Clinical Data Associate seeking work in Europe


I\'m passionate about leveraging my extensive knowledge and experience in Clinical Data Management (CDM) to drive forward innovative research and development in the clinical research sector.

Serial No: 192368
Skills keywords: clinical data management, clinical research, data analysis, ms office, RAVE

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1) MSc Food and Industrial Microbiology (2014-2016)- First position, grade 3.53/4.
2) BSc General Microbiology (2011-2014)- grade 3.53/4.
3) Post Masters Diploma in Nutraceuticals and Food Processing (2018-2019)- grade 8.5/9.
4) GCP certification-NIDA (2021)
5) Data Management for Clinical research (2021)- Coursera- Vanderbilt University
6) Google Data Analytics course (2024)

Interests & Hobbies:

As a clinical Data Associate, my diverse array of hobbies and interests significantly enriches my professional life. Dancing, at it\'s core, is about rhythm and coordination, qualities that enhance my ability to manage complex data with precision and grace. The discipline and attention to detail required in modeling weekends translate seamlessly into meticulous data handling and interpretation, ensuring accuracy and reliability in clinical trials.

Content creation on platform like Instagram and LinkedIn has honed my skills in communication complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner, This is invaluable in my career, as it enables me to present data findings and collaborate effectively with colleagues and stakeholders across various disciplines.

Drawing sharpens my observational skills and nurtures an attention to detail, crucial for analyzing data patterns and variances. It encourages a creative problem- solving approach, allowing me to think outside the box when faces with challenging data sets.

Finally, my love for reading books expands my knowledge base and keeps me informed about the latest advancements in clinical research and data management technologies. The continuous learning process not only feeds my curiosity but also ensures that I remain adaptable and forward- thinking in my role.

Each of these interests contributes to my my proficiency as a Clinical Data Associate, blending creativity with analytical rigor to advance medical research and improve patient outcomes.

Previous Employment Details:

Details on request

Current location:  Karnataka, India - View on map
Nationality: Indian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Pharmaceutical and Science, IT and Technology, Medical and Nursing
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, KANNADA, Malayalam
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere