CV, Manager With Naval, Ship Repair And Construction Background

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Serial No: 25723
(07/22/1971, male)
Skills keywords: commissioning engineer, refit coordinator, ship repair
Short Bio:

Installation and commissioning of diesel engines, D/As, A/Cs, air compressors, refrigeration plant ,cranes , and steering gears on ships at Pipavav Shipyard.
Ø InstallationiInspection, repair and commissioning of diesel engines, D/As, A/Cs, air compressors, refrigeration plant ,cranes ,stabilizers, and steering gears on ships under repair at Jaddaf ,Dubai with Inter Ocean Ship Repairs LLC ,Dubai
Ø Overhauling and repairs of pumps ,air compressor ,refrigeration compressors,hydraulic motors.

Current location: PIPAVAV SHIPYARD ,GUJRAT - View on map
Nationality: INDIAN
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, Hindi
Location I am interested in working: Argentina, Australia, Belarus, brazil, Greenland


A Energetic Manager with Naval background with experience in wide range of field ,overseeing the engineers and technicians as they execute plans withe their technical skills in accordance with regulatory standards seeking to shoulder enhanced responsibilities in Ship Construction and repair field in a reputed Shipyard.

Academic & Skills Details

Ø Graduate from Osmania University( Bachelor of Arts,By distant learning in 1995)

Ø 10+2(science) from Central Board of Secondary Education, K V Malkapuram in 1988

ØGraduate Diploma in Material Management [IIMM, Belapur, Mumbai]


ØDiploma in Mechanical Engineering (4 years) from INS Shivaji, Lonavla, in 1993 (69.5%) ØLeadership course Certificate at INS Agrani.( Coimbatore, TN) (82.0%)

ØMiddle level Management Certificate course at Naval Institute of Management (Coimbatore TN) (89.0%)

Ø NBCD including Fire fighting and first Aid certificate course at INS Shivaji, Lonavla.


Ø Exposure in Windows, Microsoft office (MS– Word, MS–Excel, MS Power Point)

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Managerial / Administrative

ØPlanning, execution and monitoring training.

ØProject procedures and standards applicable for timely execution adherence ØAnalysis, preparation of maintenance schedules and maintenance plans ØInternal supply chain management of on board spares.

Core Skills & Expertise:

Ø Installation and Commissioning of Diesel engines, D/As, A/Cs, Air compressors, Refrigeration plant ,Cranes , and Steering Gears on ships at Pipavav Shipyard.

Ø Installation Inspection ,Repair and Commissioning of Diesel engines, D/As, A/Cs, Air compressors, Refrigeration plant ,Cranes ,Stabilizers, and Steering Gears on ships under repair at Jaddaf ,Dubai with Inter Ocean Ship Repairs LLC ,Dubai

Ø Overhauling and repairs of Pumps ,Air compressor ,Refrigeration compressors ,hydraulic motors with standard procedure, monitor progress against milestones. .

Ø Equipment maintenance including breakdown, condition based and planned preventive schedules:

Career Summary

Indian Navy in various capacities :11 years of diversified Marine Engineering experience managing and working on all possible mechanical/marine engineering machinery from numerous indigenous and foreign OEMs on board Indian Naval Ships. Added rich experience of ship repair, installation and inspection and trial

Production supervisor of Pipe Shop II at Ship Building centre, Vishakapatnam as a Naval representative for 5years in the job of fabrication of pipes of various systems right from template stage to installation of pipes and valves .Flushing through of the system and trials of the system.

Ship Repair Engineer at Inter Ocean Ship Repair ,LLC Dubai for 02 years overseeing repair ,installation of Valves ,pumps ,compressor, hydraulic motors , diesel generators ,as per project schedule adhering project procedure standard for timely completion of project.

Deputy Manager (System Integration)at Pipavav Shipyard: Appointed as deputy manager carryout installtion of Machinery Errection as per the drawing collaborate with Hull ,Electrical and Outfit department . Maintain clear and complete project documentation and ensured project execution and operation within stipulated schedule. Liasion with Golten India for installation of Shafting and Rudder and subsequently taking trails of these equpment. Initiated the project of starting the team for commissioning of Equpment onboard Panamaxex. Sucessfully launched and Commissioned 05 Panamaxex in span of 2and half years.

