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Natural Resource Jobs in Canada

Candidates that are interested in natural resource jobs in Canada need to recognise the vast size of the country and the diverse nature of the sector, especially in remote locations. As a leading supplier of manpower solutions, Skills Provision is well positioned in our quest to find meaningful employment for skilled operatives subject to local visa regulations.

Natural Resource Worker

The indigenous market is strong but demand for skilled labour is outstripping supply throughout the life cycle of a natural resource project. From identification to extraction right through to end of life restoration a vast array of skills are required:

  • Geologists, surveyors, project managers, construction workers
  • Infrastructure specialists – road, rail, port, air, accommodation, cooks cleaners etc.
  • Professional miners – above and below ground with specialist skills
  • Professional management – local and remote especially for certified tradesmen
  • Post extraction environmental close down

Understandably local sourcing will always take precedence for natural resource jobs in Canada. There are fewer openings for senior management as locals fill these positions. The main area of opportunity is for certified trade skills, the so called men in overalls, rather than suits, here workers are sought to supplement the local labour workforce.

Canada can be frustrating for candidates, to that end applicants need to be well prepared with all the necessary documentation ready to hand. Recruitment tends to take place at short notice, with considerable local and international competition for available roles. International candidates will only be recruited when local options have been exhausted. Our organisation expects a sea change in this area as skills shortages worsen.

International candidates need to understand the rules:

  • Skills recognition from Canada will be required, we advise early application.
  • IELTS language qualification, if you are not exempted
  • Please check out the visa requirements in detail

We recommend the construction of a “package” we will send guidelines after site registration and the upload of a CV. We strongly advise against seeking a visa without a contract of employment. Be sceptical of visa agents promising jobs. A visa without a job is a very high risk strategy.

Companies use a variety of recruiting techniques to fill natural resource jobs in Canada. Companies often go directly to the marketplace and tend to use international recruitment agencies such as Skills Provision to fill specialist roles.

To succeed in filling natural resource jobs in Canada an employer needs to reach out effectively to the market. Skills Provision can help employers with our well established techniques and database of potential future employees. We do however remain reliant on effective communication from clients and candidates alike.

Employers are invited to make contact via our website. Our team of highly trained staff are ready to deal with your enquiries but fees will need to be agreed before recruitment commences.