Automotive mechanic seeking work in the United Kingdom


I am a highly skilled and experienced Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) mechanic with a proven track record of efficiently diagnosing and repairing diverse truck systems. My expertise includes routine maintenance, engine diagnostics, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. I bring a strong commitment to quality workmanship and a proactive approach to problem-solving, contributing to the smooth operation and longevity of your fleet.

Serial No: 183105
Skills keywords: heavy vehicle mechanic, motor vehicle repair, skills in driving, vehicle testing

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

1. Certificate in automotive technology
- HGV mechanic certification.

2. Technical Skills
- Proficient in diagnosing and repairing heavy goods vehicles (HGVs).
- Strong understanding of diesel engines, transmissions, and braking systems.
- Skilled in using diagnostic tools and equipment.
- Knowledge of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in HGVs.

3. Maintenance Skills:
- Experience in routine maintenance and servicing of HGVs.
- Ability to perform preventive maintenance checks to ensure vehicle safety and compliance.
- Knowledge of maintenance schedules and adherence to regulatory standards.

4. Problem-solving Skills:
- Analytical mindset for effective troubleshooting of mechanical issues.
- Ability to identify and address complex problems in HGVs.

5. Safety Compliance
- Understanding and implementation of safety regulations and standards.
- Knowledge of environmental and emissions regulations.

6. Documentation:
- Proficient in maintaining accurate records of repairs, services, and inspections.
- Ability to complete and file necessary paperwork for compliance purposes.

7. Communication Skills:
- Effective communication with team members and management.
- Ability to explain technical issues to non-technical individuals.

8. Time Management:
- Efficiently manage time to meet repair deadlines and minimize vehicle downtime.

9. Physical Fitness:
- Ability to perform physically demanding tasks associated with HGV repair.

10. Continuous Learning:
- Willingness to stay updated on industry advancements and new technologies.
- Participation in relevant training programs or certifications.

12. Customer Service:
- Good interpersonal skills for interacting with drivers and fleet managers.
- Customer-focused approach when addressing concerns and queries.

13. Attention to Detail:
- Thoroughness in inspecting and repairing HGVs to ensure high-quality work.

- Ability to adapt to changing technology and industry trends.

Previous Employment Details:

1. Heavy-duty mechanic at XYZ Transport - Maintained and repaired HGV fleet.
2. Senior technician at Rongai Transport and Logistics - Diagnosed and fixed HGV issues.
3. Mechanic at Bondeni garage- Conducted routine maintenance on HGVs.

Interests & Hobbies:

Attention to detail, problem-solving, and mechanical aptitude. I'm passion about automotive projects, staying updated on industry trends, or participating in relevant forums and communities to showcase my commitment to continuous learning and improvement.

Current location:  Nairobi County, Kenya - View on map
Nationality: Kenyan
Spoken languages: english