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(14/02/1962, male)
Skills keywords: analytical, computer, inter-personal, management, organizational
Current location: MIMAROPA, Philippines - View on map

1999 - 2010 - Executive Assistant to the CEO

KAID GROUP- Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

KAID GROUP consist of various companies in the field of real estate, trading & services, construction, industrial support, environmental services and financial insurance services


Perform secretarial and administrative duties like preparing invoices, answering phone calls, handling outgoing and replying to incoming mails. Preparing memos, letters, and other important correspondence for executives. Establishing and maintaining secretarial practices in order to ensure reliable and accurate data, essential for business operations. Making travel arrangements for senior executives and help to assist in making schedules. Scanning, making copies of important documents and filing them and maintaining databases as required. Conducting research and disseminating information through telephone, websites, mail services, and e-mail.  Executing and maintaining office systems, maintaining calendars and schedules. Negotiating with vendors, partners of the organization and communicating verbally as well as in writing to respond to inquiries and providing information.
Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer and other senior executives,

1996 - 1999 - Senior Customer Service Representative

Alphagraphics International (Olayan Group)

Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

Alphagraphics a printing and copying company, a US-based company and wholly owned by  Olayan Financing Company.


Worked in the capacity of a Senior Customer Representative As a senior CSR, I portrayed the role of team leader, which involves answering any queries and inquiries regarding copying, digital printing and offset printing. My duty being as the team leader of the branch, I see to it that all clients were properly served and assisted.  I’m also part of the sales and marketing team, we strategize the systematic approach to all prospective clients.  Participates also with the monthly meetings of the team through brain storming of ideas and concepts in order to cope-up with our sales target.

1994 - 1996 - Customer Service Representative (Assistant to the Supervisor)

HERTZ RENT A CAR (Olayan Group)

Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

HERTZ the world’s largest car rental company, a US-based company and wholly owned by Olayan Group of companies.


Worked as a Front Counter CSR for the World’s No. 1 Car Rental Company. As a front liner I considerably deal with the customers directly by issuing cars and prepare car rental agreement.  My job involves a thorough evaluation of the customers whether they are in the capacity to return back the rented car.  I also prepare domestic and international car reservations which has a certain tariffs.  I’m also part of the sales and marketing team, which categorically our branch has to exceed the given quotas on sales. Prepares weekly and monthly accruals as well as  reports needed by the management.

1992 – 1994 - Secretary to the Parts and Purchasing Manager

General Contracting Company (Olayan Group)

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

GCC an automotive and spare parts company which is wholly owned by Olayan Group of companies.  Distributor of Jaguar, Range Rover, Land Rover, Cummins, Kenworth, Scania and John Deer tractors and accessories.


Secretary to Inventory Control/Parts Purchasing Manager.  Handles daily correspondence, keeping records files in accurate and detailed.  Prepares weekly and monthly reports; such as parts availability, purchases, sales, inventories and stock levels.  Sending inquiries to the suppliers regarding the availability and best delivery time of the parts.  Co-ordinates with the branches on the situation of the parts and movements.  Prepares stationery requisitions, typing proof reads and agendas for the weekly meeting.  Prepares reports for the management meetings.  Assigned for daily mailing, distributions and records of Inter Branch Request (IBR) to their respective branches.  In-charged of daily incoming and outgoing correspondence and prepares claims to the suppliers.

1990 - 1992 - Personnel Assistant (HRD)

Insular Sugar and Refining Company

Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Insular Sugar a multi-national company in the manufacturing of refined sugars.

Responsibilities :

One of the assistants to the Labor Administrator.  In-charge of company policies, memos and system management.  Under direction of the manager, imposing plans for effective recruiting strategies.  Marketing approach and discussing traditional recruiting methods, such as newspaper ads, employment services, effective alternative plans, like networking jobs faire and employees referrals programs.  Dealt with company's checks and for other accounts payable.  Keeps records of incoming and outgoing correspondence and confidential matters.  Under direction, exercises case studies  of the "Pros and Cons" of several benefit plans.  Conducts master time and task management studies.  Establishing and implementing plans of actions and other general organizational technique.

1986 - 1990 - Administrative Assistant

Olayan Saudi Holding Companies (OSHCO)

Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

Olayan Saudi Holding Company a multi-national company in financing, transportations, health care, food supplies, manufacturing, travel, investments, logistics and automotives.


