British Pilot Close Protection Professional

Serial No: 10936
Skills keywords: pilot
Short Bio:

aircraft pilot available. 757/767/330/340 preference. time 737 also.
qualified maritime driver
bodyguard armed and unarmed combat

Current location:  United Kingdom - View on map
Nationality: welsh-british
Preferred Sector of Employment:  Transport and Logistics, Oil, Gas and Energy, Oil, Gas and Energy
Spoken languages: english, spanish, welsh
Location I am interested in working: Anywhere


CPVE BEC – Business and Finance , B/TEC Dip Travel / Tourism – Distinction

B/TEC Nat Dip Computers /Finance – Merit B/TEC H.N.D -Leisure Management -Distinction

Polytechnic of Wales 1987-89- Pass University of Wales / Open University / UCLA 1987-91 Pass

B.A. (H) Sports Studies 2.1 PHD Aviation Management (GPA 3.8)


Spanish (conversant)

Greek (basic)


I.L.A.M. Institute Leisure Amenities Management. R.M. Cert

I.B.R.M. Institute Baths Recreation Management. Pool plant

RYA Power boat L1 + L2, Inshore and coastal

VHF Radio (DSC) operator’s license


Westwind Airlines 1995-7

Pilot, flight dispatcher, flight planner

Dan Air / Aero Mexico 1984-87

Dispatch. Flight-planning. American Airlines – DC operations. Manual and computer load sheets – SABRE, ABS 2000, ASTRAL, SHARES. (Passenger and cargo). Airside driving permit. Cargo, manual, and Jurassic stairs. Air-bridge licence. Fork lift license -RTITB. Manual start up. Jet and prop walk around, closures, headset push back. Weather. Radio Telephony. Ticketing. Airport /craft security. Passenger service agent


ATPL (FAA / CANADIAN) 253 747 8 Airplane 1999


Single / Multi – Engine Land

Radio Telephony Licence

Instrument Sel – Mel


1st Class 07/Nov. 2013



C-152/ C-172 / C-172 RG / C-182 G1000 / C-182 / C-182 RG, C-210 RG

PA 28, PA Archer 111 RG, PA Archer 111 RG, PA38 Tomahawk, PA28 Warrior

AA5 Grumman


Seneca 11

BE 95 Travelair

AST 300

C 303

C 414

Fransca -242 (B-737) (P1 -15 / P2 -15 10/04/1996

Boeing – 757- 100/200/300ER (P1 -32 / P2 – 32) 11/11/2009

Boeing – 767 – 100/200/ER/300ER (P1 -32 / P2 – 32) 11/11/2009

Airbus – 330 / 340 200/300 (P1 -26 / P2 -20) 04/12/2013


Pic 2400

Multi 350

Solo 2363

Night t/o- ldg 384 (Pic)

Dual crew 1754

Total 2550


La Vida International 2009- European Manager

LV. Incorporated 1987-2009 Director

Staff Training. Setting up new health clubs. Finance, Customer

Liaison, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Filing, I.T., accounts

Hiring / Firing, Legalities, contracts, sourcing, set rules and regulations, General operations, Emergency Operations, Billing.

Sports complex manager, Personal fitness trainer, Close protection

Aircrew, Dispatcher – Ground Captain, Power boat captain

VHF Radio (DSC) operators licence, Sail boat crew

First aid trainer / examiner. Business consultant.

Coastguard officer – cliff /mud/water and search rescue specialist

Fredericks / Taff Ely 1991-1995 Sports Manager



Olympic Games Trials 1984 100m

Commonwealth Game Trials 1986 400m

British long distance Swimming Squad 1989-1994

World Surf Lifesaving Championships 1994

Vitrix Ludorum Athletics 1978-1982

Rescues to date 1118

RYA- Power boat. L1&L2. Inshore and coastal. Rivers. Canals. Lakes.

WSI – Water Skiing Instructor (USA)

WSI – Water Safety Instructor (USA)



Atlantic City / Ocean City Beach Patrols. San Diego County Lifeguards (T19) – Mission beach, Los Angeles County Lifeguards – (T19, T21, and T22), – Santa Monica, and Zuma Beach (T5). City of Cardiff, Rhondda Cynon Taff. UK Surf lifesaving team, Mexican pools lifeguards, World surf lifesaving championships


“Linda Hamilton” (HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS) Alien film – 1988-1990

“Baywatch” (some staff) 1988-89-90

Head of ITV Advertising 1991-1993

Company Directors / Captains of Industry. Various UK, Europe and USA 1983-2012

“Cardiff city football club” NVQ Assessor / Trainer 1992-1995


RYA- sail crew licence

RYA- power boat L1 & L2, Inshore, rivers, canals, lakes and coastal.

Crewed sun seeker 55m, (Driver), Mercruiser, IRB, (inboard and outboard motors). Avon’s, hard and soft hull. Juneau 44.


PERSONAL TRAINING Graduate Premier Fitness, University College of Los Angeles.

Cardiff City football club. Rehabilitation. Circuits. Weights

FITNESS CONSULTANT Premier, ASSET, Fitness Industry Association. (F.I.A.). A.C.S.M.

LIFESAVING Royal Life Saving Society / Heart start – First Aid, Distinction,

Advanced Resuscitation, Teacher, Examiner, Advisor

SKIING Ski Representative, Guide, Instructor, Examiner, A.S.S.I, Survival

SUB AQUA Octopus squad, G3 Sports

ATHLETICS C.A.A.C. Wales. Great Britain. Own running Club

SWIMMING Advanced Teachers, F.I.S.T.



