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Information on Moving to Canada

Skills Provision constantly assists candidates who are interested in moving to Canada. Migrant workers needed to work through a series of steps, before entering into a dialogue with recruiters. Companies are actively seeking individuals that can help alleviate skills shortages and make an immediate impact on arrival.

Would be candidates should follow these general guidelines as well as carrying out independent research.

  1. Investigate the current skills shortages, these will change dependent upon the economic climate. If you hold certified trade skills or professional qualifications, your chances of moving to Canada will greatly increase.
  2. The authorities will require verification of skills, recognised by the equivalent trade or professional bodies. The process is not complex but takes time, many candidates use third party assistance.
  3. If you are from a native English speaking country (French if targeting Quebec) you are likely to be exempt language tests. If you are from elsewhere you will need to take an independent language competency exam and obtain results at or above the standards set for different professions. You need to check these requirements up front. Without a qualifying language certificate or exemption there is no point approaching organisations or recruiters about available positions.

Only at this point are candidates ready to start their investigation into the visa process. We suggest making use of free downloads from the government website.

Emigrating to Canada

Skills Provision strongly suggests candidates do not apply for a visa until they have a written job offer from an employer.

To assist in the process of moving to Canada we strongly recommend you join our website and keep up to date with positions displayed on our job board. Our organisation is a premium supplier of International recruitment services, with strong ties to the Canadian market.

Finding work in Canada is not as easy as people imagine. Employers naturally look to source locally in the first instance. Many do this as they need to prove to the government the requirement to apply for a migrant worker visa to fill vacant positions.

Personal preparation is the key to job hunting success. At Skills Provision we welcome contact from well prepared candidates who have carried out all the necessary due diligence and simply require assistance in sourcing top quality employment opportunities.

If you have a dream of moving to Canada, get the ball rolling today!