Administrative Assistant to the Group Human Resources Department.  Keeps records files in accurate and in detailed.  Handles distribution of daily business correspondences.  In charge of time keeping, vacation scheduling files and applications.  Up-dates division monthly listing, types proofread agenda and kick-off meetings.  Responsible for filing of all incoming and outgoing correspondence, check files and keeps invoices, bills and other documents and other relative functions.

1983 -1985 - Personnel Clerk

Arnoldus Construction

Paco, Manila - Philippines

Arnoldus Construction is a heavy duty tractors rental, excavation and construction corporation.

Responsibilities :

Maintains personnel files in accurate and up-to-date condition.  Assists in preparing documents to obtain renewals of driver's license.  Up-dating manpower requirements and performed other works to be assigned by the manager.  Under the directions, assists in administering government social insurance.  Calculates payments deductions, handles petty cash funds, office supplies, time keeping records and office memoranda.  Assist in administering medical insurance plans for employee's eligible dependents.  ID cards for ACDC employees, employees list  updates manpower Roster.  Lease with company supplier regarding engineering and others.  In-charge of reproduction of company's drawings and maintains company’s vehicle usage, planning and scheduling.



Bachelor of Science in Psychology

University of Santo Tomas

Sampaloc, Manila-Philippines

Studies: acquired a high level of psychological and analytical thinking to apply to constructive change through innovation and the ability to utilize multi-disciplinary management science values to the synthesis, design and integration of solutions. Façade different psychological studies which will enable a certain entity to facilitate an appropriate resources for the manpower needs strategically.

Trainings :

  • 1989-(Philippine Association of Secretaries) Business Writing –Makati  Philippines
  • 1989 – (PhilComSat) International Communication, Systems and Procedures- Makati- Philippines
  • 1997- (Alphagraphics International) Advanced Digital  Operations – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • 2010 – (Teledevelopment) English Proficiency- Diction, Pronunciation, Enunciation & Intonation- Ortigas, Pasig City – Philippines
  • Computer Savvy


Exceptional communication is more than the ability to speak and write well. It's also about listening carefully and paying attention. I've worked with clients and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and I’m familiar with different characters, cultures and behavioral traits. This helped me discover ways to overcome communication barriers to establish solid relationships. My writing is confident, clear and effective and can be tailored to diversely. Email communication with clients and colleagues is professional and always reflects my passion and enthusiasm for my job.

Problem Solving:

Exceptional problem solving and analytical skills are essential in any position, especially in the complex, challenging and dynamic role of management. I pay meticulous attention to detail and can assess a situation, look for numerous viewpoints, collect more information, address key issues to ensure derive alternative solutions and ensure efficient problem solving. When I deal with customer or staff issues I never assume. I listen carefully, evaluate and understand their problem and act with patience and confidence to find a solution that will satisfy their needs most especially my immediate superiors.


Management is about character and valuing the people you work with. I'm a flexible, team oriented goal driven leader who is professional and approachable. I train and supervise my team to reach their full potential and involve them in the decision making process to inspire confidence and assist with their development.


Team work is the heart of any successful organization. I value relationships with colleagues and clients and am a productive team member who works hard to achieve common targets, is driven to exceed and can also work independently.  An exemplary planner, I have excellent time management skills and can complete concurrent projects with ease and confidence.

Performances and Contributions:

Throughout my career I have initiated my complexity  and dedication, by portraying a good role model for my subordinates.  I would say in my previous careers, I was assigned to different company’s branches kingdom-wide in Saudi Arabia.  The trust and dependency of the management makes me contented.  In my career as a customer service e.g. Alphagrahics International; I was able to closed a deal for a certain Japanese company CHIYODA for plotting and copying of engineering drawings. Working for  HERTZ RENT A CAR, world’s largest car rental company I was amongst the topnotch CSR which my remarkable performances in the car rental industry.  KAID was also among the companies that had imparted a remarkable experiences in my entire careers, which evolves the management’s confidence in all my undertakings.

Life Style                                      

Traveling inspires, rejuvenates and gives me new ideas and a fresh perspective.  I love to travel to new and exotic places, trying diverse food and meeting different people.  I’m an avid reader and enjoy crime, mystery and action adventure stories that keep me guessing. A massive internet lover in which during my spare time I love surfing in the internet.

Spoken languages: Arabic, english, spanish
Location I am interested in working: Australia, china, United Arab Emirates