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Skills keywords: customer experience management, partner/vendor management, process improvement, program management
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Strategic and performance-focused executive with 15+years of effective and energetic leadership in North America, Asia and Africa. Innovative leader with demonstrated expertise in various operations environments. Extensive experience in customer experience strategy development/execution and P&L/expense management, project/change management and implementation of process and quality improvements. Outstanding reputation for partnering, promoting teamwork and resolving complex business issues.

Current location:  British Columbia, Canada - View on map
Nationality: canadian
Preferred Sector of Employment:  accounting and finance, General Management, IT and Technology
Spoken languages: english, Hindi, punjabi
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Health Shared Services BC, Vancouver March 2013 – April 2014

Provincial Director – Client Services and Service Management

Health Shared Services BC, Vancouver March 2013 – April 2014

•Responsible for managing the aggregate customer experience, as measured by customer satisfaction, complaint reduction and engagement, and customer onboarding for all BC Health Authorities. •I built the strategic and operational plans of the department and resulting projects and initiatives.I enable the development of a common vision across all province and work with the executive leadership across the province to bring that vision to fruition. Responsible and accountable for all client facing services and service management including but not limited to Incident management,desktop and technology support, Service catalog, Security operational management,User account management and systems design and maintenance.

Selected accomplishments

❖ Initiated and spearheaded the alignment, reengineering and implementation of standardized customer technology service processes and practices across the province resulting in efficiency gains by reduction in service times and cost saving of over 5M.

❖ Audited and realigned the cost structure resulting in savings of 4M year on year.

❖ Actively lead and championed the ‘Service Management Program, infrastructure culture resulting in end to end process study and re alignment resulting in cost savings of 2M in the first year of implementation.

❖ Understood the performance gaps, proactively and constructively improved service levels, challenged the status quo and engaged all levels of the organization.

❖ Introduced clear policies and procedures, training, and improvement processes for sales and customer communication, technical support, Web site problem escalation, quality assurance, and business continuity.

❖ Established quality performance measurements/ Balanced Scorecard metrics to drive Customer Experience strategy.

❖ Managed vendor relationships/Performed strict SLA monitoring to ensure exceptional customer experience levels.

❖ Drove business results by improving customer experiences and productivity. Decreased rework by 50% and expenses by $250,000 while increasing quality by 35% through training, implementing process improvements and expert customer relationship building.

❖ Influenced a culture shift by instituting a “Management by Fact” process to capture, measure and analyze customer experience data. Defined customer requirements and established KPI’s and Service Level Agreements ( SLAs).

❖ Audited the current contract for reasonability and created clear and transparent goals and improvements resulting in the renegotiations of terms and savings in resources and effort.

❖ Created and implemented a governance model to ensure transparency of services and customer engagement which resulted in savings of 2.5M year on year till end of contract.

Bharti Airtel International (Netherlands) B.V., Nairobi, Kenya Oct 2010 – March 2013

Group Head – Africa Process and Partner Governance

Lead the BPO transition for all 17 African Countries working with IBM, SPANCO and TECH MAHINDRA. Establish strong partnerships and pave the way for innovation while establishing a partner network and ecosystem. Pioneering new models of business relationships and establishing ‘Smart Partnering’. Building the commitment between businesses in a collaborative relationship to create mutual value by striving to achieve shared competitive goals and operational benefit through a spirit of mutual trust and openness. Designed an integrated Customer Relations strategy to support business customers, leveraging social media to attract, retain and deepen customer relationships. This included conducting competitor research, defining standards and metrics, establishing requirements for Customer Support vendor selection, negotiating and establishing Service Level Agreements (SLAs), implementing continuous process improvements and training plans, and developing online surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

Selected accomplishments

❖ Set up and headed the Partner Governance and Process vertical across the African continent covering 17 countries and enabling Airtel to achieve a pioneer status for starting the BPO industry in Africa

❖ Worked with various government and education bodies across Africa to enable workforce training and job creation. Also worked with government bodies to enable development of positive revenue streams through enablement of partner Ecosystems.

❖ Understood, assessed and standardized the service provided in all 17 countries before outsourcing

❖ Institutionalised the operational and people issues resolution by understanding and building bridges with employees, regulatory and Union bodies

❖ Implemented Service Level Agreements for operational performance in all 17 countries

❖ Designed with partners the best in class Preventive, Reactive and Escalation processes for enabling Operational silence, increased customer satisfaction while ensuring cost effectiveness

❖ Supplier relationship management and development of supplier ecosystem for Africa

❖ Set up, disseminated and brought the operating countries up to same page and meet the operating expense for each of the country quarter on quarter

❖ Designed, lead and implemented the first Business continuity/Disaster Recovery program in East Africa

❖ Established quality performance measurements/ Balanced Scorecard metrics to drive Customer Experience strategy.

❖ •Built a multi-national, revenue-generating customer support program to salvage dissatisfied customers, including a proactive service team. Drove salvage rate from 9% to 32% over three years.

❖ •Led development of wide variety of customer analytics and data mining and modeling programs designed to improve customer intelligence. Increased retention by 20%.

❖ Developed and implemented a loyalty program based on customer segmentation to retain and build loyalty resulting in a 35 % drop in churn rate and a 20% customer shift rate.

JayShiv Services Inc., Vancouver, Canada Jan 2010 – Mar 2013

Principal Consultant

Performing operational assessments, leading best in class operational teams, selecting technologies, designing operational efficiencies, technical to operational excellence alignment, KPI and measurement design and operationalising new trends like Work At Home Agents and Social Media in the Enterprise and Contact Centre environments.

Selected accomplishments

❖ Coordination of call center start-up and relocation activities

❖ Customer Experience Management

❖ Social Media ( strategy, best practices)

❖ Hosted Contact Centre platform

❖ Workforce Management (operations, models and optimization)

❖ Partner Management and Governance

❖ Operational Assessments (strategic, operational and technical alignment)

❖ Vendor Selection

❖ At-Home-Agent Programs (operational & business)

❖ Right Shoring Strategies ( Offshore, Nearshore, Home shore)

TELUS, Vancouver, British Columbia June 2006- Dec 2009

Management Consultant

Conceptualized and developed innovative technologies and communication systems enhancing customer-service operation. Provided key problem-solving strategies for numerous call-center consulting projects, focused on re-engineering business processes, performance assessment, ensuring technology meets the business needs for future direction and technical upgrades to enhance productivity. Provided decisive, action-driven entrepreneurial leadership in the implementation of Call-Centre methodologies in order to enhance performance and facilitate learning, creating action-plans for success.

Selected Accomplishments:

❖ Identifying and prioritizing client value creation opportunities based on research and analysis activities and an understanding of client visions, performance gaps, and needs.

❖ Shaping and leading the business solution implementation: defining and supervising business architecture, process design and development activities, developing capabilities and performance measurements/KPIs.

❖ Originated, initiated, and efficiently managed a 100% At Home Agent competitive trend analysis and voter identification centre for a Telus client for 10 months.

❖ Consulted and managed over 20 projects with budgets ranging from 200K to 5 million in sales and service.

❖ Managed, directed and developed new project employees with an employee growth of 50- 270+ in 3 months.

❖ Redesigned and streamlined organizational infrastructure to capitalize on human resource, operational and financial competencies resulting in cost reduction, capital gain and employee satisfaction.

❖ Worked with a leading air miles loyalty program provider to device better uptake and retention the recommendations once implemented resulted in an increase of 30% in retention .

❖ Worked with one of the leading internet dating providers and developed and implemented a multi-tiered customer segmentation strategy. Increased Customer Lifetime Value by 30%.

❖ Managing key client stakeholder relationships and communications.

❖ Facilitating complex meetings, presentations and workshops to build client commitment for the change.

❖ Benchmarked and utilized best practices to drive operational improvements, and assisting client and corporate needs.

❖ Highlighted areas of opportunity and growth in order to provide service and capitalize on client needs.

❖ Challenged to refocus organization and introduce a customer-driven and employee centric management philosophy in order to be an employer of choice.

TELIGENCE COMMUNICATIONS INC., Vancouver, British Columbia August 2002- February 2006

Senior Operations Manager- Sales

Senior Manager with full-responsibility for multi-site operations management, developing standardized methods of communication, monitoring and operational systems. Pioneered innovative organizational development initiatives improving sales, productivity, and customer service objectives. Instituted methods to determine the significance, success, and life-cycle of products to ensure proper market and sales support.

Selected Accomplishments:

❖ Promoted rapidly in 4 years through a series of increasingly responsible management positions, gaining broad-based multi-function experience across quality service, sales and corporate operations

❖ Formulated and Customized an outsource centre in 6 months from vendor selection, to model, data transfer and testing, while successfully transferring all in house personnel.

❖ Created and implemented compensation plans, career path roadmaps and succession planning which resulted in the voluntary attrition to decrease from 35% to under 10%

❖ Designed, facilitated and managed the aggregate Customer Experience with a goal of achieving world-class service delivery at every point of contact.

❖ •Mapped the Customer Experience to close gaps between the actual and the ideal.

❖ •Developed and implemented plans with Customer Service to improve service and customer satisfaction.

❖ •Managed the Customer and Market Intelligence function providing data mining and support, reporting, research and market intelligence enterprise-wide.

❖ Initiated and developed a new HR policy relating to performance standards and a well-defined set of performance metrics

❖ Facilitated and initiated the development of client calls creating a 30% increase in corporate sales per year.

❖ Spearheaded the design/ implementation of procedures for the reporting of performance standards, meeting corporate objectives, and business plans.

❖ Executed operations for a 250+ seat facility functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on two separate continents.

❖ Establishing the first call centre in British Columbia to attain Purdue University certification as a Centre of Excellence.

STAR INDIA PVT. LTD., India 2001-2002

Regional Head of Customer Service

Successful in developing and integrating technologies to support broad-ranging operating, communication and organizational needs. Assessed client need and established innovative solutions to improve efficiency and sales. Maintained personal rapport to establish strong relationships with clients, business owners and customers.

Selected Accomplishments:

❖ Managed 5 Call Centers consisting of 40 executives and 500 SMB owners (cable operators) over 5 states in the North Region of India, delivering constant Customer Satisfaction.

❖ Increased sales by 150% quarterly by reassessing client needs and provided means for efficient and effective alternatives.

❖ Facilitated the recovery of old debts and managed the renewal and recovery of customers, achieving a 125% Collection Target.

❖ Contributed to the 58% increase of the reconnection of dead-accounts and reduced the turn-over rate by 25 %.

SPICE TELECOM, India 1998- 2001

Corporate Support Team Leader

Assisted in the development and creation of effective telecommunication systems to improve productivity and revenue, while maintaining high levels of customer service and client satisfaction. Provided customized solutions to client problems, meeting needs and strengthening business relationships. Instrumental in the development of groundbreaking call system of the state of Punjab. Created and implemented the B2B sales and service model.

Selected Accomplishments:

❖ Presided over 10 executives in the development of protocol to ease customer query and complaints.

❖ Contributed to the implementation of the first 24 hour Corporate Call Centre for the state of Punjab.

❖ Increased monthly sales by 25% by assessing and administering solutions to client needs.

❖ Exceeded revenue targets by 150%, beating a 1 million dollar projection.

❖ Instituted and managed employee incentive plans to ensure satisfaction and motivate performance.

❖ Established system enhancements to increase efficiency by 20% and cut expenditure by 10%.

❖ Instituted a collections program for recovery of old debt incurred from corporate customer base, achieving 82% of the target in the 1st year and 105% of the target in the subsequent years


Punjab University, India

Honors Bachelor of Psychology 1995

Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology 1997

Certification in ITIL V3 Foundation level 2013