Chef de partie seeking work in Hampshire United Kingdom


I am a seasoned Chef de partie with a passion for creating culinary masterpieces. I specialise in grilling where i meticulously select top-quality ingredients, harmonise flavours and present dishes with artistic flair. My experience includes working in a high-pressure kitchen, ensuring each plate i prepare is not only delicious but also beautifully plated. I am well-versed in food safety and hygiene, maintaining cleanliness and organisation in my workspace. My dedication to teamwork and collaboration is unwavering as I thrive in the dynamic environment of a professional kitchen. I would love to explore how my skills and passion can elevate your culinary team to new heights.

Serial No: 180517
Skills keywords: chef, chef de partie

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as a chef de partie my qualifications and skills are a reflection of my dedication to the culinary craft. Culinary expert with a deep understanding of food preparation, specialising as a chef de partie. i take pride in my ability to choose the finest ingredients harmonize flavours and present dishes creatively striving to create culinary masterpieces with every plate. Maintaining a pristine and organised workspace while adhering to food safety and hygiene standards is second nature to me.

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Interests & Hobbies:

I find solace and exhilaration on the basketball court where the rhythm of the game and the team keep me coming back for more. It's not just a sport its a way to test my limits and grow as an athlete. Martial arts on the other hand provide me with discipline, self-defence skills and a profound sense of inner peace. Beyond sports I have a deep love for movies and music. Music is my constant companion, and I often find myself discovering new artists and genres

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Nationality: greece
Spoken languages: english, Greek