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Skills keywords: dairy farm assistant, dairy farming, farm assistant
Short Bio:

Dairy farm worker at Linohon Backyard Dairy Farm (Assisted by Philippines New Zealand Dairy Project) from July 14, 2012 up to August 8, 2014 with duties and responsibilities including: Milking cows (Holstein Friesian Sahiwal / Jersey breed), Feeding, Animal Health, Calving, Forage planting, Breeding, Husbandry Practice, and Record Keeping.
Personal skills: Self-motivated and with great commitment to dairy farming, Patient and adaptable, Effective communication skills, With good sense of humor.

Current location: PCH 1, Blk 13 Lot 30, Damilag,Manolo Fortich Bukidnon, Philippines 8705 - View on map
Nationality: Filipino
Preferred Sector of Employment:  other
Spoken languages: english, Tagalog
Location I am interested in working: Australia, new zealand

Career Summary

1. Position: Dairy Farm Assistant
Duration: Jul 2012 – Aug 2014 (2 yrs)
Company: Linohon Backyard Dairy Farm
Company Industry: Agricultural / Animal / Live Stock
Location Maluko, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

Department: Production

Job Description: Milking cows (Holstein Friesian Sahiwal / Jersey breed)

· Prepare all the materials, tools, medicines needed in milking

· Transfer cows from the pen to the milking parlour

· Milking activity using milking machine and hand milking twice a day

· Observing personal cleanliness and sterile techniques during the procedure (proper handwashing)

· Cleaning and sanitizing of milking shed and other milking paraphernalia


· Providing the proper ratio of feeds required for each cows (mixture of corn, pasture and silage for supplement)

Animal Health; assist the farmowner conducting animal health activities such as:

· Vitamin administration

· Administration of medications for the ill animals


· Assisting pregnant cows when giving Birth if necessary

· Setting the calf pen for the newly born calves using rice hulls and saw dust treated with disinfectant

· Assisting newly born calf to suck the first 4 litres of milk which contains colostrum and monitor its condition

· Administering the calf with 3ml Iron Dextran 3 days after birth

Forage planting

· Spreading / Broadcasting of vermin cast as organic fertilizer

· Planting of forage using splits from high valued grass (Mulatto II, Kayman, Setaria splendeda, Mombasa, Paspalum and other legumes: Ipil-ipil, Madre de Cacao,

Arachis pintoi (mani-mani), American Joint Vetch

Husbandry Practice

· Dehorning of Heifers using dehorning iron

· Ear tagging of calves (2 month onward)

Record Keeping

· Maintaining the cow’s individual record

· Monitoring and recording milk production

Qualifications & Education

Bachelor’s / College Degree
Bachelor of Science In Nursing
Xavier University Ateneo De Cagayan
Cagayan De Oro City Philippines
Jun 2005 – Apr 2010


1. Computer Literate (MS Office: MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel) 10

2. Personal Skills 10 patient, adaptable and practical, motivated and able to follow a routine, able to show initiative and make decisions, well organised, goal focused and forward thinking, able to work well independently, and as part of a team, good at communicating with other people


Jun 11, 2014- Jun 11, 2014
Highly Productive, High Quality Forage Plant Genetic Material: Strategies for Profitable Dairy Farming
Linohon Dairy Focus Farm, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon