CV, Experienced Turkish Based Construction Manager Targeting GCC

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Serial No: 22641

Skills keywords: infrastructure maintenance, planning, project management, site management
Short Bio:

I have vast experience on frame structures and finishing works of luxury villas and mass housing projects, development projects, highway,roadworks, earthworks, pavement works (PCCP, CTP and asphalt), sewerage works, storm water, pumping station, micro-tunnelling works, water supply, drainage works, deep foundations with pile, sheet piling works, Airport facilities and management buildings, high-rise buildings and trade center, schools, viaducts, underbridge and natural gas pipe-line projects.

Current location:  Fatih/Istanbul/Turkey - View on map
Nationality: Turkish
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, Turkish
Location I am interested in working: Bahrain, kuwait, qatar, saudi arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates


Turkish (native), English (advanced), Arabic (basic)

IT Skills
 Primavera 6, MS Project Management, Autocad and MS Office


Yıldız Technical University, Civil Engineering (M.Sc), 1988

Yıldız Technical University, Civil Engineering (B.Sc), 1986

Key Skills

• Direct, implement and monitor project management activities including work schedules, monthly payment and progress reports, quality control plans, cost tracking reports, Risk Management plan, HSE plan and final calculations for construction delivery of projects.

• Manage and supervise construction site works, all site staff, testing and commissioning.

• Inspect and review designs and drawings to monitor compliance with building and safety codes.

• Prepare revisions and changes to contractual agreements with related disciplines.

• Supply highly qualified & trained personnel to meet manning requirements.


Structures : Airport facilities and management buildings, frame structures and finishing works of luxuries villa and mass housing projects, development projects, high-rise buildings and trade center, schools, prestressed viaducts, post- tensioned viaducts, flyover and underbridges, rock blasting, precast beams, CCGT Power plant, openly built tunnel, steel tunnel form system, prefabricated structures and steel bridge projects.

Infrastructures : Highway, roadworks, earthworks, pavement works (PCCP, CTP and asphalt), sewerage works, storm water, pumping station, micro-tunnelling works, water supply, drainage works, deep foundations with pile, sheet piling works, marine constructions, pipe jacking works, natural gas steel pipeline and RMS, electrical works, lightings, sanitary installation and mechanical works.

Designs : Various types of bridges, foundations and piles, high columns and long-span beams, post-tensioned and prestressed viaducts, underbridges, flyover, high retaining walls and culvert calculations.

Specifications : FIDIC, AASHTO, ACI , ASTM, UBC and HSE

Career Summary

April 2014 – May 2014 :
CEBECI GROUP / Construction Manager

Managed construction of Pendik Residence & Trade Center consist of two High-rise buildings with approx. Twenty-three stories and a Trade Center, covering 35,000 m² including follow up all site activities and Approval of Monthly Payment Report to be preparated by subcontructors in Pendik, İstanbul.

Feb. 2014 – March 2014 :
NIM Construction & Machinery Co. / Technical Advisor

Involved in Planning and Quantity Surveying services of Baghdat – Najaf Road Project with length of 105 kms and Najaf City Hotel Project covering an area of over 22,000 m² including engineering services and procurement in IRAQ, at NIM Istanbul Office.

April 2013 – May 2013 :
DENGE Infrastructure Project Consulting & Construction Co.

Technical Office Chief Engineer

Was responsible for project management and, supervision of constructions and site staff including review of structural, road, drinking water, sewer and storm water projects of sites which cover approx. 1.900.000 sq.m in DESB Industrial Zone and İSNAK Industrial Zone in Istanbul.

June 2012 – Agust 2012 :
BORA Construction & Trade Co.Ltd / Civil Engineer

Inspected and approved construction works, QC, Monthly Payment Certificate, following of Work Schedule, Planning and approval of materials of Sultangazi Municipality Administration Building, Wedding Hall and Multi-Level Car Parks Project, cover an area of approx. 97,000 m² in Istanbul.

