Computer scientist with solid foundations


While I may not have prior professional experience, I am equipped with a solid foundation in IT
through my coursework at the Cooperative University of Kenya. I have successfully completed
courses in programming languages, database management, network security, and system
administration. These academic experiences have honed my technical skills, and I am
enthusiastic about applying them in a real-world setting.
What sets me apart is my passion for continuous learning and problem-solving. I am quick to
adapt to new technologies and possess a strong ability to troubleshoot and find innovative
solutions. During my studies, I have also actively participated in coding projects and group
projects, demonstrating my ability to collaborate effectively with diverse teams.

Serial No: 177959
Skills keywords: computer science, programming, project management, web development

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

Database management
Web development
Programming in C, C++,python, HTML, PHP,CSS
Software engineering development
Linear algebra
Machine learning
Expert systems
Entrepreneurship skill
Communication skills

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Interests & Hobbies:

I mainly indulge in table tennis,Gaming and reading. I have read both motivation and recreational books. I am social and know how to interact with people well

Current location:  Nairobi County, Kenya - View on map
Nationality: Kenyan
Spoken languages: English and Swahili, german