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Extensive experience in Building Construction as Project Mechanical Engineer.
Extensive experience in Design and Project Management.
Extensive experience in dealing/negotiation with customers and suppliers around the globe. Thus, with the ability to interact well with internal departments and with external customers.
Expertise in drawing interpretation, design review, detailing, preparation of Bill of Materials, managing Engineering change and project coordination.
Proficient in Microsoft office

Current location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - View on map
Nationality: Filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  , Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: Arabic, english, Tagalog, Urdu
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Technological Institute of the Philipippines, Manila
College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, 1338 Arlegui Street, Quiapo Manila, Philippines


o Certificate of Training on “Refrigeration and Air-condition”.

o Certificate of Training on “Programmable Logic Computer Technology Using Siemens Logic Module”.

o Certificate of Training on “Power Supply Seminar/Workshop”.

o Certificate of Training on “Symposium Industrial Automation”.

o Certificate of Attendance and Participation in the “Technical Lecture/Seminar on Nuclear Energy Awareness”.

o Certificate of Attendance and Participation in the “Technical Lecture/Seminar on Hydro-electric Power Plant”.

o Certificate of Attendance in the “General Orientation of the Latest Air-conditioning Technology



 Extensive experience in Building Construction as Project Mechanical Engineer.

 Extensive experience in Design and Project Management.

 Extensive experience in dealing/negotiation with customers and suppliers around the globe. Thus, with the ability to interact well with internal departments and with external customers.

 Expertise in drawing interpretation, design review, detailing, preparation of Bill of Materials, managing Engineering change and project coordination.

 Proficient in Microsoft Office.

 Knowledgeable in Troubleshooting of Industrial Mechanical Equipment.

 Experience in Research and Development.

 Experience in Production Manufacturing Processes.

 Possessed leadership traits and able to communicate across all levels.

 Involves at Cost Reduction program of the company.

 Outstanding ability to work in a team environment.

Career Summary

Aied Baijan Al-Osaimi Contracting Establishment Project Mechanical Engineer
Site Mechanical Engineer
May 2013 – Present

Aied Baijan Al-Osaimi Contracting Est. is a fully integrated Engineering Group, providing a full range of integrated professional services. Our group is going through exciting times and we have achieved significant milestones in the areas of engineering, architecture, innovative technology, people, process, systems, and operations. We have an establish track record of continuously delivering superior value to our customers. Engineering Services, Architecture, and Designs, Customer Support, Industrial Products, Systems and Integration and Information Technology, making us major corporate in Saudi Arabia with a distinct identity.

Aied Baijan Al-Osaimi Contracting Est. Construction Supervision is one of the main divisions of Aied Baijan Al-Osaimi Contracting Est. which establish to meet the rising demand for program management and construction supervision. We provide services for clients with multi-projects which often have a long duration and a total construction value that run into billions of Saudi Riyals. Through planning, organizing, securing and managing resources Aied Baijan Al-Osaimi Contracting Est. bring about the successful completion of a projects goal and objectives and it not only honors projects constraints, but equally focuses on high quality services and techniques to achieve its clients satisfaction.

Project Mechanical Engineer Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Prepare preliminary Mechanical Engineering documents related with project

2. Develop written documentations of problem statement, justification, scope of work, cost estimate and schedule

3. Prepare elaborate Mechanical Engineering drawings, calculations, material and equipment specification, instrument and control requirements

4. Supervise, coordinate, monitor and control project construction and installation

5. Arrange initial safety and assist in technical start-up as necessary

6. Report and present project status, costs and schedule information to all personnel related with project as required

7. Review quotations and relevant documentation request

8. Identify, evaluate and examine Mechanical Engineering project requirements

9. Prepare engineering estimates after determining manufacturing processes, test procedures, tooling, and personnel requirements

10. Utilize appropriate cost effective measures for project task

11. Oversee released jobs to ensure compliance with production schedule

12. Review new product orders and utilize design, fabrication and other relevant documentation for correctness

13. Analyze requirements and review prior design calculations and processes to ensure compliance

14. Respond to manufacturing issues, problem, analysis and execute apt corrective actions

Construction Site Mechanical Engineer Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Surveying of construction sites and design of structures

2. Manages the planning, design, construction and maintenance of various mechanical systems in buildings and structures including Industrial Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC), rain gutter systems in buildings and structures, Medical Gas Pipe installation, Fire fighting pipe installation and Mechanical equipments for firefighting systems, Elevator installation, Sewage line installation, and installation of Split type/cassette type and compressors

3. Ensures compliance with relevant building codes and safety regulations

4. Tests all aspects of mechanical competent, equipment, and machinery

5. Applies knowledge of Engineering principles to design products such as engines, instruments, controls and machines

6. Fabrication, operation, application, installation, and repair Mechanical products

7. Prepare report to an executive and to a manager

8. Performs the evaluation and inspection of Mechanical Engineering projects to ensure that standards and requirements are met

9. Prepares, maintains and reviews technical documentation, such as drawings and specifications for Mechanical Engineering projects

10. Oversees the implementation of organizational construction safety and health policies and procedures

11. Manage safety and health programs for different construction projects

12. Supervises construction safety and health assurance activities for short-term and long-term considerations

ECOSYSTEM Technologies Inc.
ECOSYSTEM Technologies Inc. is an “Environmental Specialist Organization” offering full, integrated, and comprehensive technical knowhow, catering to a wide range of services for a Solid Waste Management, Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Requirements.