July 2009 – Sept. 2009:
PROKON Engineering & Consulting Co. / Senior Civil Engineer

Provided engineering services for construction of Atısalanı High School Project. The project covered 5,000 m² ; and involved concrete works, check of re-bars, finishing works, sanitary installation, electrical works, acceptance of materials, review and approval of monthly payment reports funded by European Union Credit Management.

May 2007-July 2008:
General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia (GACA)

Airside Civil Engineer

Reviewed and approved structural designs and drawings to ensure current revision level and correct technical execution for an Administration Building and four Technical Buildings with long-span concrete beams conformed to UBC and AASHTO on Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport Development Project. This included supervision and approval of re-bars and concrete works, accuracy of setting out, levelling and surveying the site, QC of structures, and involved in inspection and approval of pavements of Runways, Taxiways and Apron including PCCP, CTP, Asphalt, determination of mix design of concrete and inspection of laboratory tests according to ASTM.

Along with the above, I prepared progress reports on a weekly basis to submit to the Project Coordinator by monitoring the contractor’s progress, and supervising and approving the constructions of different types of storm water and drainage system with large diameter (30-60 inches), approx. 2 kms long pipe laying with the use of a crane, manholes between Runways, fuel transportation line, installation of Airfield ground lighting system and pouring the concrete of electrical cable channels under the pavement.

April 2006-August 2006
NEOYAPI Construction Co. Inc. / Chief Site Engineer

Managed constructions of 59 villas and 160 apartments of NEOYAPI Residence Projects included formworks, re-bar fixing, concrete and finishing works, drainage, sewage pipelines,12 up to 28 inches in diameter, approx. 2 kms long, at a depth of 4-7.5 m and pumping station with a depth of 8 m. I involved in inspection of drawings, measurements, quantities and following up subcontractors works in addition to reviewing their progress on the Projects.

Nov. 2002- May 2006:
BIMTAS Consulting and Engineering Co. / Civil Engineer

Inspected constructions of water supply works, sewerage and storm water mains, 12 to 30 inches in diameter, approx. 15 kms long, at a depth 3-8 m included review and approval of submitted drawings and monthly payment reports of Güngören district of Administration of Water and Sewage of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (I.S.K.I). On the other hand, I reviewed and approved materials and variations related to works and had experience with inspection of leakage of sewage and water in roads and surrounding buildings as well as the repair and maintenance of blocked sewer and storm water mains.

July 2001-Sep.2001 :
U.B.M Consulting and Engineering Co./ Project Manager

Supervised road works, rehabilitation of roads and laying of asphalt on Adapazarı Road Project with length of 50 kms according to FIDIC and involved in review and appproval of road drawings, timely and effective implementation of planning and design activities and monthly payment certificates of the project funded by EBRD Bank.

Performed field engineering assignments involving development, execution, supervision and coordination of all technical aspects of the project.

Oct. 2000-May 2001 :
NBCC-CES (England-India) / Chief Civil Engineer

Provided supervision of roadworks, asphalt, sewage and micro tunneling works with an approx. 15 kms waste water pipeline ranging in size between 12″-60″ in diameter, 3-7.5 m in depth and a 12 kms sewer main line with large diameter (40-60 inches), 4-8 m in depth by using sheet pile system included storm water, retaining walls and landscaping and, involved in scrutiny of contractor’s design/drawings related to infrastructure and interaction with employer’s local authorities of Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction of Housing Project, covering 3576 houses according to FIDIC.

Jan.1999-April 2000 :
IMES Organized Industrial Zone / Industrial Zone Manager

Managed establishment of Organized Industrial Zone and involved in developing of land area of approx. 2,300 acres and preparation of the technical reports for infrastructure constructions to be undertaken by KLING GmbH (Germany) on IMES Organized Industrial Zone Infrastructure Project.

Nov.1997-August 1998 :
TEMPO Consulting and Engineering Co. / Civil Engineer

Supervised daily log of construction, inspection and commissioning activities of a 5 kms long natural gas pipeline, hot-tab and RMS station according to British and Botas specs on Esenyurt 180 MW Co-generation Power Plant Project undertaken by TPS (Holland) and delivered mentioned structures and pipeline to pilot company, Edison Mission Company (U.S.A) as well as attended regular meetings with client and contractor to ensure smooth execution of operations and resolve any obstacles and/or problems.

March 1995-April 1997 :
COWI (Danmark)-TEMAT J.V. / Civil Engineer

Provided engineering services for The Golden Horn Steel Bridge Renovation and Widening Marine Construction Project according to AASHTO undertaken by IHI (Japanese)- ENKA-Bayındır J.V. in Istanbul. The Project comprised of two main steel bridges, two viaducts, three underbridges, one flyover, foundation and sheet piling works, pre-tensioned reinforced concrete T beams and segments, asphalt and roadworks. My activities covered approvals and inspections of mentioned constructions, designs, detailed drawings in compliance with AASHTO standards including monthly payment certificates, following agreed upon project method statements, quality control, safety and risk assessment according to project requirements and implementation of commissioning process of the structures.

April 1994-Feb.1995 :
B.M.O. Construction Co. Inc. / Site Manager

Managed turnkey mass housing constructions of Güzelkent Villa Project comprising 990 villa units in Istanbul and was responsible for the constructions, providing coordinations and work direction of frame structures, finishing works, infrastructure, following assigned site project activities and ensuring that project execution is carried out in a safe manner. Furthermore, My responsibilities also covered engineering functions where will assist the subcontractors and foremen on their next day programmes for ensuring sufficient work-front, quality standarts and materials which are or will be available before time in order to avoid any interruption of the works.

Feb.1992-April 1994 :
Ihlas Holding Co. Inc./ Technical Manager

Was responsible for constructions of 120 villa units on the Yalova Villas Project which was executed by using prefabricated structural elements for the frame structures included day-to-day management of the site, identifing the works to be subcontracted, initiate subcontracting activities, preparing project cost estimate of resources and other expenses using generic cost structure which is suitable for cost tracking in the project life cycle in consultation with the General Manager, supervising and monitoring site labour force and work of any subcontractors, planning works and efficiently organizing the plant and site facilities in order to meet project deadlines. After the Project, I was assigned to technical inspection of concrete, formwork and re-bar installation of frame structures on Ihlas Trade Center Building Project (high rise),covering 20,000 m².

Acer Engineering and Consulting Co.(England) / Design Engineer

Assisted in plan and analysis in order to provide clear, trackable and coordinated interpretations of the design/drawings by performing structural design and analysis calculations for two underbridges and one overbridge with pre-tensioned reinforced concrete T beam and culverts according to AASHTO specifications on Izmir-Çeşme Motorway Project of 150 kms in length at Istanbul Office.

Mar.1990- Feb.1991:
SOWP Co. (England) – Mouchel – U.B.M J.V.

Supervising Design Engineer

Checked calculations and drawings of nine pre-tensioned reinforced concrete viaducts, twentyseven bridges, fourteen underbridges, one river bridge and culverts based on AASHTO prepared by ARUP Engineering & Consulting Co. (England) on Edirne-Kınalı Highway Project with length of 156 kms.

Mar.1987- Jan.1989 :
Freeman Fox and Partners Co. (England) – Botek J.V. Supervising Site Engineer

Conducted effective and consistent workplace inspections for three post-tensioned and pre-tensioned viaducts, three bridges, one openly built tunnel, two underbridges, foundation and sheet piling works, roadworks, drainages and, precast yard functions for precast super U and T beams and precast segments on Sakarya-Kınalı Highway Project with length of 256 kms including The Second Bosphorus Bridge construction undertaken by IGL (Italy)-STFA J.V. in accordance with AASHTO specifications.