CV, Mechanical Engineer With Exp In Oil And Gas And Power Plants

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Serial No: 21950

Skills keywords: construction, maintenance, mechanical eng
Short Bio:

I have 29 years extensive experience in Refinery / Gas treatment plant / Chemical industry and Utility Plant.
I have diverse experience in the construction of a new plant and maintenance of the process and thermo energetic equipment: boilers, superheaters, heat exchangers, towers, storage tanks, fired heaters, pipelines, all sorts of valves and other stationary equipment.
Passed all engineer levels in a Refinery Oil during 17 years service, from candidate to lead engineer and Manager of Maintenance.

Current location: Serbia - View on map
Nationality: Serbian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, russian
Location I am interested in working: africa, Asia


M.Sc.Mech.Eng. Graduate Mechanical Engineer, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade.


-Professional exam for mechanical engineers in the National Engineers Association

– Licence for responsible design engineer

– Licence for responsible construction engineer

– Professional exam for protection from fire

Member of the Serbian Chamber of Engineers (Serbian Chamber is a member of the European Council of Engineers Chambers). Holds licenses for responsible designer as well as responsible contracting engineer with authority to verify projects and supervise construction in fields of process, gas, thermo-technic and thermo-energetic installations.


Maintenance/Erection/Start-up/Design of pressure vessels/Supervising equipment


English (good) – Reading-good, Speaking- intermediate; Writing-good

Russian (good) – Reading-good, Speaking-good; Writing-good

Career Summary

December 2013 Until Now
Netco-Dietsmann (Nigeria Turn Around Mechanical Specialist)

Preparation Total Shut Down and Turn Around of Ob/Ob Gas Plant, for the client NAOC-The Joint venture between Eni group Italy and Nigerian Oil Company.

May 2013 November
Dietsmann (Libya Contractor Site Representative and Maintenance Superintendent & Team Leader)

Managing with maintenance Team: Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumental,HSE,Inspection , on the Offshore gas facilities, Sabratha Platform.

Owner gas platform is Melitah Oil&Gas-Gas Division-Libya

October 2011 – May 2013
IMG in Serbia ( Project Manager)

– I’ve controlled completeness of vendor’s technical documentation for Project Modernization of Refinery Oil Pancevo such as a Manufacturing data books, whether these documents in accordance with Serbian laws and PED Directive of Pressure Vessels.

-Supervise and lead a team of engineers and designers in carrying out detailed engineering work for various projects in Oil and Gas industry.

March 2006 –October 2011
Oil Refinery in Serbia( Manager of Maintenance Department)

-Managing with maintenance works (about 300 permanent employees and about 140 as contractors employees periodically)

-Defining the interface between engineering disciplines, such as mechanical,electrical,civil construction, instrumentation

-Planning, coordination and direct management in overhaul(shutdown) with cost 8,000,000.00 €.

August 2004- March 2006
Procenter, Serbia( Main Mechanical Supervisor)

1.Supervisor during construction of steam boiler (SES-SLOVAKIA-110 t/h at 45bar) Thermal

Power Plant of NIS-Oil Refinery in Pancevo of all activities up to commissioning

-controlling as-built design

-controlling the attestation-technical documentation

2.Supervision during project Revitalization on the “Sulfolane Unit” in Oil Refinery-

Pancevo (production aromatic hydrocarbons) engaged on the following works:

– construction of new tanks for benzene and toluene with Internal Alum. Floating Membrane

– equipment erection (reactor,vessels,pumps, heat exchangers, loading arms, etc.

– erection of new piping and reconstruction of old piping (process and firefighting)

-controlling as-built design

-controlling the attestation-technical documentation

– collection of required documentation for obtaining Construction Permit

Jan.- March 2005
IMG in Croatia

Visual Inspection of Process Equipment in Croatian Petrochemical Plants(PVC SPLIT and PENG ZAGREB) and giving suggestions for repairs

November 2004 Albania -Visual Inspection of all Process Equipment in 2 Refinery in Albania

April- August 2004
Morpol Co. Ltd (Nigeria Supervisor and Design Engineer)

-Preparation of technical documentation required for reconstruction and TAM turnaround maintenance of the units- Warry Refinery and Petrochemical Complex- NIGERIA

-Visual control of process equipment in TAM(turn around maintenance)suchas pressure vessels, furnaces, piping, and rendering solutions for their repairs

-Tropical conditions – jungle location

June 2002- March 2004
Algeria IMG- Engineering & Construction Co.( Site Lead Engineer – Mechanical Supervisor Engineer)

-Constructions of Urea Plant 1200 t/day (STAMICARBON Process) in Fertalge- Arzew- ALGERIE- supervision of constructions

-Inspection of towers; reactors, heat exchangers; pressure vessels, separators, air coolers, storage tanks and pipelines

-Preparation of Tender for erection stationary equipment and pipe line

-Technical supervisor for building new equipment on site

-Preparation daily, weekly and monthly technical reports for senior management

Ukraina (IMG Senior Inspection Engineer for Process Equipment UREA Plant in Odesa UKRAINA)

-Inspection of all process static equipment and piping and writting detailed reports.

1995- May 2002.
Oil Refinery in Serbia ( Head of Design Department (about 70 employees – 20 engineers and the rest were technicians)

-Functionally co-ordinates all Project Engineers and designers

-Preparation of more than 400 projects as responsible Design Engineer. Design of diverse new process equipment ; design for rebuilding and sanation of process equipment, preparation of documentation for changing of purpose of the equipment.

– Revitalization of process units and thermal power plant (3×70 t/h boilers, Chemical Water Treatment Unit) after a 4 year shut-down due to the sanctions imposed Yugoslavia

Rebuilding of Process Units (Crude Unit/Vacuum Distillation/Platforming/Visbreaking/

Alkylation/Bitumen/Claus/FCC and other facilities for crude oil and derivates, acceptance, storaging, blending and product dispatch from Refinery by tank car, rail and barge) after NATO bombardment of Refinery

September 1991- April 1995
Oil Refinery in Pancevo (Serbia Senior Inspection Engineer for Process Equipment)

Maintenance of process towers, vessels, heat exchangers, air coolers, storage tanks and pipework, including:

– Determination of defects (visual checks)

– Preparation of technical documentation of the unit for repairs

– Preparation of technical specification for spare parts and material

– Responsible for analysis reports NDT

pril 1989- September 1991
Prva Iskra

Chemical Industry for production of TDI Chief for Maintenance of stationary Equipment (for TDI Unit)

– Determination of defects (visual checks)

– Preparation of technical documentation required for reconstruction of the units

– Organization of work and supervision over subcontractors during the overhaul and reconstruction

January 1985- April 1989. “
Milan Blagojevic”-Lučani (Chemical Industry Resp. Engineer for production and maintenance in Thermal Power Plant)

-Maintenance of steam boilers (Minel- 64 t/h, Krupp 25 t/h, Graz- Paucker 35 t/h) steam turbines 5.5MW back pressure type, and 3.5MW reducing/ condensing turbines

-Chemical Water Treatment Unit- control of tehnology procedure

-Making of workshop documentation for repairs and technical documentation for producing spare parts