CV, Doctorate In Microbiology Seeking Work In New Zealand

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Skills keywords: biotechnology, genomics, microbial endophytes, microbiology
Short Bio:

I have 5 years, 10 months of research, 2 years, 7 months of academic teaching and 1 year of industrial experience in the field of Microbiology. My research works were highly appreciated in international conferences held in Malaysia and Singapore and received best presentation awards. I have been invited to various short-term programmes held at CSIR, ICAR laboratories, NAS-I and Universities. Part of my research work has been carried out at Department of Microbiology (YLLM –DM)

Current location: Singapore - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Pharmaceutical and Science
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: canada, new zealand


1. Ph.D. (Microbiology) : Defended Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis on 8th January 2015.

2. M.Phil. (Microbiology) : 2007.

3. DMBT : 2003.

4. M.Sc., (Microbiology) : 2002.


Current Research : Endophytic actinomycetes, Enzymes, Drugs.

Affiliated Institution : Interdisciplinary Research Centre, Malankara Catholic College

Research & Career Summary


Duration : 01.05.2009 – Till date.

Designation : Research Scholar (Full Time).

Institution : Interdisciplinary Research Centre, DBT, Malankara Catholic College.


Translational ID Laboratory, Department of Microbiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore from 01/ 02 / 2012 to 31 / 03 / 2012.


Duration : 2 years and 7 months (22.09.2006 – 30.04.2009).

Positions held : Lecturer (Microbiology).

Institution : Vysya College affiliated to Periyar University, Salem Dt.


Duration : 1 year (01.12.03 – 15.12.04).

Positions held : Microbiologist.

Industry : MGP Marketing Centers, Salem Dt.


Microbial Taxonomy and their valuable such as enzymes and drugs

Technical Skills

Industrial Microbiology:

• Isolation bacterial floras from various environmental niches and its taxonomy identification.

• Fermentation and extraction and purification of secondary metabolites.

• Disk diffusion assay to determine anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity.

• LCC-MK2 cells preparation and inoculation of DENV2 for anti-DENV compound analysis.

• Solid state and Submerged fermentation for Protease enzyme production and purification.

Molecular biology and Genetic engineering:

• DNA extraction and estimation from microbial sources.

• Analyzing the DNA using AGE (plasmid), PAGE(chromosomal) techniques.

• PCR gene amplification and sequencing.

• Protein extraction, estimation and its molecular weight determination using SDS-PAGE.

• Western blot, Southern blot and Immuno blot.

• Restriction and Digestion of antibiotic resistant genes in bacterial plasmids and ligation with other

vector plasmids followed by transformation to other system.


• Haemagglutination (HA) and Haemagglutination Inhibition (HI) assay to detect Leptospiral infection

and New castle disease virus detection.

Analytical and Biophysics Instrumentation:

• UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.

• RP-HPLC fractionation and purification of secondary metabolites.

• Sample preparation to Scanning Electron Microscope.