CV, Exp Manager in power plant construction, commissioning, budgeting

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Skills keywords: ppm skills, project budget contrrol, strong leadership, team player
Short Bio:

Responsible for the safe and effective execution of erection , construction , commissioning ,maintenance and repair of all equipment associated with the power plant. Supervise a staff of maintenance personnel working with plant operators. Plan and conduct major outages. Implement and direct effective PdM, PM, lubrication, and contractor management programs. Responsible for maintenance budget and expenses while achieving a high level of equipment reliability, carry out the installation of the

Current location: Kuwait - Al Sabyia - View on map
Nationality: Egyptian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Oil, Gas and Energy, General Management
Spoken languages: Arbice, english, french
Location I am interested in working: africa, Asia, azerbaijan, Bahrain, china, egypt, jordan, kazakhstan, Middle East, Morocco, Oman, philippines, Pitcairn Island, qatar, saudi arabia, tunisia, Turkey, ukraine, United Arab Emirates

Work Experience

Current Position in Kuwait: Project Manager for the outage at Al Sabyia

Power plant (8 ST x 300 MW +8 Dist X 12.5 MGWD)

And all the emergency maintenance issues in the winter

With M/S Bilfinger – Babcock Boris Service

(October 2012 – December 2013 )

Last Position in UAE : – Mechanical Maintenance Manager – Al Taweela B

At Abu Dhabi

(August 1997 to December 2010) With AGPS

(6 x ST x 150 MW +3 X 150 MW Combined cycle +3

250 MW Combined cycle) + ( 6 Dist . x 12.5 MGWD + 4

DIST 7,5 MGWD + 4 Dist . x 17.5 MGWD )

Last Position in Egypt Project Manager for the outage of 2GT + 1 ST at West Delta

Before going to Kuwait: Alexandria – Egypt (July 2011 – June 2012)

(4 ST x 150 MW + 2 ST x 300 MW)

Last position in Egypt

Before going to UAE: Senior Mechanical Engineer in Abu Qir Power plant –

Alexandria. (July 1978 – August 1997)

( 4 ST X 150 MWT+ 2 ST X 300 MWT )

Duty Summary

Responsible for the safe and effective execution of erection , construction , commissioning ,maintenance and repair of all equipment associated with the power plant. Supervise a staff of maintenance personnel working with plant operators. Plan and conduct major outages. Implement and direct effective PdM, PM, lubrication, and contractor management programs. Responsible for maintenance budget and expenses while achieving a high level of equipment reliability, carry out the installation of the equipments . do all the steps of commissioning to put it in service and bids evaluation final technical recommendation report writing according to the required specifications .

Professional Duties in Detail

1- Plan and Execute Repair and maintenance Activities

• Manage all mechanical and E&I maintenance department activities including, but not limited to preventative, predictive, corrective, emergency, contracted and warranty service for all plant equipment, facilities and mobile equipment.

• Champion the plant computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and assures that valid equipment and labor activity is being entered to provide valid equipment histories. Review, prioritize and approve all work orders to define the weekly and daily work scope for the maintenance department.

• Lead, plan and execute all aspects of boiler of and turbine outages as the outage manager/coordinator. Respond to all forced outage events quickly and effectively.

• Having highly working knowledge in ASME – API and other international codes .

• Having highly knowledge of quality Management systems – ISO 9000 – ISO 14000

2- Manage Maintenance Department Personnel and Contractors

• Interview, select, hire, supervise, council, train, develop, promote, discipline and evaluate performance of maintenance staff.

• Create scopes of work; bid packages, schedule and monitor contracted work to assure effective work execution and top quality results.

• Recommend measures to improve all repair methods, equipment performance, quality of product, and personnel efficiency

• Assure that department personnel participate in and complete Corporate and Plant Training Programs within the time frame prescribed

• Troubleshoot equipment problems and eliminate repetitive equipment failures

• Responsible for morale and productivity of department.

• Foster and promote a culture of teamwork between maintenance staff and all other plant departments.

3-Manage Maintenance Budget and Expense

● Manage storeroom personnel and assure proper levels of critical spare part

● Approve all maintenance department requisitions, requisition new parts, ,

● assure proper cost coding, and track expenditures

● longe term service agreement is preferable with the main manufacturer .( LTSA )

● Develop annual Repair and Maintenance budget in accordance with the plant business plan. Develop 5-year look-ahead budgets in conjunction with annual budget

• Accurately track and monitor department spending to ensure that business plan goals are met while effectively maintaining facility to provide for consistent operations.

• Understand and report expenditures and forecast of future expenses on a regular basis. Track all maintenance parts, labor and contract services expenses.

4- Safety rules applying

• Ensure that the facility and all personnel operate safely at all times and promote an environment where safety and environmental compliance is the number one priority.

• Follow standard safety procedures, correct safety and environmental hazards. Lead by example in all of these areas.

• Read, understand, and implement lockout/tag-out, safety rules, job hazard analyses, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.