April 2012 to till date
Deputy Manager(System Integration)Department:

ØAs Deputy Manager coordinate with DGM for the project execution of Panamaxex ,considering project is executed and delivered in conformance to the scheduled chalked out and adheres to Class rules and regulation.

ØAssign a team of Engineer the job of errection of Machinery Seats and ensure jobs meets the target dates and is quality approved.

ØStart errection after conforming with hull and Electrical dept for fitment of Machinery Equipment which Main Diesel engine, Diesel /Alternators, Air /Conditioning plants, Air compressors, Refrigeration plant ,Cranes , Deck Machinery and Steering Gears ØArrange for Depreservation /Preservation of of Machinery Equipment.

ØLiase with Golten India for Boring of Stern tube and Rudder installation for completing of Stern job which include laying of Shafting ,Main Engine fitment and Rudder and Steering gear fitment.

Ø Prepare for fitment of Aft and fwd stern gland .

Ø Carry out preparation of laying of Propeller and Intermediate Shaft,fitment of propeller . Ø Carrying out Main Engine Fitment chockfasting,carryout alignment and jackloading of Shaft.

Ø Process the sheets for STW /Harbour Trials /Full Power trials of all the Machinery

Equipment installed .

Ø Prepare the execution plan for Harbour and Basin trials with VP/DGM for OEM arrival for conducting trials for full optmization of OEM services.

Ø Liase with OEM of Machinery Equipment Main Diesel engine, Diesel /Alternators, Air

/Conditioning plants, Air compressors, Refrigeration plant ,Cranes , Deck Machinery and

Steering Gears.

Ø Ensure with Owner,Class and Quality control all Equpment Machinery trials are as per the

Class requirement and prepare for final CST of the Ship.

Ø During CST coordinate Owner,Class and Quality control dept for smooth exection of trial according to schedule and sucessfull sortie at one go.

Ø Coordinate with workers to bring their best in job assigned to them with stick and carrot method but with human apparoach.

May 09 to July 2011
Ship Repair Engineer at Inter Ocean Ship repair LLC[Dubai]

ØAs Ship repair engineer handling in repair of Offshore vessels and dumb barges. Ø Ship repair Engineer Experience-

ØUpon berthing check vessel draft and ballast condition before entering the drydock at Jaddaf in Dubai for docking and undocking.

ØShore power ,gangway fire line and onboard safety checks .Safety and Gas certification of confined spaces under repair.

ØArrange safety meeting onboard for concerned department workers and insure tool box talk and various safety procedures are religiously followed .

Hull jobs-U/T gauging for hull plates repair sketches location on shell expansion drawing , record all thickness gauged to be submitted to Superintendent and Class surveyor.

Ø Erecting staging inside tanks for steel repairs , High pressure water jetting , and painting as per specification for owner approved paint supplier.

Ø Lower down of Anchor chain ,ranging ,calibration ,marking painting as per requirement.

Ø Job identification with Superintendent along with concerned department people for various deck machineries (Anchor windlass ,Life boat ,Davit for load test ,mooring winches ,Capstan on deck).

Ø Carpentry jobs in mess rooms ,cabins and wherever applicable paneling and flooring done.

Machinery Equipment– Repair of Main Propulsion Engines(Yanmar ,Daihatsu, Caterpillar) , Alternator,Harbor Generator, Air Compressor ,Air receiver .

Ø Engine room pumps, Sea suction valves and strainer and all the valves inEngine room ,Bilge Ballast /Fuel oil/Compressor /Fresh Water/luboil/hydraulic pipes renewal,Engines exhaust pipes, Turbo charger,repair and renewal as per requirement. Governor fuel injection pumps ,injectors calibration.

Ø Repair of Bow thruster including hydraulic control system ,Propeller (polishing and normal build up of worn out area) ,Tail Shaft (Removal for survey or wear down ,rope guard removal),Rudder (Upper pintle and lower pintle clearances)

ØOversee Installation inspection ,setting to work and trials of Sea Water pumps ,Air condition plants ,Refrigeration plants, Hydraulic motors, Steering gears, Diesel generator, Main Engines and Cranes. After In house trials acceptance trials for handing over the equipment to owners of ship.

