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It will depend on a number of factors. If you are a native born English speaker you will probably be exempt from having to take an additional language qualification but if English is not your first language you will need to get an IELTS certificate with the grades required by the Australian government. Unless this is in place employers will not even interview you. The next step is “skills recognition” where you take your  existing certificates and submit them to the appropriate trade body in Australia for recognition. For welding this is pretty straight forward but make sure to include copies of all certificates. it usually takes about 6 weeks and fees are payable. If you belong to a trade body they may be able to assist. Next it is a case of are your skills in demand and a search on the Australian government site will see if welding is a recognised skills shortage. The point to recognise is that you need to carry out a lot of preparation and research before you start the actual job search. We are happy to work with well prepared candidates but demand for welders goes up and down with the economic cycle in Australia.


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