RUGBY Coach, Ex Cardiff Schools, Welsh Colleges, British Universities



WEIGHTS WWTA, BPA, Premier, Military, University

MILITARY Instructor




Ex – British military 1989-2002

Ex – British Special Forces. Special Air Service (SAS) – 21st. 1991-2002

Ex – Royal Welsh 2008-2010

Ex – Royal Navy 2002-2005

Close Protection Officer 1987-

CCTV 2012

Door Supervisor license (upgrade) 2012

Security Guard license (upgrade) 2012

VIP Protection / protective security 2012(updated)

Conflict Management 2012(updated)

Physical intervention 2012(updated)

Security Manager (T/L) 1992

Surveillance 2012(updated)

Counter terrorism trained 2012(updated)

Level 3 &4 Conflict Management 2012(updated)

Search team leader 1992(updated)

Fast rope abseil trained 1989

Edged weapons trained 1989 (updated)

Pistol weapons trained and qualified 2011 (updated)

Carbine weapons trained and qualified 2011 (updated)

FPOS 2012 (updated)

Trauma medic (minor and major) 2012

Oxygen therapy 2012

Defib trainer / Examiner 2012 (updated)

CQC 1989 (updated)

L2 Spectator safety 2012

PTTLS 2013 (updated)

Conflict management L3 – Trainer 2013

Physical Intervention L3 – Trainer 2013



Battlefield first aid /ECM

Nhs Medic 2002-2007

First aid trainer / examiner /assessor 1982-

Medical gasses teacher 1998-

Water safety instructor / lifeguard / first aid instructor 1992-

AED Trainer 1998-

Remote medic (Artic/Desert/Mountain)

Class “A” Motorcycle license

Fire fighting



Artic warfare survival

Desert survival

Mountain survival





Pistol and carbine ,SA-80, Glock- M@P 9, PP9 – Walter, Walter PPK, Kruger, Beretta, Colt,

Sig Carbine – sig 552 / 553

Take that. (BOY BAND) 1989-92 BMG label

3 years. Covered USA and Europe. Private jet, transfers to airports. Part of forwarding team to check out routes and hotels etc. Days and nights mix. Team of 6 CPOs and 30 securities for the group outside of stadia requirements. This was from five months after the bands inception up to the break through of the big time for them. Boat driver on locations/tours. Chauffeur. Team First aider. Counter surveillance

R. Williams solo career 1995-98 Chrysalis label

Part of this in conjunction with the band, but covered as cp going solo, and on personal holidays, trips. Chauffeur / first aider / personal pilot / boat driver. Used due to extensive qualification in different areas and military. Much of the quiet time spent in USA as part of 4 man team. 2 years

Gwyneth Paltroe (ACTRESS) and Chris Martin (COLDPLAY) 2006 – private contract-St Tropez

One of two qualified boat drivers. Crewed sun seeker 55m. Gwynne had a period of death threats against her. Again due to various qualifications and experience I have I was mustered to St Tropez, and moved onto their boat two days before they arrived by private jet. They were helio’d into St Tropez, and we picked them up to bring them onboard the boat late at night under cover of darkness. The next three months were spent in the Med, with floating pontoon lines 100meters off the boat to disable any craft or submersible getting close to the boat. Licenses to shoot were given to all CPO’s. Used kayaks, jet skis, soft and hard hull Avon’s. The Avon’s had inboard and outboard motors. Supplies were picked up by us from Avon’s on 2 hour cruise from the ship to land. Crossbows, pistols and sub-machine were all accessible for the crew. License granted by French government and police. We had two constant ready escape methods available. Also used my qualifications as scuba diver for boat security searching and setting up of buoys cordon with limpets, and sunken nets check, and underwater cameras. Three month contract. Interaction with French police, and spec ops department. Counter surveillance.

Jimenez family 1988-1999 Barbara Strauss, Santa Monica, Los Angeles

USA/Mexico / Canada/ Europe – driver, body guard – family, sports instructor, boat driver, Aircrew. First aid. Life guard. (Armed and unarmed).

Three years as multi fit trade. Initially personal training, chauffeur, sports instructor. Personal pilot and CPO came after 2 months. Close team of 4, 2 weeks on, 3 days off. Places varied from cruise ships in Gulf of Mexico to House protection on Texan border tows with Mexico. House and apartment complexes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The main house in Mexico City, constant car/plane between all these locations which the family owned.

Daily car searches, two minimum per week private aircraft searches. Constant shop / bank / shopping / food runs / restaurant / holidays with the family.

Ryder Cup 2010 g4

CPO for European team. Part of ten man team, and additional ten man team for the hotel and transfers. Celtic Manor golf course. Players stayed mostly on site. Commonly worked 14 days on, 1 off, 12-15 hour shifts, and 15 hour days during actual golf tournament. One month contact. Counter surveillance.

L.V.I. Incorporated – USA 1997-2008

Various cp for individuals – Directors and CEO’s and company as a whole. Involved due to various qualifications and experience. South America was very volatile for the company. Would use commercial / private jets to local airport, transfer to helio’s for hour transfer to locations. All armed CPO’s. Would spend from three days to three weeks on location. Various southern locations. Also Europe as CPO for the expanding company, hostilities in Turkey from locals prompted a rapid reaction force deployment from us, via private jets and helio to sites. Southern USA constant hostile territory from drug gangs / local mafia / kidnapping and local security firms who were paid to disrupt the companies’ proceedings. Involved over 10 years. Interaction with Mexican police. Counter surveillance.

Sharma Madukar – USA La Vida |International team 2008-11

Listing from him as requested. USA based CPO team member. Involved with 4 years

Daniel Ford – UK company director 2010-11

Days advise for his firm on security for building, and four weeks work as CPO. Expanding from small company to much larger one. Little chauffeur work, more general security, and security tasking / risks management

W. Lazeruk – Canadian company owner 2009-2012 Vancouver