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Skills Provision is committed towards the delivery of professional International recruitment services, regardless of localised economic and structural anomalies.

This page will focus on the subject of BREXIT.

Skills Provision operates across 3 markets; these are:

  1. UK
  2. EU
  3. International


The biggest impact of BREXIT will be felt in the UK.

At present Employers search locally, then nationally before considering the EU or the rest of the world. EU recruitment with the freedom of movement has been straight forward and relatively quick.

With the introduction of BREXIT, Skills Provision expects change regarding the importing of EU migrant labour. Whatever route the government takes this process will slow down and become more bureaucratic.

Employers currently utilising EU migrant labour will need to adopt forward thinking strategies or act before new legislation comes into force.

Job seekers will be able to improve their chances of employment by having a perfectly pitched CV whilst improving standards of English (written and oral).


With less migrant workers moving over to the UK there will be an opportunity for European Employers to source skilled labour, especially from the former Eastern Bloc regions. Skills Provision is already seeing an increase in enquiries from EU employers.


Following the introduction of BREXIT International employers as well as job seekers will look at the global market as having a more level playing field. This will improve interaction and the amount of employment opportunities.


No legislative changes will ever affect the internal policy at Skills Provision – “Placing the right people into the right jobs”.

BREXIT changes are now with us

All recruitment routes remain open but subject to new rules.

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