 Position: Project Mechanical Engineer May 2012 – November 2012

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Supervision and monitoring the projects handled consisting of professional technicians and skilled workers. In-house capability includes design and manufacture of motor control panel assembly, Process Engineering and PLC Programming and System Integration.

2. Develops, evaluates, and improves manufacturing methods, utilizing knowledge on product design, materials and parts, fabrication processes, tooling and production equipment capabilities, assembly methods, and quality control standards.

3. Assures product and process quality by researching, designing, evaluating, and modifying; testing finished-product and process capabilities.

4. Provides technical assistance to Project Manager regarding new design, Engineering and build contractor of water and wastewater treatment plant using advance technology with emphasis in sequencing batch reactor, membrane bio reactor, bio-augmentation and remediation, reverse osmosis/desal system to produce high quality effluent for water recycle or reuse.

5. Maintains professional and technical competence through active participation in internal and external learning activities, researches and studies of knowledge and skills extending to area of practice and involvement in other activities as deemed necessary by the company.

6. Provide technical assistance in design and development of assigned projects. Review and recommend improvements to existing designs to improve operational performance.

7. Maintain clear and complete documentations of assigned projects and respond to technical queries and concerns in a timely fashion.

8. Coordinate with manager in developing project plan, budget and schedule and work closely with technicians designers, and engineers in planning and completing assigned projects within deadlines.

9. Provide technical assistance and conduct trainings to team members when required and recommend new technologies and techniques to achieve project goals and perform cost and schedule negotiations for change order request.

10. Monitor and report project status to management on regular basis and analyze root causes of technical problems and develop resolutions.

11. Assist in project audits and implement audit recommendations and follow company policies and safety regulations.

12. During my tenure I finished six projects.

King Richard Shop Systems, Inc.
King Richard Shop Systems, Inc. is a progressive, diversified and innovative corporation anchored on the conceptualization design, installation and services of commercial and industrial equipment. It uses the finest technology so that control and monitoring of the status and all parameters of its main products, specifically commercial and industrial refrigeration are remotely monitored and administered via the computers, from its place of business and all the way through the client’s location. The inimitable and incomparable designs of its shop fittings and the business expediency attributed to its digital weighing scales and pneumatic fund transfer system are sought after by leading supermarkets and retail markets nationwide. Backed up by a team committed to a culture excellence, King Richard Shop Systems Inc. is more than ready to face the challenges of the 21st century.

 Position: Project Mechanical Engineer July 2011 – December 2011

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Maintain all materials for control activities and prepare all field requisition and inspect all warehouse materials and evaluate all specification and provide mechanical and engineering support on all project work.

2. Analyze all customer requests and designs all products specifications and documents all results and assist all engineering staff to design specifications and prepare all CAD designs and facilitate all product modification.

3. Supervise all tests on prototype units and propose changes to meet all products specifications and complete required paper works for all customer product and perform all administrative duties and provide required training to staff.

4. Coordinates with various departments to recommend required quality improvements and cost reductions for all activities and prepare project schedule and assist risk mitigation plans and manage all acquisition materials and ensure compliance to all mechanical plans.

5. Administer all project implementations and resolve all technical issues and prepare all project estimate in coordination with senior management and costumer and provide and efficient interface for all projects prototype and efficient planning.

6. Assist management for closure on all emergency issues for shutdown processes and provide training support to all operations and coordinate with various departments to monitor multiple sites and projects and provide onsite support to all project managers and train all technicians.

7. Prepare documents for all business systems and procedures and evaluate designs and maintain records on all unit configurations and identify all process improvement and recommend increase in productivity and manage all communications with internal and external customers and provide updates.

8. Design all project schedule and plans and analyze all work instructions and hazards and develop various techniques all project results and perform research to design all project proposals and maintain safety in working environment at all times.

9. Manage all communication with internal and external customers and provide an effective interface with all R&D managers and resolve all complex issues and ensure optimal utilization of all resources to obtain all desired results.

10. Monitor budget of all small and medium size engineering support and design all contracts in coordination with internal employees and implement various stages of engineering projects and perform troubleshoot on all processes.

11. Interact on project standards coordination with clients and Maintain CAD document archive and retrieval for projects.