Thoroughly and promptly investigate any accidents or near misses in conjunction with the management team to ensure that any unsafe practices or conditions are addressed and eliminated immediately

5 -Special Skills

● A team player, with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills.

● General Management experience in power plants ( Erection , commissioning operation and


● Bids evaluation and final technical recommendation report writing excellent experience.

● Strong knowledge of power plant Systems (all aspects – design, function,

Installations, testing coordination with other trades )

● Advanced understanding of construction planning, estimating and commercial processes & . , supervision of large projects essential

● Strong knowledge of scheduling / planning and tracking of progress

● Strong interpersonal skills

● Strong verbal and writing skills, with regards to contractual communication

● understand the concept of Enterprise Risk Management and Risk quantification skills

● Ability to work with difficult deadlines and under pressure

● Negotiation/ Presentation/ Decision Making Skills

● Excellent communication skills in English. and Arabic

6-Special Experience

More than 30 years experience in the power plants and distillers in Egypt and Abu Dhabi. (Installation, commissioning, Maintenance and reverse engineering)

 Having long time of experience in the heavy rotating and static equipment like Steam & gas Turbines ( GE & Siemens ) , Distillers , Boilers , HRSG and Pumps in the large power plants.

 Having long experience for GT repair and decide the kind of repair for the used

Capital parts (Heavy, Medium & light ) and the budget for each. In Abu Dhabi and Kuwait.

● I did long term service agreement (LTSA) with GE for the price of repair, capital

Spare parts such as :

Fuel nozzles, liners, T. Pieces, 1st , 2nd & 3rd stages and different types of maintenance such as C I , HGPI , Major and PI if required

● I did modification for liquid fuel system by replacing all the check valves to be

Water cooled check valves by my my team of Al Taweela B power plant in UAE\

● Deliver high quality internal audit support to the outsourced Internal Auditors

 I did Master maintenance planning for 20 years for all the Maintenance (Turbines, Boilers & Distillers) and the Essential Equipment (11 KV motor & pumps) linked with budget.

 Preparing and ordering the required spare parts for the different kinds of overhauls and the daily CM & PM.

 Highly ability to work under pressure and the emergency Cases in system, meet deadlines without compromising quality

 Having stormed brain to solve the problems and create the suitable solutions for improving the systems to safe the production of the plant

. ● Having long experience with the maintenance of all types of valves and adjusting

● Having long experience with dealing with Maximo – 6 system (Operation & Maintenance System)

 Highly ability to do professionally the technical lectures and the presentations for our staff and the external visitors.

 Highly ability to write the technical reports & send it to the top management and carry out discussion if required.

 Excellent Maintenance Knowledge of water treatment & waste water plants.

 Big water and fuel tanks excellent ability of construction , test , maintenance , repairing and inside and outside painting according to the standard codes

 Excellent Knowledge of catholic protection and anodes to protect the sea water equipment.



 Training Courses


 (6) Months in France (EDF) – Power Plants.

 (2) Months in France ( ALSTOM) – Major Overhaul.

 (7) Weeks in France (ALSTOM) – Major Overhaul.

 (1) Month in France (SULZER) – Major Overhaul.

 (3) Weeks in Germany (TAPROGGE) – Condenser ball cleaning systems

 (2) Weeks in Germany (SIEMENS) – Steam & Gas Turbine.

 (2) Weeks in Holland (SULZER ELBAR) – GE Gas Turbine – Reverse Engineering for combustion chamber liners

 (1 ) week in England ( Bark power station – GE Frame 9 conference )

Presentations and lectures

– Many lectures about the steam Turbines theory and maintenance ( Al Taweela B)

– Many lectures about GE F 9 Gas turbines theory and inspections. ( Al Taweela B – UAE)

– Maintenance planning. ( Al Taweela B )

– How to do the alignment for the rotating machines ( Al Taweela B )

– GE Gas turbines crude oil system modification by using water cooled check

valves and liners material replacing (England in Gas Turbine. F9 user`s conference).

– Boiler feed water pumps maintenance and major overhaul (Al Taweela B )

– Boiler & HRSG inspection, maintenance and hydraulic test ( Al Taweela B )

– Distillers inspection, maintenance and acid cleaning.

– Brine recirculation pumps casings cracks and replacing to be Duplex SS instead

of Ni resistance ( Al Taweela B – UAE )

– Many lectures about the responsibility and how to solve the problems in system

( Al Taweela B- UAE )

– Teaching the courses of Valves & actuators, Pumps, Air conditioning, Boilers & Materials, Turbines & Hydraulic Electro control systems and Wind Energy for the Engineers and the Technicians (Abu Qir power plant training center at Alexandria , Al Taweelah power plant at UAE .

– Many lectures about the modern Maintenance philosophy for the power plants equipment ( Al Sabyia power plant – Kuwait )


B. SC in Mechanical Power Engineering ( 5 years )

Faculty of engineering – Alexandria University

Egypt – June 1975

 Language

 Arabic : Native Language

 English: Very Good

 French : Good