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Security Jobs in the Middle East

Many jobs in the security sector are never advertised or published owing to confidentiality requirements of employers. To this end only general information on security jobs in the Middle East is available in the public domain.

Success lies in who you know, as much as what you know, and the ability to move quickly when an opportunity arises. This is a challenge for candidates currently in employment where more than one months’ notice is required. However, most Middle East countries have a slow visa process and this usually allows candidates to secure a firm written contract before tendering their resignation.

Middle East Security

It is vital candidates investigate potential employers thoroughly and never react on a promise and insist that everything is properly documented.  Experienced employers in the sector know the requirements and provide the documentation needed but the maxim “if it seems to be too good to be true, it probably is” definitely applies in this sector. Skills Provision help in this domain as our due diligence process is very effective.

Security jobs in the Middle East are very popular with ex-Military personnel and referencing to an ex-military colleague really helps as many jobs are filled by word of mouth and personal recommendation.

Candidates qualified to provide security in any of the following areas are invited to register their CV’s on the site:

  • Projects
  • Compounds
  • Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Facilities
  • Cyber/IT
  • Military
  • Close personal (Bodyguards)

For employers, Skills Provision recognises the sensitivity of the area and we will discuss with you your exact needs and the approach you wish us to take to the market place to find you the right candidates for your positions.

We need introductory information from Employers seeking candidates to fill  security jobs in the Middle East

  • A detailed job description of information that can be made public
  • A confidential document stating privileged information including additional skills
  • The terms and conditions of employment including all the fringe benefits
  • A brief document about you, if a private individual or your corporation/business as the case applies and whether visa approval is in place

We appreciate that you may want to have an up-front discussion and therefore we try to make a senior advisor or Director available for those meetings but require to be able to identify you or your organisation up front so welcome an introductory email as a first step.

Skills Provision are experts in sourcing security jobs in the Middle East and suitable candidates, for more information email or call 0044 (0) 2079890750.