A skilled medical imaging specialist


Looking for a stimulating role where I can leverage my skills and knowledge to drive positive change and exceed organizational goals.
I have my favorite skills that I would like to work on, such as using computers and the Internet.
Public Relations and Media.
Cooperation and dialogue.
Solve problems at work.
time management.
Law and order.

Serial No: 194056
Skills keywords: computer science, incident management, Laws, research, sponsorships, sport

List Of Qualifications & Related Skills:

EDUCATION College of Medical Sciences , Radiographer Bachelor's , Egypt 2004 COURSES Certificates for Several Courses , Internet MRI Course , MRI Training on CT, DR, C-Arm , Gaza European Hospital PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION NUMBER HCPC - RA097950. SKILLS IT Skills Cooperation Problem Solving Skills Time Management Adherence to policies Attentive Empathetic Teamwork Confident

Previous Employment Details:

Radiographer at Muhammad Yousef Al-Najjar Hospital MOH, Gaza
2008 — Present
• Perform medical radiography procedures including CR, DR, CT, MRI, and C-arm
in the General Hospital's Radiography Department, utilizing mobile devices for
various settings such as emergency rooms, fluoroscopy, surgical, and orthopedic
operating rooms.
• Demonstrate resilience in challenging situations, such as during the war on Gaza,
while maintaining a high standard of patient care and professionalism.
• Ensure adherence to radiation safety protocols and policies, prioritizing patient
safety and well-being throughout all imaging procedures.
• Utilize problem-solving skills to address complex situations effectively, while
actively participating in collaborative learning experiences with other hospitals
and conducting awareness seminars and lectures for patients to enhance their
understanding of medical procedures and health care.
Radiographer at Andrea Scan Center, Egypt
June 2020 — November 2021
• Operated panoramic and dental X-ray machines, modern X-ray machines, CT scans,
and MRI equipment proficiently.
• Demonstrated adaptability by effectively collaborating across various
• Facilitated interprofessional communication and teamwork with diverse teams.
• Exhibited outstanding patient communication skills, fostering positive interactions

Interests & Hobbies:

I am looking for a working team to achieve ambitions together and how to obtain appropriate plans within medical imaging for patient cases... with superiors and colleagues and how they can be brought to understanding to reach good goals for all... and build a good future together...Also working with different nationalities and gaining experience and training on devices that I had not worked with before...

Nationality: Egypt
Spoken languages: English language