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I am currently a 4th year psychology student at the University of Glasgow and I am looking to become a teacher in Biology. After doing a lot of research I now know the requirements for becoming a teacher in the UK. My ultimate goal however is to work as a teacher in the USA. I have researched the states that are in shortage of Biology/ Life Sciences teachers and have chosen two main ones where I would like to eventually apply to become a teacher – Pennsylvania and South Carolina.
However, my nationality is Bulgarian and I was wondering if you think that would be an issue when applying for teacher qualification in the UK and afterwards in the US. In relation to my second question, I am aware that I need classroom experience before I apply for a PGDE anywhere in the UK and will need approximately 5 years of experience in teaching after I qualify in order to be even considered for a visa to work as a teacher in the US.
Furthermore, let us say that I do become a teacher in the UK and get the relevant experience and the visa, when I move to the US would they want me to enrol for further US teaching programmes?
Thank you

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