12. Provide leadership and vision to the company in the area of Engineering Department and project site.

Matluster Corporation
Matluster Corporation is a manufacture of wrists watch cover glass and high precision glass element for optical and electronic applications. Business is a Industrial services and equipment.

 Position: Maintenance Engineer January 2011- July 2011

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Perform preventive maintenance to avoid failures unnecessary productions loss and safety violations, scheduled maintenance, planned maintenance is a scheduled service visit carried out by a competent and suitable agent, to ensure that an item of equipment is operating correctly and to therefore avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime, improvements in the specific asset environment (physical plant and equipment), improvements in resource utilization, people, materials and services.

2. Improve the way maintenance gets done so that the plant and equipment are reliable, produce a better quality or higher quantity, and that costs less to maintain, developing the improvement plan(s) to achieve objectives, identifying the resources and skill sets required to execute the plan and developing and supporting the implementation of effective Maintenance Management System Monitoring the progress of the plan, to lead the Organization, doing whatever it takes, to continually improve the way the maintenance gets done, often in step change fashion in the beginning, providing advice and counsel on the design of new installations

3. Finding machine requirement in running condition and keep machine condition good as possible.

4. Attend machine breakdown and find the route course of same and check all spare parts and constable items stock as required.

5. Strategize on maintenance, work instruction, and methods. Establish maintenance strategies to install and commission equipment and create plant preventive maintenance procedures.

6. Plan routine maintenance of plant equipment and machinery, analyze breakdowns, diagnose faults, and supervise time critical equipment repairs.

7. Offer technical expertise to maintenance people like supervisor, foreman, fitters, and technicians. Functions as project development member to maintain new equipment. Work with reliability engineers to extend equipment life cycle.

8. Oversee and control maintenance costs. Manage budget for current and future equipment upgrades and replacements. Check work-in-progress and during completion to meet specifications. Estimate costs on equipment, systems and structures repair or replacement.

9. Support ongoing preventive maintenance program.

Bennessere International Inc
Bennessere International Incorporation is a pioneer marketing company in the Philippine and in Asia by providing customer financial services and security to our clients and their families in an extended period through a highly trained, happy and which translate into making the company viable and profitable in standard financial terms.

 Position: Sales Counselor January 2010 – January 2011

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Perform to close lead developed by media, special events, direct mail and referral sources. Execute prompt inquiries follow-up, lead through phone and in writing.

2. Prepare and present presentations to prospect as well as family members. Execute senior prospecting task being planned plus coordinated with Marketing Director, Executive Director, and Regional Director.

3. Support prospective residents, family members, and advisors in decision-making procedure through understanding needs plus how to meet plus exceed expectations. Develop and maintain relations with prospective referral sources.

4. Provide excellent customer service, promote the sale of boxes. Locks and moving supplies support the Sales Manager by learning and assisting in the daily operations of the storage facilities as requested and assuming responsibility during the Sales Manager’s absence.

5. Maintain excellent facility appearance and cleanliness, maintain customer and computer records, nurture, and enhance SIMI’s positive image and relationship with the property owner and the public. Assume responsibility upon request that may occasionally require response to after hour issues or other situations as needed on a 24/7 basis, other tasks as may be assigned from time to time greet customers, discuss type, quality and quantity of merchandise or services sought for purchase, rental, or lease.

6. Advice customers on use and care of merchandise, provide advice concerning specialized products or services, estimate or quote prices, credit terms, trade-in allowances, warranties and delivery dates.

7. Prepare merchandise for purchase, rental or lease, sales, rental or leasing contracts and accept cash, check, credit card, or automatic debit payments. Assist in display of merchandise maintain sales records for inventory control; operate computerized inventory record keeping and re-ordering systems.

ETSI Technologies, Inc.
ETSI Technologies Inc. since 1982, served as the implementation arm of Siemens and was credited for making significant contributions to te Philippine Telecom Sector. In 2007, ETSI a subsidiary of Nokia Solutions and Networks. We have upgraded our business portfolio to encompass all the necessary service solutions for the complete cycle of your network. We have the in-house technical expertise, extensive warehousing facilities, medium to heavy machinery and manpower complement that will enable us to implement large-scale, full-turnkey projects simultaneously. With our resources, over 25 years of experience and our long-term partnership perspective towards our entire costumer, we can guarantee providing you with services the highest quality.

 Position: Technical Secretary August 2009- December 2009

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Receive, direct and relay telephone messages and fax messages, direct the general public to the appropriate staff member, maintain the general filing system and file all correspondence,. Assist in the planning and preparation of meetings, conferences, and conference telephone calls. Make preparations for band council and committee meetings.

2. Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies respond to public inquiries, provide word-processing and secretarial support, type confidential documents on a word processing system, responsible for providing secretarial, clerical, and administrative support in order to ensure that services are provided in an effective and efficient manner.