ØMain switch board /Emergency switch board ,circuit breakers cleaning .All tanks, bilges level sensors ,ICCP anodes system repairs ,fire alarm system calibration.

Ø Prepare total repair programme with original scope of work showing starting point, docking date various milestones finishing date with consultation with Superintendent.

Ø Carried out full power trials of propulsion ships on successful completion after trials

ØPrepare work done report of the Ship repair and get it approved from Ships Superintendent.

May 04 To Jan 2009
(Ship Building Centre (Vishakapatnam))Rank- MCERA(II ) Pipe

Shop II- Production Supervisor

Job Description :

Ø To ensure that all site activities are performed in environmentally safe and responsible conditions .

Ø Supervising piping works to be performed by construction contractor and insure the compliance with established construction schedule and project requirements.

Ø Coordinate among various construction contractor and discipline supervisor executing piping work.Verify the availability and adequacy of the material and drawing with Bill of material in drawing.

Ø Coordinate the construction contractor ensuring the compliance with the applicable specification and standard

Ø Ensure the quantity of the work executed by the construction contractor and monitor the compliance with established schedule.

Ø Ensure the proper execution of inspection and test in accordance with the field quality control plan and monitor the adequacy result

Ø Solve the cases of no-conformity with the support of piping superintendent of design department where necessary and proposing possible solution.

Ø Assist in the field engineering works such as field revision of isometric drawing.

Ø Analysis of manufacturing drawings of pipes and piping system of various system onboard submarine including the process details.

ØPreparation of detailed production plan and timely execution of jobs as per plan

Ø Overseeing the job of fabrication of spool, right from template stage till the installation of pipes.

ØSystem Integration and final inspection and flushing through of system as per standard procedure .

ØCoordinated timely input from the user department ,for project execution amended schedules without delay in time schedules.

ØSetting to work trials of various systems to achieve the standard parameters.

ØLiaise with Russian Specialists for getting clarification/final approval on integrity of system

Mar 1993 to –May 2004
Master Chief Engine Room Artificer

Experienced in the Operation/Maintenance /Defect analysis , Repair andRefit of following

Ø Main Propulsion Boiler and TurbinePropulsion System: having a power rating of 30000

BHP including steam propulsion with Superheater tube Boiler2x 550psi,evaporation rate147000 lbs per hour .Turbines of Allen make ( Impulse /Velocity compunded )

Ø Power Generator and Alternator : Supervising the operation maintenance including

Turbo Alternator ,Diesel Alternator having total rating of 2500 KW.

Ø Adopting proper planning and execution of maintenance principles i.e Planned Preventive

Maintenance and Condition Based preventive Maintenance.

Ø Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Plants: Expertise in Operation ,Repair ,and

Maintenance of Ref/Air Condition Plants[Plant /Central] of Voltas and Carrier make.

ØHP Air System: Facilitating ,the Utilization and Maintenance of HP Air compressor of 400

Bar pressure ,make Revell ,Atlas Copco .Applying dexterity in the maintenance of pressure vessel and system upto 400 bar.

ØAuxiliaries : Overseeing the maintenance and operation of system related Auxiliaries and other equipment such as; Motor/Turbo driven pumps[Reciprocating ,Centrifugal, Gear, Lobe type] . Stabilizer ,Hydraulic , Steering Gear Machinery ,Cranes ,Winches ,Davits ,Distilling plants ,Centrifugal separators.

ØCalibration, testing and tuning of Diesel Generators Paxman Ventura and Turbo Alternators. Ø Documentation on defect analysis, trials and training.

Ø Planning, organizing and executing the tasks of engineering department and timely , Achieve the ship’s objective with minimum available resources.

ØAchieve the ship’s objective with minimum available resources.

ØAvailability, smooth operation & planned/ preventive maintenance of main Engines &

associated auxiliaries.

ØMaintenance of documents and availability of spares required for department all the times. ØDiscipline, motivation, welfare and training of men.


Sel fMotivated , Ability to work with Peers and superiors to work as a team,Analytical approach, Determined [Never say die attitude]Keen to get the things in depth with conceptual clarity