioned OSBL Plant Interconnecting  pipe lines in Refinery
  • Extensive experience in the operations of oil & gas, refinery and hydrocarbon processplants including process/utilities field operations, central control room operations (DCS Control Panel), product storage, oil movements, pipeline transmission,start-up, shutdown
  • Oversees Control Operator’s activities and ensures all process units and all products meet the requests of Daily Operation Guide and DOB
  • Reacts to emergencies in an organized manner according to the operating procedures.
  • Trains shift operators and enhance the capabilities of shift operators through training program
  • Monitors and ensures all processes and equipment are operating within the safety and environment margin
  • Lead in the shutdown and start-up operation according to planned and approved standard operating procedures
  • Coordinates with the Maintenance Personnel and Field Operators for the preparation and execution of planned maintenance activities according to Permit to Work System
  • Coordinates and leads the Process Field Technicians on the on-stream operation, scheduled start-up & shutdown, maintenance isolation of assigned units comprising process/equipments such as catalytic reactors, atmospheric/vacuum distillation columns
    stripping columns, fractionation, scrubbers, separators,   heat recovery steam generators, and incinerators
  • Prepared Standard Operating Procedures for smooth start up and shutdown of the unit.
  • Prepared punch list and acceptance criteria for taking over the erected facilities in adherence with design features and project specification.
  • Review the P&IDs from pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up point of view and prepared comments.
  • Responsible for the monitoring of plant performance, study critical parameters and advice for any change in operating conditions
  • Development of the schemes for handling various emergencies like; total power failure in the complex, cooling water failure, steam failure, instrument air failure etc. and safe shutdown of the unit.
  • Initiates studies and recommends plant/field modifications to improve efficiency, productivity, safety, cost savings and technology updates


08/1994 – 02/2006 Manali Petrochemical Limited (SPIC)




  • MANAGER-Operations and managing production operations of Petrochemicals like Propylene Oxide, Propylene Glycol and Polyol manufacturing plants.
  • Technology licensed by Pressindustria, Italy and Engineering done by UHDE India
  • Production optimization.
  • Involved in the trouble shooting in the plant and assist in the activities, during shut downs, identify and evaluate bottlenecks to improve the production rates of the plant.
  • Take charge of all normal operation activities and emergency responses during shift working hours


12/1992 – 08/1994  Asian Peroxides Ltd, India


  • Shift Supervisor for Hydrogen Production Plant by Steam-Naphtha Reforming plant and Hydrogen Peroxide Plant




1988-1992                             Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Chemical Engineering (B.Tech)

College                                      Regional Engineering College (NIT), Tiruchirappalli, India



  • Supervisory Management Development Program by Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation (SPIC),Chennai
  • ISO 9000/ISO 14000 Training
  • HSE Training by SPIC, Essar Oil, Petrofac, AGIP- ENI
  • Permit To Work (PTW)
  • H2S training by TP agency in Qatar.
  • Construction Safety Supervisor Course (BCSS) by Singapore Govt.



  • Process Operations
  • Operations Management& Coordination
  • Process Study & Modifications
  • Process Monitor & Evaluation
  • Pre-Commissioning
  • Commissioning
  • Startup
  • DCS Operations
  • Production Optimization
  • Offsite and Utilities Operation and Commissioning
  • Manpower Management
  • HAZOP & SIL Study and Review
  • Shell DEP & Aramco Standards
    • Capable of reviewing/verifying PFD and P&IDs, data sheets/specification of process systems/ equipment.
    • Capable of reviewing/verifying process design basis and philosophies (emergency shutdown philosophy, drain and vent philosophy, isolation philosophy etc.).


  • Capable of reviewing/verifying/preparing HSE plan, philosophies (emergency shutdown philosophy, drain and vent philosophy, isolation philosophy, fire protection philosophy)
  • PTW (Permit To Work system)
  • H2S Work Experience
  • HSE Knowledge
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Technical Documents Review- P&ID, PFD, FEED, H&M Balance, GAD, 3-D Model etc.
  • Procedure Writing (Pre-Comm. &Commissioning Procedures, SOP, etc.)
  • Computers- MS Office Tools, Windows all versions, Internet etc.
  • Shell DEP , Aramco & ADCO Standards and Specifications