3. Filing and documenting the daily tasks of every employee monitored the completion and progress of system requirements.

4. Attended seminars and imparted the gained knowledge to the company by way of workshops and trainings.

Asahi Flat Glass Philippines Inc.
AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. was incorporated in 1988 as the corporate vehicle to undertake a multi -billion peso joint venture between Republic Glass Holding Corporation of the Philippines and Asahi Glass Company, Ltd of Japan.

Its mother company, Asahi Glass Company, Ltd of Japan was established in 1907 and was Japan’s first commercial manufacturer of flat glass. Since then, the company has expanded its operations to include chemicals, glass for automobiles, display glass for cathode ray tubes, liquid crystals, and electronics. With headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan, Asahi Glass Company has become a multinational company with operations centering on glass, electronics, chemicals, and displays with a global network of over 200 subsidiaries in 24 countries.

The Philippine Float Plant, considered one of the most advanced in the world, started commercial operations in 1991. The float process is a state- of- the- art technique that floats molten glass on top of a molten tin bath to produce distortion-free glass of superior quality. The production line is controlled by “high tech” equipment and computer systems that are integrated in a control room which monitors and regulates the whole production process. This is conducted with the aid of cameras installed inside the furnace and float baths to strictly monitor the different stages of the glass forming process. The line has built –in automatic defect detectors-computer controlled cameras that direct the cutters to cut specific combinations to avoid the defects and at the same time optimize the recovery of the highest quality glass products.

The company has been in the glass business for almost half a century. It manufactures and distributes architectural glass products such as float glass, figured glass and mirrors for the construction, automotive and other industries. Other products like coated glass, fire resistant glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and double glazed glass are likewise available as supported by its worldwide network which includes USA, Belgium, Japan, and others. It has also started the manufacture of Solite, a new high –value added export product used in flat plate solar collectors that convert solar energy to electric energy.

The company’s upgraded float glass facility is located at the Asahi Special Economic Zone in Pasig City, Philippines. It is capable of producing an estimate of 520 Metric Tons of float glass products per day. This plant is complemented by a patterned glass furnace with a capacity of 110 Metric Tons per day. These modern facilities churn out high-value added glass products at quality levels that are higher than global standards.

Its manufacturing operation employs extensive use of environment-friendly process as in the use of indigenous and recyclable materials. The company is also certified with an ISO 9002:2001 for its quality management system and an ISO 14001:2004 Certification for compliance to its environmental management system. Related to this, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has also awarded a Permit to Operate for the company’s flagship project for environment reservation, the Exhaust Gas Treatment Plan (EGTP). The EGTP is an anti air pollution device that would significantly reduce pollutants resulting into emissions that are compliant to the Clean Air Act of the Philippines.

With these developments, AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. continues to ride the wave of operational excellence and looks beyond to continually pursue innovations in order to create value not only for the Asahi Group but for the Philippine as well.

 Position: Utility Maintenance Staff October 2007 – March 2008

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Reviews and control quality of work, assists in completing employee evaluations, participates in performing routine maintenance and repair work.

2. Plans, schedules, prioritizes and assigns utility maintenance and repair work, communicates status of repairs to appropriate personnel, working cooperatively to schedule repairs in accordance with established priorities and special operational priorities.

3. Assist in developing work plans, procedures, and schedules use of tools and equipment, relevant safety precautions.

4. Write and reviews maintenance records, prioritizes and coordinates work with other staff, develops writes, and reviews scheduled maintenance records for operations and maintenance staff, coordinates with outside repair contractors and suppliers, write work orders.

5. Performs maintenance duties in water and wastewater treatment facilities, including designing new systems, responding to emergencies and breakdowns during and after regular work hours, obtaining repair specifications, ordering necessary parts, performing readings, and making inspections.

6. Performs major repair and installation of mechanical systems, including troubleshooting problems, planning and directing repairs, working out bypass programs, and coordinating with outside repair companies.

7. Performs fabrication duties, including designing, rigging, and planning major installations, building tools and parts, and performing cutting and welding duties.

8. Maintains equipment and spare parts inventories and observes saf work methods and makes appropriate use of related safety equipment as required.

9. Response to complaints and answers questions from public or escalates to supervisor, as necessary, emergency repairs as necessary, and performs minor adjustments on service equipment; maintains tools and equipment in working order.

10. Maintains logs of daily activities and performs related duties as assigned.

Candy Maker Inc.
Candy Maker Inc. is a Big scale Manufacturer, Retailer business in Pasig, Metro

 Position: Production Staff January 2003 – June 2003

Responsibilities and Work Place Activities:

1. Snow Bear Candy products that deliver in different regions in Philippines.

2. Mixing of chemicals from raw to finish products, ensured the quality of products by checking the outcome of the products, the safety products, sealed, and repacked the products for delivery.