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CV, Multi Skilled Engineering Manager Targeting UK And Europe

I am currently unavailable for work
Serial No: 36605
(08/08/1960, male)
List top 5 skills: engineering, operational management, planning, product development, project management
Short Bio:

GCC certified engineer, vast multidisciplinary knowledge enables me to lead diverse engineering disciplines and I have the flexibility to move from a support role to a strictly technical leadership role if duty calls.
My experience is versatile and covers R&D to product development to fabrication/production and maintenance. I have exposure from project management to operational management . With my skill set , experience and work ethic I can be of great value to any company.

Current location: 

Richards Bay , South Africa - View on map


South African

Preferred Sector of Employment: 

, Manufacturing and Operations, education and training

Spoken languages: 

Afrikaans, english, fanakalo

Locations I am interested in working:

canada, United Kingdom, United States

Education & Qualifications

Matriculated Evander high school 1977

Qualified as electrician (red seal)

National Technical Diploma engineering

Government Certificate of Competence (engineer)

Qualified for wireman’s licence (electrical installations)

Qualified as planner, method and motion study specialist (SASOL)

Various other complimentary courses including computer literacy (Microsoft range) , HP report writer.

Partially completed B com. Quantitative management (70%)


Work Experience

After military service :

1981 > 1985
Completed apprenticeship as electrician and main function was electrical maintenance and installations (during this period I also studied towards my National Diploma in Engineering with the objective to finally do my GCC)


1985 > 1987
Joined SASOL 3
Trained, qualified and worked as a planner for annual shutdowns and projects, during this time I was allocated to a specialist group that evaluated the implementation of a fully integrated software system. (Project MAROELA) . The aim was to basically achieve an equivalent to the present day SAP system.


1987 > 1999
Joined JAYSIDE aluminium (presently BHP BILLITON) as chief planner

Main function was the coordination of planning activities (plant wide). I implemented a preventative maintenance schedule as well as a “computerized” scheduling system for the control of statutory inspections on PE , LIFTING EQUIPMENT, POWER TOOLS etc. during this time I also obtained my GCC and was appointed as engineer in charge of all fabrication work (this included steel and aluminium). I held this position for +-3 years.

In the initial year I found myself in a situation of crisis management due to a lack of QC procedures causing production critical failures. I enrolled for the SAIW course for engineers and subsequently implemented a comprehensive QC system (from qualifying welding procedures, coding welders and the numerous test methods required for compliance. This also gave me tremendous exposure to working with AIA’s (TUV RHEINLAND at the time). I can pride myself to say that this led to a remarkable improvement internally and externally (contractor supplies) and on plant reliability.

I was then transferred to the utility section (distribution of plant water (potable and industrial), air, electrical, and services required for, rigging and machining. This move was done on the basis that we were experiencing major problems on the air supply side which is a critical production factor in the aluminium industry. I successfully revamped this section within two years and as required in terms of the PE regulations my exposure was of great significance. I held this position for 4 years.(During this period I started with my B.comm. Quantitative Management – I unfortunately had to give this up during my final year due to unforeseen circumstances)

Promoted to superintendent PLANT SERVICES, took responsibility for the total plant services section which included fabrication, utilities, mobile equipment (garage) and civils. I left the company end 1999 to start my own company. JUAN MULLER AND ASSOC.


2000 >

As avid sports angler I ventured into the market to make my passion part of my career, this passion was making fishing lures. During the first year I spent virtually all my resources on the development of a new product called “soft head “lures, nobody was doing it at the time. I had the assistance of leading people in the polymeric industry and eventually developed a product which was manufactured and exported internationally.

In 2002 I was approached by an international (Dutch) company HENCON PTY. (LTD) , that has opened a branch in Richards Bay , to assist them on a “part time” consulting capacity with the streamlining of a manufacturing facility (they mainly build highly specialized vehicles for the aluminium industry). This was achieved after two years and I was offered the position of MD for Hencon Southern Africa. I held this position for five years and during this time I managed to grow this company more than 500%.

Due to statutory conflict with regards to my position as MD and the expectations from our Dutch based CEO I resigned and pursued my career in the POLYMERIC industry (2007).

I took over a company and expanded my company to do GRP work for local companies. Although I have worked with GRP before (boat building) I was soon to discover that this field was a lot more complicated than initially anticipated. I spent the majority of my time gathering information and educating myself (not many institutions, if any that can assist with this training) to a level where one of my greatest moments were achieved. I personally designed a 30 000 l sulphuric acid tank for the Lonmin group with approval by BUREU VERITAS, an internationally accredited institution.

I have qualified plastic welding procedures and coded welders (plastician’s) .

I have had vast exposure on structural work with GRP pultruded profiles in lieu of steel profiles.

My client list includes some of the most stringent quality control expectations and we have managed to prove our mark in this highly specialized industry.

In 2013 we had the honour of receiving the RIO TINTO service excellence award.

Although the majority of our work falls out of the AIA arena, we have done numerous jobs with AIA approval.

Reason for wanting to leave, I am still the owner (45%) of the company however I have had good offers on a buy out of the company and I believe that I have had the fortune of finding myself during this whole process of development. I regard myself as an expert when it comes to lateral thinking (problem solving) and need continuous challenges to bring me to my full potential. Although I enjoy the challenges of having my own business, I also know that I cannot realise my full potential in the present situation in South Africa.


Personal Goal

Although I originally set out to become a GCC certified electro-mechanical engineer (most challenging engineers certification in South Africa )and the fact that I accomplished this at a relatively young age, I could never really find my niche. Due to my inquisitive nature and tenaciousness I had the fortune of being exposed to a vast array of disciplines in the engineering industry and managed after many years to discover what I am naturally good at. I flourish on challenges, creating structures and systems and the development of resources. I regard myself as a problem solver in most aspects of life, from engineering to humans, from suppliers to customers. I am a natural leader that believes that respect is earned and my measurement of success is not my position but what I achieve and the legacy that I leave behind. I believe in integrity and honesty at all times.