CNC Operator and Programmer

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Serial No: 4721
(25/11/1972, male)
Skills keywords: ambitious, concentrate on details, curious, discipline, sociable
Current location: Romania - View on map


COMPANY NAME: Tanker Shipping Management ( Shipyard Constanta Romania)

POSITION: Main engine mechanic


COMPANY ACTIVITY FIELD: Repair and maintenance of oil tankers

RESPONSIBILITIES: Repair and maintenance of engines and machinery

COMPANY NAME: Romanian Navy (Constanta Romania)

POSITION: Mechanical engines compartment


COMPANY ACTIVITY FIELD: Military preparation and operation on the warships

RESPONSIBILITIES: Preparation, repair, maintenance and control of the engines, and auxiliary equipment on the warships.


COMPANY NAME: Centro Meccanica Perazzollo (Montagnana,Italy)


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT: 2002 – 2004 (2 years)

COMPANY ACTIVITY FIELD: Company specialized in processing of the metal pieces with CNC machines


Type of pieces worked : pumps and compressor parts

Type of machine : Work Center (Euma), 4 axes, 2 pallets, warehouse 30 tools, Heidenhein control Milling machine (Alesa Monti), 5 axes, warehouse 50 Tools, Fanuc control.Preparing machine for operations, control water and oil level,air filter status. Fixing the piece on the machine.Checking the tools status (mills, drills, taps,etc.)or complete in the warehouse the necessary tools. Input or correct in the Tool Table the characteristics of the new tools (length, diameter, radius). Control and reading the drawing. Call the right program and checking it, set up and correction the parameters if necessary. Start the program and controlling the machine during operation. Pieces measuring using the control and measurement instruments (caliber, micrometer) and bringing the piece on right parameters based on the drawing requirement respecting the tolerances. Update and saving the program from memory in hard and floppy.Using the lifting equipments (cranes and forklift trucks ) Cleaning and maintenance of the machine daily, weekly and periodically. Receiving orders from the bosses and their execution. Constant collaboration with department staff quality control.

COMPANY NAME: Meccanica Milanese (Montagnana PD Italy)


PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT: 2004 – 2008 (4 years)

COMPANY ACTIVITY FIELD: Company specialized in the metal pieces processing and machinery for oil and gas industries

RESPONSIBILITIES: Operating and programming CNC machines

Pieces type : pumps, valves, caps for oil industries.

Machine type : Milling machine (Nicholas Corea), 4 axes,Warehouse 20 tools, Heidenhein control.CNC operation.…Preparing the machine for operations. Checking oil and water levels and air filter status.Fixing the piece on the machine.Checking the tools status and correcting the features in the Tool Table.Checking and reading the drawing . Calling the right programm and controlling it . Set up and correct the parameters based on the drawing requirements. Start the programm and control the machine during operation.Measuring of the pieces using the control and measurement instruments (calipers, micrometers). Using the lifting equipments (cranes, forklift truck). Cleaning and maintenance of the machine and all around.

Programming (base) to the board of the machine.

In this company, I started for the first time to create small programms for easy components. My boss was my teacher on board of the machine (Nicolas Corea). My experience in programming Heidenhain is 1 year and it was a good start. Preparing machine control of oil axes, water, and air filters. Study the drawing and decide how to do on the piece. Preparing the fix installation for the piece. Input in magazine the right tools ( mills,drills, taps, definition tools for diameter in tolerances, etc). Open Tool Table and complete features of each tool that we will use (length,diameter, radius, number of inserts, etc). Center the piece on the work-table using the clock-comparator. Establish the origin point and zero axes for machine and for the piece (x0, y0,z0,B0,w0) using the clock-comparator or Touch Probe in Automatic Original Points.Open a new file and starting to write new programm. Creating a name-code of new programm base on code of drawing. Establish and write start-position-coordinate for first movements. Call first tool. Input the parameters (Speed and Feed-Rate), call M codes for refrigerants tool, sense of rotation. Call the right cycles based on how we need to do (circular pocket, linear milling, drill or tap circles, contouring cycles, etc.). Input the features required in the cycles. Establishing repetition of the cycles and under programms. Repeat this operations for each tool. If necessary, insert parameters for rotation of the work-table and spindle-head in right angle required in drawing. When we consider that everything is OK, we go to the next and very important step:


We have to control one more time everything in our programm.

Put the Feed –Rate in slow movement, select SINGLE BLOCK function and start the programm, fallowing every movement of the machine step by step. Stop the machine urgently, if something is wrong or strange. When the programm-running is finish, we have to check all measures using the calipers or micrometers. If something is not in right tolerances, we can modify in the programm writing the good parameters or compensation. Than, we can optimize the programm to obtain maximum efficiency and work-time. Save the programm on hard and floppy.

WORK EXPERIENCE (Norway)       
PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:  22September 2008 – 1 December 2009 (1 year)
COMPANY ACTIVITY FIELD:  Company specialized in manufactures of the ships equipment and machinery.
RESPONSIBILITIES:  Operating CNC machine
Piece type : rotors and valves for lubrication system.
Machine type :Work Center (Eumach) 4 axes, warehouse 30 tools Heidenhein control.Set up machine. Preparing the machine for operations.Checking the oil and water level, air filter status.Fixing the piece on the machine.Checking the tools status and correct their features in the TOOL TABLE. Checking the programm and correct the parameters based on the drawing requirements. Start the programm and control of the machine during operation. Control of the piece using the measurement instruments (calipers and micrometers) and checking if the piece there is in tolerances required in the drawing.  Using the lifting equipment : cranes, forklift truck. leaning and maintenance of the machine and all around, daily,   Weekly and periodically. Achievement of program and operations optimization.

COMPANY NAME: Smide AB Hallsberg
PERIOD OF EMPLOYMENT:  15 September 2011 – 15 October 2012.
TYPE OF EMPLOYMENT:  Self-employed in agreement with Euro4Work agency (
RESPONSIBILITIES:  Operating on CNC machines.
Pieces type : small and great pieces (until 1 meter length),Specialy cilinders and arms for Volvo excavators.
Machine type : CenterWork Johnford, 3 axes, warehouse 20 tools, Heidenhein controll.Kia CenterWork, 4 axes, 2 pallets sistem,Warehouse 30 tools, Fanuc controll.
Note: In this swedish companies, I worked as selfemployed. Companies paid me full salary without other rights (insurance,Holiday,health, family benefits), and I paid the taxes and rightsin my country.

Spoken languages: english, italian, romanian
Location I am interested in working: Belgium, canada, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom