CV, Automation, Control and Safety Lead Engineer with Extensive International Experience

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Serial No: 4834
(23/03/1980, male)
Skills keywords: foxboro, ia series, offshore, project management, proposals, triconex
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2003 - 2013 - Invensys Operations Management



  • Proficient at Foxboro I/A Series (DCS), Foxboro® field devices and Triconex® safety systems (PLC/TS1131) as well asTriconex Certified Functional safety Engineer.
  • Perform FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies & optimization analysis, and technical leadership on project(s)of significant size, complexity, and scope.
  • Participate in P&ID/ C&E / HAZOP/ LOPA and SIL reviews.
  • Safety Requirement Specification (SRS) Development, Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Assignment & Verification, identify Process Safety Risk / Layers of protection, Management of Functional Safety and Safety Instrumented System (SIS)
  • Design and Good Engineering Practices in complies with International Safety Standards/ Regulations IEC 61511, IEC61508 and IEC 61131.
  • Have full ownership and responsibilities for the delivery of the Process Control and Automation scope engineering in accordance with project specifications and standards requested by Client starting from project initiation then KOM thru engineering, FAT, SAT and system handover to client’s operation and project closing.
  • Evaluate & approve all technical documents, Prepare Functional Design Specification (FDS), Detailed Design Specifications (DDS), Control narratives, Functional Logic diagrams, Cause& Effect and HMI philosophy specification, FAT Procedures, SAT Procedures, Testing procedures and Operational and Maintenance documents.
  • Utilize Tri-Stations (Triconex® safety systems (PLC/TS1131)) to build functional safety for ESD and F&G systems.
  • Utilize Foxboro I/A software to implement Regulatory and interlock control for the process (continuous and discrete control), developing HMI, data Histories, alarm configuration, Sequence of Events (SOE), Sequential flow charts (SFC),  Shift Report configuration, Control loops Tuning and build sequential control use HLBL code.
  • Proficient at System Network Architecture Design & identifying Cables route, Cables Tray and Earthling Schemes and Utilize industrial Networking TCP/IP, LAN, Fiber Optics communication, Network Switches, Routers, Firewall, Data link Modems, Media Converters and Terminal Servers to setup System Network.
  • Configure and Calibrate the Smart HART, PROFIBUS and Foundation Fieldbus instrument Transmitters.
  • Utilize industrial Comm. Protocols- MODBUS/RTU, OPC, and TSAA (Triconex System Access Application) to communicate DCS with the other 3rd party packages.
  • Lead preliminary design Review (PDR) and Critical design Review (CDR) and NMR preparation for Aramco projects.
  • Assist the proposal team with the technical solutions for complete PCS, DCS, ESD and F&G systems.
  • Prepare table of compliance (TOC) for RFQ/RFP specifications and Engineering standards for DCS and ESD systems for different end-users like SABIC and Aramco with awareness of their SAAMS standards.
  • Support the Project Manager in all the commercial and contractual issues beside creation of scope of work dictionary and time schedule management.
  • Estimating engineering Hours, Plan project activities, optimizing resource utilization, provide project coordination, execution of the project within the time and budgetary parameters.
  • Lead project execution, Delegate tasks to team to achieve the scope, maintaining the developed schedule, monitors team productivity and procurement follow up to meet project objectives within cost, quality and time constrains.
  • Prepare Detailed Hardware Design of DCS, ESD and FGS systems for Systems & Marshalling Cabinets including IO schedule, required spares, cabinet cross wiring, hardware loop typical , third-parties integration and Preparing BOM, heat and power calculations.
  • Conduct HW assembly, Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), Site Acceptance Test (SAT), as well as carrying out Site Commissioning and Start Up activities.
  • Finalize the As-Built drawing of the system wiring & control loops and smooth Project Handover.
  • Perform all duties in accordance with quality, HSE company policy and process.
  • UNIX and UNIX shell programming, database processing utilizing Excel and Access.
  • Normally work in virtual teams from different countries.
  • Software HMI graphics design & configuration.

Systems Lead Engineer – Systems & Solutions for Saudi ARAMCO projects, Period 3 Yr- KSA
  • Support maintenance contract service for Foxboro DCS, Triconex ESD and F&G systems.
  • Provide technical support for both proposals and sales teams in the Saudi and Bahrain region by creating solutions and table of compliance along with project execution plan PEP for different biddings for Aramco sites like Shaybah , Safaniya , Haradh , Uthmaneya Gas plant (UGP) & Shedgum Gas Plant (SGP).
  • Preparing Engineering Investigation requirements (EIR), software change requirement (SCR) and Test documents.
  • Consulting and serve DCS, ESD and FGS systems, implement process control and safety loops modification and updates plant alarm management system.
  • Leads on-site engineering, start-up and application commissioning for project of significant complexity.
  • Provide troubleshooting and technical support for control and automation during construction, commissioning and start-up activities.
Project: SASOL - Client: ORYX GTL, EPC: Technip Italy S.P.A/QATAR, RASLAFFAN, Period 3 M, Qatar / Italy
  • Lead the Implementation of the Load and temperature management LTM logics and update the documentation for the DCS and ESD systems.
  • Achieving System Integration, Internal test, FAT and IFAT activities held in Rome, Italy.

Project: ERHA FPSO - Client: Exxon Mobil EPC: SAIPEM ,Period 3.0 Y , France / Nigeria
  • Performing FEED (Front End Engineering Design) studies and optimization analysis.
  • Plan engineering activities, Estimate Man Hours and Assist project Plan development.
  • Preparing Functional Design Specifications (FDS), Detailed Design specification (DDS).
  • Working in project software application to developing ICSS regulatory control and P/L interlock logics including database processing, I/O assignment, control loop ,safety logic, HMI and programming High Level Batch Language (HLBL) to develop Tanks &pumps change over operation sequence and P/L Batches operation.
  • Hardware Design, System Panels and System Network Architecture Design.
  • Configuring Modbus/RTU serial communication to interface with 3rd party control packages (BN3500, (TGS) Motorized Operated Valve (MOV), Flow Metering system (MCC) by Areva and unit control system (UCP).
  • Installing OPC connection link bet. I/A system and SCADA-RTU system to monitor and control the ROV (RemoteControlled Valves) and Control Batch Tracking.
  • Configuring AIM*OPC server to communicate with MCM system via OPC link.
  • Configuring master/salve protocols TSAA (Triconex System Access Application) communication link between DCS and TRCON system.
  • Achieving System Integration, Internal test, FAT and IFAT activities held in France.
SITE ACTIVITIES ( Nigeria - Offshore):
  • Performing system power up, SAT activities, first oil support and and the other commissioning activities (Loops check, logic & interlocks modification and Control loop modification& tuning, Configure Security Access levels, Process Alarm Management, Historian& Report Package Configuration, Sequence of Events (SOE) configuration, validating serial communicationinterface with other packages and System Hardware Troubleshooting).
Project: Support the operation Capital projects at RAS GAS site, RASLAFFAN Period 3 M, Qatar
  • Support the operation capital projects for all 7 trains’ new projects in the DCS system and supported the shutdown and start up activates in train 3 and train 4.
Project: SOPCO Suez Oil Production Company site, Suez Period 6 M, Egypt
  • Lead on-site engineering, start-up and application commissioning for project of significant complexity.
  • Contributing to develop instrument & control regulatory to improve plant system reliability and achieved the modifications required for process start-up and operations.
  • Performing software change request (SCR) to modify Control loops , ESD and FGS C&E interlocks and tuning PID controllers to improve process performance and safety system for all Plant Units.
  • Developing FDT/DTM Frame Application software to calibrate and interface with the Hart transmitters.
  • Operating Modbus/RTU &OPC protocols to communicate with the other Subsystems (CCC, GTG, UCP, Allen Bradly, Omni Flow Computer, SCADA, MCC, etc).
  • Programming Sequential Function Chart (SFC) to develop operation and control sequence for several Units.
  • Configuring process alarm summary reports, Trends, Historian, Sequence of Events (SOE), alarm prioritized.
  • Providing Testing procedures and facilitating system troubleshooting & maintenance and backups.
Project: Cairo North Electricity Power Generation Site Upgrade, Period 4 M, Egypt
  • Lead on-site engineering, start-up and application commissioning for upgrading the system of the IA series from rev. 6.4 to rev. 7.1.4 including stations’ replacements, configuring new mesh network , connecting the node bus to the mesh network using NCNI modules, new software packages’ installation ,HMI transferring to HMI for XP stations, system control processors’ EEPROM upgrade and control blocks’ data base transfer.
Project: SANDOW Engineering, Invensys CANADA, Period 3 M, In-house Engineering Egypt
  • Lead the team for building the database, engineering, control loops’ typical, designing the graphics for HMI as overlays, symbols and the pre-FAT test for the entire project.
Project: Hasdrubal onshore Terminal - Client: British Gas Tunisia , EPC: Petrofac - Sfax/Tunisia, FAT in Dubai ,Period 4 M
  • Performing FAT/IFAT activities held in Dubai, UAE for third party packages such as GE export gas and feed gas compressors including creation of all logic control loops and establishing serial communications.
Project: Tasnee  - Client: Tasnee in Suadi Arabia ,Engineering and  FAT in Italy ,Period 1.0 Y
  • As a team leader for the engineering team at Cairo more than two thousands hours and taking the responsibility of creating all the control loops and complex control loops for the entire project through implementing the Regulatory control database, control typical creation, default creation ,tag list database propagation and revising the HMI graphics.
  • Achieving System Integration, Internal test, FAT and IFAT activities held in Italy
 Project: ASORC BOILERs - Client: Assiut oil Refinery Company ,Period 4 M , Egypt
  • Performing the engineering, commissioning and startup activities for the DCS of a 25 ton/hour boiler.
Project: BUHASA OIL PRODUCTION - Client: ADCO EPC: Snampegetti ,Period 8 M , Italy / UAE
  • Developing ICSS regulatory control, interlocks, Building the database, special loops typical, designing the HMI graphics ,overlays ,Symbols for the entire project, the graphics of emergency Shutdown and fire and gas systems. Managing the communications between DCS and safety system.
  • Configuring the OPC comm. link between DCS and 3rd. Party packages.
  • Achieving System Integration, Internal test, FAT and IFAT activities held in Urgniano, Italy.

Spoken languages: Arabic, english
Location I am interested in working: Bahrain, kuwait, nigeria, qatar, saudi arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United States