Crane Operator/Trainer


After completing my training as a STS Crane Operator and Truck Driver i went on to study further and got my Train The Trainer Certificate and Assessor Certificate.I became a Subject Matter Expert in operating Cranes and training employees driving Heavy duty Trucks.I've spend my last 18 years in the Maritime Industry as a Operator/Trainer/Mentor and Assessor.
Also as a Truck Driver and Mentor.
I have generated a strong professional network with my personality for my colleagues/Junior and Senior Staff.

Serial No: 187655
Skills keywords: crane operator, subject matters expert, truck driver

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1.Experieced in Operating NOELL, DEMAG, LIEBERR and ZPMC Container Quayside Cranes.Also NOELL and KALMAR STRADDLE CARRIERS.
2.Experienced in Driving Terminal Trucks and also Heaby Duty Road Trucks..
3.Licensed in operating various terminal trucks, straddle carriers and ship to shore container cranes.
4.Car Carrier Truck driver and normal Heavy duty Trucks.
5.Identify and resolve high priority issues.
6.Quality workmanship.
7.Strict adherence to safety standards and precision and reliability in high-pressure environment.
8.Attention to detail.
9.Excellent communication.
10.Teamwork and Team player.

Interests & Hobbies:

Interests.I like to spend my off time reading,watching movies and listening to classical music.
Also reading books in my field of expertise to gain more knowledge.
Hobbies -Fitness fanatic.Love running and spend time in the gym to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Previous Employment Details:

1.Transnet Port Terminals.
Key responsibilities.*Operated STS Cranes, Straddle Carriers and Terminal Trucks at the Port.
*Played a pivotal role as a Training Assessor and Mentor.Contributing to the development of new Operators by providing guidance and fostering their skill development.
*Introduced and implemented innovative strategies to enhance operational efficiency in the use of STS Cranes.
*Ensuring a secure work environment and minimizing accidents which significantly contributed to the overall safety culture of the Terminal.
2.Lekki Freeport Terminal Nigeria.
Position...Crane Trainer/Mentor/Assessor.
Key responsibilities.*Conducted highly effective and comprehensive training sessions in classroom settings.Simulators and Real time STS Crane Equipment environments, enhancing the skill of operational staff.
*Provided mentoring and training to key staff including supervisors, operational clerks and safety personnel.
*Ensure advanced safety protocols during STS Crane operations resulting in a notable reduction of incidents and accidents, and fostering a safer work environment.
3.Motorvia SA
Position...Carrier Truck Driver.
Key responsibilities.*Driving heavy duty trucks in the Motor Ferry Industry specializing in transporting Units from VWSA and ISUZU SA from Manufacturing Plant to Port with a focus in safety.*Specialized in securely loading units onto carrier trailers.Implementing meticulous strapping techniques for zero damage transit.*Exceeded delivery targets optimizing route efficiency for efficiency for on-time deliveries and increased operational effectiveness.*Maintained positive client relationships through effective communication and reliable delivery services.*Ensure regular maintenance on truck and trailer ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Current location:  Eastern Cape, South Africa - View on map
Nationality: South African
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Transport and Logistics
Spoken languages: english
Location I am interested in working: Arabia, Saudi, Australia, Belgium, canada, Denmark, Dubai, Europe, Germany, Ireland, Namibia, Netherlands, new zealand, Oman, saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom