CV, Arabic Speaking Executive Secretary And PA Targeting The Middle East

I am currently available for work
Serial No: 5770
(28/07/1971, female)
Skills keywords: circulars, dealing with managers, skill in drafting
Current location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia - View on map


  • The following courses of the Institute of public administration in Riyadh from January 6 to May 4, 2009
    • Modern office technologies
    • Role in the Organization of meetings
    • Turn on the General Secretariat
    • Government correspondence course
  • A course in medical insurance from the national company for cooperative insurance (service tag) from 10-21 January 2000
  • Holds a diploma of the Institute of public administration in Riyadh Executive Secretary programme honours from 7 October 1997 to 1 March 2000.
  • The intensive English course from the Institute of public administration in Riyadh with very good 7 September 1997 to 11 June 1998 24 hours a week.
  • holds a general secondary schools Sun eligibility Riyadh 1997 I appreciated.
  • Practical experience:
  • Practical training course in management training and education _ the security forces hospital in Riyadh from January 22 to March 1, 2000.
  • Customer services officer worked in the national company for cooperative insurance (NCCI) ( NCCI) from 10 January 2000 to 31 December 2001.
  • volunteered to work in the secretarial section in the Prince Salman Center charity in Riyadh for a month during 2001
  • volunteered to work in the secretarial Department, public relations and cultural in the library's King Abdulaziz public library in Riyadh from 26 March 2001 for the month .
  • volunteered to work in the Al Manar languages and computer for a month during 2001.
  • Worked and still on the job: Office Manager, Secretary and public relations, cultural relations in the library's main King Abdulaziz public library in Riyadh on June 2, 2001.
Practical experience and skills:

Proficiency in Arabic and English.
  • The ability to deal with computer programs and all Office programs (Microsoft Office ) in Arabic and English and print speed
  • Experience and knowledge of all requirements of work in executive secretarial and Office management, dealing with managers, management and resolution to all the work of the Department.
  • Experience in dealing with important personalities (Royalty, diplomat, vips ... Etc)
  • Experience in administrative tasks and personnel, assistance in organizing the work of the section.
  • Experience in public relations, and cultural relations.
  • Experience in secretarial training, train employees on the use of certain software programs.
  • Skill in drafting, writing and coordination and preparation of the official communications of Government and NGOs in all themes, circulars, employment contracts.
  • Preparing and writing annual and half yearly reports .
  • Prepare and arrange all kind of administrative investigation procedures with employees and documented record of the investigation.
  • Preparation and design of official and unofficial forms to facilitate the performance of the work and provide information (forms, employment applications, questionnaires ... Etc).
  • Preparation of numbers and contained the year using Excel, follow-up and work monthly and yearly statistics.
  • Preparation and implementation of deals with activities and meetings.
  • Prepare and organize and coordinate internal and external administrative meetings and informal in different themes (scheduling, coordination between members, preparing and drafting work schedules and all documents for the meeting, arrangements for a meeting, the drafting of the minutes of the meeting).
  • Preparation and implementation of some ads and brochures.
  • Organize and coordinate the public and cultural activities, summer programs, and preparation of all documents and final reports and statistics for each activity (Symposium, lecture, workshop, training ... Etc)
  • Drafting of invitations, announcements of cultural activity and follow-up actions.
  • Prepare lists of names of those invited, invitations and send invitations (cards, mobile phone messages, fax, Internet)
  • Formulation and coordination of certificates, certificates of attendance. Etc.
  • Preparation and drafting of press releases for the library and children's library, in coordination with the media.
  • Follow the news from media sources have written and video and the Internet.
  • Order preparation and the visits of foreign delegations and translation.
  • The ability to deal directly with the public in all categories, with different nationalities, tact and discretion.
  • Liability and to find appropriate solutions to every problem.
  • Flexibility dealing with working conditions.
  • coordination and collaboration with co-workers as one team .
  • The ability to take responsibility and to continue giving and dedication to work.
  • Loyalty , and making sure to represent my working place , management and working team In a decent and perfect way .
  • Respect work time and maintaining work confidentiality

Spoken languages: Arabic, engish
Location I am interested in working: Bahrain, kuwait, qatar, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates