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(1969/02/12, male)
Skills keywords: site construction management
List Of Qualifications:

Office Supervision or achievement: Sales - Strategy - Tender and private contract - Contract control - Costing - Management administrative/ Human Resources (recruitment part)/ accounting - Financial and cash flow plan - Annual Budget - Following P & L and KPI - Audit - Purchasing - Reporting - Training - Maintenance and repair equipment/building - Investment forecast -Relationship with local or state administration and business - Department coordination - Basecamp managing.

For Manufactory and/or construction site : Technique & methodology work - Means implement - Planning – Coordination, main consulting engineer, architect, owner and contracting authority, Control office, subcontractor - Customer relationship follow-up/ Control office - Supervising - Contract control - Administrative & financial - Costing - Logistic – Quality and HSE - Delivery - Site Meeting - Equipment management and their maintenance

Site Construction type: Roads and Motorway - Earthworks -Civil Engineering - Concrete Works - Waste/ Rain/ Drinking Water - High & Low Voltage - Telecom and optical fibre - Land servicing - Residential (ground floor and floors / Structure & finishing), industrial, commercial sectors – Landscaping.

Materials Manufacturing type: Precast concrete reinforced & blocks - Batching plant (asphalt & concrete) - Quarry (Blasting / Drilling / Crushing) / Mining open pit on earthworks and quarry parts Iron for concrete framework - Ornamental ironwork/ Welding/ Carpentry workshop.

Type of Managers and teams managed: Project Manager - Architect - Engineers - Contract & Planning Manager - Site Construction Manager - Foreman - Quantity surveyor - Designer and drawer - Quality & HSE - Administrative/ Accounting/ Finance/ Purchase/ H.R - Logisticians - Mechanical – Sellers and Dealers - Driller - Blaster - Trainer - Operator equipment and works machinery.

Software’s’: Word - Excel - Publisher - PowerPoint - Outlook - Intermediary level: Project - AUTOCAD - Sketch Up

Language: Creole (West Indian) & French native speaker - English intermediate level, a Spanish and Portuguese notion.

Previous Employment Details:

2016 - Site Manager/Project Manager and the responsibility of agency of “Siguiri” - TTM Guinea - Assignment 5 months.
Company profile:

2016 - Deputy General Manager - SAFRICAS Katanga - D.R.C - Assignment of 6 months - (

2011/12 -Business Unit Manager - SOCOFRAN.CDE - Congo - Assignment of 6 month - ( /

2010/11 -Quarry & General Manager - Society of Blasting and Aggregates of Guinea - Assignment of 6 months

1996/2008 - Foreman / Site Manager (1 year each) - Sales and technical Manager - - French Guiana (12 years)

Current location: Catalunya, Spain - View on map
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Manufacturing and Operations, General Management

From 2011 to 2012 Industry Manager at SOCOFRAN.cde (Congo Brazzaville in Pointe Noire).

Two agencies (in Brazzaville and Pointe Noire) / More than 1500 employee / Areas of activities: Industry construction (Road, Network Public Utilities, Civil Engineering, Building), Batching plant (ready mix concrete), Precast concrete, Aggregates quarry, Asphalt manufacturing plant.).

Responsibilities and achievements:

I managed 110 employees and a Turnover of € 10 million by year.

I was in charge, 4 batching plant ready-mix concrete with 15 concrete trucks / 4 batching plant precast concrete / 1 asphalt manufacturing plant / general services.

And the sales and deliveries of produce for building (cement, rebar, sand, aggregate, water drinking by tank truck)


I improved the production between 5 and 10% by a reorganization of services and the optimization of means human, technic and equipment

I implemented of maintenances process for all equipment. I made sensitive to the operators and department manager for the good use of equipment and compliance procedure. I gave of objectives and rewards for those who succeeded. I advised few investments for the repairs urgency and the spare parts. I did regular controls.

I motivated the staffs with my involvement and my good communication.

I followed all the production. I did de the daily reports and cumulated (by week and month). I implemented of management planning for reduce the cost and I created and I implemented the annual budgets (By monthly and cumulated in year).

I improved the production quality by the creating and implementing a service and a quality charter with the collaboration of Manager Quality of SOCOFRAN.cde.

I managed the new installations of Industry Department, outside of the town Pointe Noire: Design & construction of the manufacturer. Work planning, organization and installation.

From 2009 to 2010 Quarry Manager at SOMIAG (Guinea Conakry).

This company sells and produces of aggregates and sand for the industry construction companies, cement factory and the concrete precast factories.

Responsibilities and achievement:

  • I managed 37 employees + 2 teams of 15 Guardians (24/24, 365 days / year), Turnover: € 1, 4 million)
  • I managed all services (commercial, production, administrative, Human Resources, maintenance, budget and account), workshop mechanics and the relations with the authorities’ government (Ministry of work, taxes, mines, military).
  • Management of mining, blasting: studies and calculation blasting plan, the quantities of explosive, the control in-situ, the
  • Control of safety and for the supervision of blasting, the procedure for the slaughter.
  • I was in charge the sale of sand production at cement factory, of aggregates at the construction industry companies and     precast concrete, dealer, particular customer and I created sales network.
  • I was in charge of the organization, methodology, safety compliance, human resources, planning of production and maintenance of equipment.
  • I had the responsible also of purchasing, storing, and safety of explosives equipment.
  • I managed with the chief mechanic, the repairs and I implemented of procedure for the maintenance of mining equipment, and the station of crush aggregates.
  • I did the activities reports (sales, productions, management account). I monitored the exploitation accounts.
  • I managed the daily cash money, week and monthly. I recorded in the cash book. I did the deposits to the bank.
  • I verified the hours of working and their salaries.
  • I controlled and I paid the supplier bills. I negotiated with the suppliers and subcontractors for the local purchase. I implemented of procedures for the purchases.
  • During all this time, I improved the motivation of teams by a better communication and my involvement on the site with them.
  • I improved production (70 000 T to 105 000 T year). For that, I implemented two teams working in two times 8 hours who permitted increasing the production. And I implemented of procedures maintenances for reduce the breakdowns.
  • I implemented and I did of tests of laboratory for the quality of aggregates.
  • I managed the drilling and blasting: Calculation and verification of blasting plans and drilling.
  • On blasting site: I was in charge the safety oversight in the security perimeter and I did compliance of procedures.
  • I implemented procedures of manage for permit to give the exactly cost exploitation of each equipment.
  • I implemented of procedures on the security of goods and people. Traffic plans and the use of badge system
  • I applied the procedures of deliveries of fuel, explosive produce, and employee control. I implemented patrols for the day and night, for improve the security, and I tested their efficacy.
  • I made do all the people to bear Individual Security Protection.
  • I did the forecast of size forehead, (3 years) with calculation of amount of ore that can be produce, the means to implement.
  • I changed the jaws of primary and secondary cones, project management "shed for drying sand (1000M ²).
From 2008 to 2009 Technical and commercial Manager at (Guyana-Fr.)

Company specialized in materials for the home building in Guyana.

Responsibilities and achievement:
  • I Studied of investment and costs, methods of production, organizing and installation of the factory, calculations of production costs.
  • I did the market study, and of feasibility. I did the achievement of financial files and of the business plan.
  • I was in charge the elimination of the technical reserves. I did the table making for business management, the costs and production.
From 1996 to 2008 Manager Technical and commercial at (Guyana-Fr.).Up to 20 employees.

Manufacturer precast concrete and the realization road and public utility network, civil engineering and construction.

Responsibilities and achievement:
  • I Studied the sale and the achievement of works in construction industry, earthwork, civil engineering, the roads and utilities public networks, (wastewater, storm water, drinking water, public lighting, Electricity, Telecom).
  • I was in charge the management of precast element concrete , making iron mold or wood.
  • I managed of batching plant (formulation of concrete, operational, maintenance, planning, delivery ...).
  • I collaborated, with the general manager of the administrative, commercial, accounting and financial, Human Resource
Realization of construction sites:
  • Cayenne Prison (Budget: € 100 M). Road and network, finishing earthwork, precast concrete. In subcontracting for DUMEZ GTM (Vinci-Construction)
  • I achieved the Earthwork, road and utilities network for the building of school groups BARBADINE and  LARIVOT for more of budgets € 10 M for the city of MATOURY and  School group of SOULA II for the city of MACOURIA.
  • I achieved the Public lighting of motorway of Cayenne.
  • I achieved of the Installation of optical fiber for Electricity of France to Cayenne.
  • I achieved of various works network of wastewater, storm water, drinking water, lighting, landscaping and road.
  • I did of more than 60 pylons between 35 and 50 Meters of height. (For ORANGE Telecom, or BOUYGUES Telecom). In subcontractor of EIFFAGE in French Guiana.
  • I built miscellaneous construction of structures (warehouse, house, offices).

Other Experiences

  • 1995 Sales director of the Antilles Guyana Telecom (Guyana Fr).
  • 1995 Commercial at BIARD (West Indies).
  • 1993 Commercial independent. (The South of France).
  • 1992 Managing of the S.I.P. Service and Sale of advertising object (Guyana Fr).
  • 1990 Sales manager of CIT Alcatel. (Guyana Fr).
Educations and Trainings

  • 2013 I improved my English with ENGLISTOWN group Education First. Certificate in collaboration with CAMBRIDGE.
  • 2012 Preparation at Certificate superior technician Industry Construction (university of Paris Finished in 2013).
  • 2011 Certificate of Drilling and Blasting. (ECP France, ex TITA NOBEL). I graduated.
  • 2009 Intern Training for management of quarry of aggregate and mining.
  • 2007 Calculating and producing for realization of precast floor1997.
  • 1996 Foreman in earthwork and utilities network same level Baccalaureate. I graduated.
  • 1989 T.B.I.G technician in office automation, IT and management. Same level Baccalaureate. I graduated.

Spoken languages: Creole French (fluent), English (level intermemiary), french, Portugues notion, Spanish notion
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere
List the countires you have a visa to work in: American Samoa, Cote D'Ivoire, French Polynesia, French Southern Terr., Guadeloupe, Martinique (FR), Mayotte (FR), Wallis and Futuna