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Working in the Middle East

Our organisation is proficient in the filling of Middle East jobs. With strong ties to local markets, we are in the enviable position of being able to source employment positions unseen on other recruitment websites. Many opportunities lie within the natural resource sector, primarily in the oil and gas industries. Other areas we cover include:

Middle East Workers

  • Aviation
  • Education – English Second Language Teachers
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • IT, especially SAP
  • Hospitality (Senior level)
  • Construction – Trade certified and Management
  • Financial Services
  • Food sector and Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Middle East jobs are primarily filled by workers with experience, people that can make an immediate impact and contribute to the development of the region.

Owing to cultural issues senior positions that in the West would be aimed at Director level, attract titles like Senior Manager or Executive Consultant. In reality these positions require many years of proven expertise in a chosen field.

Candidates need to carry out in depth research on the location, to make sure the environment is one in which they wish to operate.

  1. The standard contract used across the area needs to be fully understood. These documents are usually presented in Arabic and English, candidates may wish to have these checked by an independent advisor.
  2. The offer document is vitally important, it should cover all the terms and conditions of employment as well as benefits. Please be weary of verbal assurances as they do not offer adequate protection.
  3. The visa application process can be a relatively painless operation or one that can last for months. Experienced hands tend to apply up front.

An aspect of Middle East Jobs market you will come into contact with is Inshallah, literally meaning, God’s will. People new to the region need to be respectful of the cultural differences.

It is often a case that the best documented candidate succeeds over the best qualified.

At Skills Provision we assist candidates through the task of finding a quality Middle East job, the more information you provide, the easier the process. To get the ball rolling, simply register on our website and upload your CV.